Valentines Day 2015 : Urban Couple + Relationship progression

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines day everyone! We've made it to today, and I'm so excited to share with you guys these photos shot by Joel for our Urban set. 
You guys are like my second family and I'm so happy to have you all and all your support so far, its been 3 valentines, gosh !
If you're interested and if you've been following mongabong since 2.5 years ago, these posts might be familiar to you. I had a great time reminiscing the past Valentines Days Matt and I shared and I'm so thankful that I wasn't too lazy to document my Valentines Day each year then.

Read my Vday 2013 post here and 2014 post here.
If you're interested about how we met, you can read our Love story here too!

Shooting with Joel every Vday has become a tradition, and we are all evidently getting better at this. 
Joel, being so on-point and easy to work with as usual, and Matt for becoming less camera shy and awkward. Feeling  so proud of you guys! 
If you're running out of Valentine's inspiration, here are some posts I did in the past that might be of help to you guys. Read:

Looking back, matt and I have both grown so so much throughout these few years.
In the blink of an eye, we've achieved so much together as a couple, and I'm still so so  happy every single day. I must say, these 3 years of my life have been the best years, really.
I'm so thankful for this man that sacrificed so much for the sake of my happiness, and i'm really thankful for the 5months-long opportunity to go on exchange together. 
We travelled the world, lived together and shared many precious memories that money can't buy. 

Thank you all for supporting MNMCOUPLE since day 1, and for those that saw me through my darkest times and saw how I walked out of my past abusive, screwed up and heart wrenching relationships and was always there for me.. thank you.
I just want to proudly say that "Your girl is in good hands now", and that she's really happy.

I'm gonna end this video off with The Boyfriend Tag - My first ever video posted on Youtube that got many people talking about us. Goodness, I looked so young!

Once again, thank you Joel for growing up with us as a couple and for braving the sun, sea and sand with us.
(PS I'll be sharing another set of photos with a totally different feel over the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram, Dayre and here on my blog)


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  1. The boyfriend tag video is soooo cute!!!!! Your chemistry with each other is ♥

  2. I really your blog! It truly reflects the way how you're living with life right not, not those too-commercialized bloggers' blogs! Been reading your blog for almost 2 years!

    1. You're the kindest, thank you for staying by me and being part of Mongabong as it grows :)