[Special Edition] The story of the M&M Couple ; Happy birthday to my dearest sweetheart

Friday, September 13, 2013

This is a highly requested post and here it is!!!!
So sorry I took so long, but because today is a very special day and I've been working on this draft for a superrrr long time now, so excited to share our love story with you guys!

Matt & Mong - The M&M Couple 
hehe i feel so embarrassed :X

Here goes! Expand to

During the start of June in 2012, I went for my first University Orientation Camp (FTB). It was a mandatory camp and I remembered being so excited for it as I packed my bag and went shopping for camping supplies. 
Unfortunately, it poured every single day of the camp and it was all so muddy and nothing could be carried out, practically. I was utterly disappointed really, at how SMU camps were. I actually lost a good amount of faith in the rest of the camps after that which were supposed to be good, so I heard.

Somewhere in Mid June, 2012. I decided to sign up for my university sports camp after much consideration because of the "trauma" I went through after the boring, sleepless and eeefy nights at Sarimbum Camp for FTB. Another reason being I didn't know that many people in my first orientation camp/sec school/jc friends signing up for it. So I thought I was gonna be a loner.
Especially so after I received my groupings and I realized I didn't know a single person in my group :(
But I still went ahead anyway because It was the most expensive camp of all (i think I paid like $70?, not sure) hahaha #cheapo & turns out, it was the best decision i've ever made,

We were all seated in the ISH (indoor sports hall) with our groupmates at the first day after the collection of our camp goody bags. I was in the Street Fighter Clan, and our clan color was yellow.All of us were told to report in our camp color, Yellow, and so I did (and stole some of my sister's shirts because I didn't have enough yellow tees). The usual happened.. All the introductions, what-sch-were-you-from, what sport do you play, something about yourself etc. 

Halfway into it, and around 15 mins late, a guy walked in and sat in the array of yellows in a BLUE shirt. He introduced himself as "matthias" and the first thing my Facil asked was "where's your yellow shirt?" and immediately he pointed to this tiny yellow spot on his shirt.
It was like... as tiny as a 20c coin.
My facil went like 0.0 and we were all like 0.0 LOL.

"I mean seriously, its the first day, what is this guy trying to do?! Attract attention isit. Trying to be special -.-" 
There goes my first impression of this guy. hahahhaa to be honest that was my genuine first impression! Arrogant, and extra and AA (Attract attention, mind me). I just didn't get why he had to break the "rules" zzz.

Now here comes the more WTH part.

After the ice breakers, we were supposed to travel to another room to put our big bags down and change to get ready for our first activity. On our way there, this guy came up to me and passed a super rude comment:

"I see you brought your entire house along too. HAHAHAHA" 

I mean. WHAT?!?! I don't even know this guy and he walked up to me to mock me for my bagpack. I mean yes I understand why because it was sooo big compared to my small frame and I looked so overwhelmed with it on me. 
BUT, I have a reason for using that bag! The only smaller bag i had was too small to fit everything in, so i didn't have a choice but to carry one that is this huge! D:

But anyway, I was like WTH REALLY.

"This guy is really damn weird & rude and why is he acting like he's known me for so long already -.- Pffft" But I smiled and responded with a patronizing laughter anyway, didn't want to come across as unfriendly and bitchy since i'm already so prone to giving people the worst impressions with my default bitch face.

There, there. Confirms my first impression of this weird, rude and arrogant dude. 
Hahaha. But after a few hours, he kept talking to me and as I responded, I realized that he was just a very chatty and friendly person and as the days went by throughout the camp. My impression of him started to change for the better.

Thank God haha.
(Some visuals of the camp) 
How funny, we were even telepathic from the start!

We would team up with each other for games, have our meals together, and talk cock (all the time). We really hit off pretty well as buddies and we found out that we both actually had similar interests as well. (Pardon the cui camp faces)

I was still with my boyfriend then (lets name him Mr.X) and of course, we didn't treat each other as anything more than just normal friends, even though everyone was teasing me about him because they felt that he was paying special attention to me. But well!!!! camps are always like that isn't it? 
Hahahhaa I also double confirmed this fact with him recently and he said he didn't see me as anything more than a friend then either. So yeah, all is good!

After Sports camp ended, we continued to be good buddies, and the I remembered feeling happy because we both got into SMU's freshmen Bash (My sch's pageant) together with another of our Sports camp group mate, Davin, who later became my bash partner.
We got even closer as friends because of the one whole month of Bash training and we had to see each other almost everyday. We danced, learnt catwalk, went for make up and photoshoot, did our hair etc altogether.

Gone were the days...im old
Also because Matt and I lived so near to each other, we would meet up to go to school together for bash practices and take the same train back home too, as the rest lived at the other end of Singapore.

However when school started, we all went our separate ways. Me with my accounting friends while him with his friends too. We only started contacting each other again to study when finals was nearing, so we met up almost everyday to study together. 
Nothing much really happened during that period as we basically only said "hi" , sat beside each other to study and not talk to each other till we stopped studying for the day. 
However things were getting really bad between Mr X and I for a few months already at that time, and I basically spent all my study time quarreling with that guy and crying myself to bed every night.

Expected, I screwed up finals. But oh well. It was one of the toughest periods of my life and I don't even want to recall it.
Thinking back, Matt and I were solely "just friends" because I was facing so much problems and yet I didn't really share anything about what's going on in my life to him, even though we saw each other very often. 
I'd say we were "Talk-Cock" buddies, who did nothing but hang out together, and talk about things that were really on the surface. There were a few times when I broke down while texting Mr. X  (sitting next to Matt), and he didn't even bother to do anything LOL. 
I think he said "don't cry la, study." or something like that without even bothering to ask what I was crying about. Yep. Proves to show we were really such "bros" :D

A few weeks after, Mr. X dumped me and moved on to another girl. And I was left so heartbroken. 
It was during the holidays as well and it was honestly the worst period to go through a break up because I didnt have school, nor things to study nor things to occupy myself with.
My friends helped alot by always asking me out to keep me busy and all but most of them have boyfriends and their own lives to lead at the same time, so we kinda stopped hanging out after assuring them I was fine.
 That was when Matt and I started to get closer because I didn't mind hanging out with someone that did not know much about me, nor had another commitment to fulfill. He did not know about how I got cheated on, how I got dumped, how I got lied to. He knew nothing, and that was precisely what I wanted. 
Because the last thing i wanted to get was looks of pity from all of my closest friends.

I opened up to him eventually after hanging out for a long while, and he finally asked me out on New Year's Eve after a few months of hanging with each other almost everyday!
At that time, we were both really close but none of us actually talked about our feelings for each other. 

That night was really special to me and we counted down to 2013 over so many pints of beer and alcohol. I invited Sarah and Gid to join us after that because I wanted my bestfriend to meet this guy and I thought it'd be fun to celebrate the first day of 2013 with the closest people to me. But when Sarah and Gid finally arrived, Matt and I had 7 pints of beer each and I was already so tipsy and high. 


As the couple sat down (sarah next to me, and gid next to matt. Matt was seated opp me) and started talking about random things, I grabbed his hands under the table :O:O:O 
Idk why I did that OMG! haahahhahaa I guess blaming the alcohol is the best excuse but ohwell... it's so unlike me to do things like that OMG *facepalm*. And yes, he didn't pull away. 
We ended up holding hands for the next few hours till we went back to our own homes. 
But him being him... nothing happened after that night and none of us brought up anything about what holding hands or anything meant. Things were back to a square one again.

It was only when school started and we were out for a normal dinner one night when he suggested taking a stroll along the big bungalows along Goodman Rd (because he knows how much I love looking at nice houses).
He confessed his feelings for me that night.
That boy was soooo cute and shy, lol! Thinking about it just cracks me up now. 
He actually went all quiet half an hour prior to that and got me worried like mad. I thought he was angry at me for something and poor me was racking my tiny brains to think about what he could possibly be mad about. 
And when he finally told me that he likes me, I was so relieved. All along I thought I was the only one because he didn't say anything or do anything! So yes. I was relieved. 

We agreed to date after that night and we dated for another 5-6 more months before he decided to pop the question right after I got off the plane from my 3 weeks OCSP trip to the Philippines.
Before I left for Philippines, he surprised me with a big brown envelop that was titled "18 things I want you to know". 
I was supposed to read one everyday I was there. And I did it diligently.
I remember the 18th one went something like "Today's gonna be a little special. It's not something I want you to know, rather, it's an important question I've been wanting to ask you." Immediately my heart started pounding sooooo fast, i was so eager to fly back to Singapore because I could already guess what the question was, hehe!
I've been waiting for it for too long.

So I figured you guys already know what my answer was to him right? :D 
This T&Co. Necklace should be super familiar to all of you who have been keeping up with me the past few months. I WEAR IT ALL THE TIME, hahaha ! 

Yeah.. you get the point.

So yes guys! This is how we met and how we transited from being good friends to lovers.
I'd say i'm truly truly happy now to have found someone who loves me with everything and I can safely say the same :) One who is so supportive of everything I do and will never complain but instead is always full of encouragement. 

Long gone were the days of dreading waking up each day, now because I've got something and someone to look forward to seeing everyday. 

My days are beautiful now that you are in them, and I've never been any happier.

You fill my lungs with sweetness, and you fill my heart with you.

Without even realizing it, you taught me so many things that are beyond comprehension. 
Not only about life, but also about how it is okay to feel something about someone again.
That it is okay to fall in love again, and to be loved.

You're my serendipity.
I wasn't looking for you, I wasn't expecting you
But i'm very lucky to have met you.

Happy birthday to you my love, I hope you like everything I'm going to do for you today!
I love you.

P.S So sorry to all of you who have requested this post a long long time ago! I was waiting for the right opportunity to post it and it actually took me almost 1 month to write this! 
I wanted to make sure I didn't leave any part out so that I can fully describe how special and magical the past 9 months have been as it is to me :)

Hope you guys enjoyed it!


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  1. Omg this is the sweetest thing I've ever read.

  2. This post is written with so much love.And i can safely say that i truly enjoyed reading it.May happiness be with the both of you forever!

    1. Thank you for taking time to read it, its something very special to me and we're so glad to have your support! Have a happy valentines day !

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  4. Awwww my god, this is so cute! I'm gonna revisit this page to re-read this story when I'm down.