Valentines Day: Outfit and Date ideas!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Day

Aloha! The time of the year has come again
*deng deng deng deng*
Time to whip out that sweet pink lipstick, babypink dress and that oh-so-lovely perfume. And guys? Well.. your best fitted shirt, that heirloom-worthy watch your dad passed to you and of course, (please don't forget) your best smelling perfume & LOTS OF CASH ><

Nah im just kidding! Valentines Day doesn't necessarily involve much money.
No doubt the whole Singapore will be covered in red, pinks, hearts and happy atmosphere tomorrow, i'm sure most guys should be dying somewhere... their pockets!

To me, Valentines day is not only a special day to spend it with your other half, but also for the single ones out there, a day to spend it with your girlfriends/guy friends/family!
I've never believed in spending the money to go for expensive jacked up priced meals on valentines, nor expect to receive a bouquet of 3 roses that cost up to $100+. I mean.. practicality!
The market sells 3 stalks of roses for less than $10 on normal days, so why spend 10 times more?!
But having said that, I know my boyfriend is someone very guilty of that - a victim of all that marketing. Hahaha!
I know he just wants to pamper me and make me happy but honestly, I cant care less about it! Just dont understand why guys don't see it.
Hahah I told him I'd rather he spent the $100 on food or on a gift and It'll make me even happier because at least I know that he's not spending all that money on something that wont even last 3 days.
Let's see what he does tmr... hehehehe *fingers crossed*

For those that are single/have no dates - don't worry!
There's nothing to feel bad about because (believe it or not), I'm the kind of girl who always enjoyed my time with my girlfriends. What's better than getting together, have a sleepover, cookout/baking session with someone you can have HTHT with all day?

Here come's the fun fact: I've always spent Valentines with my bestfriend since we were 13 till she got her first boyfriend at 17/18! 

And yes, that's when I was with my boyfriend of 4 years. I only spent the actual day with him once (out of 4) Vdays we've been with each other. 
Told you I was a girlfriends kinda girl ;)

Now here's a few ideas on what you can do on Valentines Day, whether you have a date or not :)

#1: If you've got money to spare, go for a good dinner at a restaurant (depending on what your budget is) Special Valentines Day menus can be real good too!

Personally i havent gone on many Vday dates myself, so i can only recommend a few places that i've been to!

Dozo restaurant is a fine-dining japanese restaurant that I went to on Vday last year!
It was around $70+ per pax.
Pretty worth it because it covered 7 courses, ranging from drinks, to appetizers, mains and dessert! Definitely not the kind of fine-dining where you go back feeling so hungry that you need to go for supper after.
Not to mention, food is really yummy too!! hahaha 

Dozo Restaurant 
491 River Valley Road
Valley Point Shopping Centre

If you've got the Budget, then definitely try the menu at Sky on 57!
Prepared by Michelin Star Chef, Justin Quek, you can't expect any lesser than top notch cuisines and fresh seafood. 
Of the finest quality that is :) Not mentioning, the most breathtaking views ever!

However, be prepared to pay ALOT for the view, the meal and of course the ambience!
A dinner costs around $300++ per pax over at Sky on 57. 

10 Bayfront Avenue
Marina Bay Sands, Sands Skypark Tower 1

However I think it's a little too late to make reservations once this post goes live... right?
Oooopppsss sorry it took me so long to do this! I've been too caught up with school and getting my life back on track.
It's okay, ideas for the next valentines then, hehe!

 #2 If you're on a tight budget, do something fun and romantic!


Pack up all your favorite foods and bring it to a patch of green grass. Marina barrage? East Coast Park?
 Lay a picnic mat and simply get lost in each other's company!
This idea is cheap, and yet romantic! I've always wanted to have a picnic with my boyfriend but we never got the chance to. Or rather, we were always too lazy to ><
Just be sure to get there early to chope a space as it will be damn crowded!


Don't like the crowd? Stay home then! 
Create something special with your special one/best friends this valentines day! 
I'd have a cooking contest with my bf/friends, where each of us prepare a 3 course meal from scratch and have our family members/friends to judge and announce the winner.
Losers will then have to do the dishes for everyone!
Definitely a cheap alternative and a meaningful way to spend valentines, imo.

Stay Home Movie Marathon

Haven't had the time to catch your favorite movie series? Nows the best time!
What more, have your boyfriend with you when you watch gossip girl so you can annoy him by swooning over the male casts. 
Talking about that, I've got so many shows that i've yet to complete/start on :(

WGM is one of it! Can't seem to have enough time to finish my Taemin and Naeun couple since I started on it like 6 months ago. Boo.

Here are some of the others i'd love to watch as well:

I know.. you guys must be judging me for watching korean shows but I think they are really nice! hahaha don't judge me >< 
I'm not a hardcore Kpop fan or anything but I love watching korean variety shows and dramas because they are usually super funny! 

Last but not least, its the occasion to doll up! Also one of my favorite parts of valentines :)
Here are some of my favorite picks:

For the sweethearts:

For the Elegant & classy:

For the smexy :* 

For the Boho Chick:

The girl-next-door:

And many more!
I'd personally go for the sweetheart look because I think Vday is all about being sweet and girly, yet flirty at the same time :)
One of the styles I've been dying to try but too afraid to give it a shot would be the Bohemian style. 
I've always thought that only eurasians with blonde/brunette hair, perfect sharp features will be able to pull this style off.. pfft. 

What do you guys think?:)

Hahaha anyway, I hope you guys found this post useful and got some inspiration from here.
Wishing all you lovelies a Happy Valentines Day!
Have a great friday, Vday and a good weekend:)
You guys are my virtual vday dates and I love y'all!!!! <3<3

Muacksmuacks xzxzxzxzxzxz


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