Thoughts (Updated with Vday rambles)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thoughts (Updated with Vday rambles)

My lovely baby, thank you for loving me unconditionally and for always wanting to see me happy. Thank you for always giving so relentlessly and for always placing me as the top priority. I know I'm not the best girlfriend out there and I know it certainly isn't easy being with a girl like me- I have a temper, my issues, my past, and an extremely hectic schedule. But what makes you so special is that you're able to look past all these and make my flaws perfection in your eyes. No one else would be able to do that, and it's bewildering. How weird love can be, they turn us into people we never thought we could become and show the sides we least expect to see, too. This short text is probably only one/millionth of the things I can't thank you enough for, and the list goes on. 

All I wanna say is that you are someone very very special to me, and eversince you walked into my life 14 months ago, I've never been happier. I can never imagine my life without you from now onwards and I hope I make you as happy as you make me. And I hope i can even bring half as much joy, love and laughter into your life. 

Seeing you everyday and spending every waking moment with you has become the best "routine" ever cultivated, and I don't ever want to break out of it. I love you, and happy valentines day. 

To many more valentines days to come! Till we grow old and grey ❤️👴👵


Our super funny conversation after I sent him the above ><
Well.. thats what i get for having an almost perfect GPA nerdy boyfriend! hahaha 
Nevertheless, I had an awesome Valentines date this year, and I cant be anymore thankful for this person for stepping into my life :)

Read more about it on my Dayre here! 

That having said, it's the Mnms 9th months-ary today, woohoo *throws confetti*
It definitely feels way longer than that. I guess seeing each other every single day has made us so attached and comfortable with each other that our souls have aged.
Am I even making sense here, anyone?

Hahaha! Happy 9th months poopypangsai!

Will be blogging bout this shoot soon, so stay tuned to all the beautiful photos!<3

Oh and yes that having said, I'll be SELLING MY CLOTHES again at like ridiculous prices tonight!
Blog post will be live at 6pm so do catch it okay?
This time, I will only entertain those who can pay up immediately (because the past few times I actually had to chase some ppl for payment despite placing their orders) 
So i'd rather give the priority to people who are more keen on buying them :D

Get ready with your ibanking devices and it will all be good!

See you then!

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