Friday, February 13, 2015

Dress: Ruby Rouge
Heels: Gvanne
Bag: Charles and Keith
Photography: Evan Goh

I personally love this dress because I think it can be worn on all occasions. Be it for work, a meeting, a presentation, CNY, valentines day etc.
Featuring Evelyn Checkered Dress from Ruby Rouge, this dress is made of thick and premium cotton.
The structure of this dress is also a plus, with seams along the waistline to give you a lower silhouette.
Evelyn also comes in Black, for the ones who are not into the red hues which I understand might be a little too much this season, with CNY and valentines' day coming up ><

PS. I have been VLOGGING almost everyday, and I can't wait to share it with you guys so that ya'll can have a glimpse of how my life is like ;) 
Don't know when I'll have time to edit and compile all the footage together but I hope you guys will like it and support me so I can do more okie ?:)

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