Farewell + Vday 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello darlings! 
I have decided to split the CNY blog post and these up as I figured it'd be too lengthy and too much to take. Really sorry I haven't been blogging as much because i've been really busy lately.
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So as most of you guys have known/seen/heard.. My Babygirl Sarie has left for Perth a few days ago to further her studies. 
I love you so much sarieberrie, if you're reading this. Take care and know that the girls will always always be here for you. Don't hesitate to FaceTime/oovoo us whenever :) 

Cried a waterfall that night. No wait, understatement. 
Cried a "Niagara Falls" LOL. 
This was a bad move cause I woke up with really small and puffy eyes the next day. AKA Valentines day :( 
I couldn't even put on eye make up that day cause my eyes kept tearing. Sighpie. 

Don't wanna let you go!!!! :(

Always a foursome, nothing less! 

Moving onto.. VALENTINES' DAY!!!! 

This was me holding the bunch of 21 roses my OCSP team stayed up to make. 
Super pretty!

All the roses we packed that day for the roses collection

My first two roses from my buddies :)
My favourite blue roses! Really surprised Matt got them for me for Valentine's. 
Really super dream-like and super happy!!!! 

Dinner @ Dozo restaurant 

Super pretty card he made. 
LOL super amazed by how guys can be better at art&crafts than us. Hahaha 
Disclaimer: "Baby Chin" is an inside joke LOL. To those that have been asking. 

Was a happy girl that night, with all the roses and balloons!
Really grateful for all the love and gifts that day xx

Next, moving on to food. Hold your horses..

 Yumyum! I would say the food was not bad and it's gotta be the most-filling fine dining meal i've had.
7-course meal, no joke! We could barely walk after. Heh

Headed for a few glasses of wine after at Brewerkz @ Kallang 

What's Vday without some cam-whoring? Hehe 
My entire instagram timeline was flooded with lovey-dovey pictures that day! Enjoyed seeing how cute some couples were.
So happy :)

Thank you for making my Valentine's Day this year a special one
Hope all of you guys had a great valentines too! 


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