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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Fremantle market, perth
Does it look like I've been to Australia way too many times this year? Well, yeah. 2016 alone saw me going to Melbourne, and yes Perth for the second time! I LOVE Australia because of its proximity to Singapore, the people, the weather and also the neverending things to do and see.

If you're interested in finding out what I did the previous time I visited Perth, you can check out my blogposts:

Since it was Matt's first time to Perth, I repeated lots of places I went the previous time. But the good thing is, it never gets old! I revisited the cafes I loved (especially Tuck Shop Cafe) , and got to try new ones as well.


Fremantle market, perth 2016
Fremantle Market
The weather was insanely hot in November, like 38C kind of hot. It was scorching, yikes!
Stopped by Tutti Frutti for some froyo. The concept of their yoghurt stores are similar to our Sogurt kind of concept, you put whatever you want and the price goes by the weight.
The woman before me held a full cup of medium sized yoghurt with toppings and she paid like $19 for it wth. Mine was only a third full and I paid $7... ouch. 
When at fremantle, you gotta witness the clear blue skies and seas for yourself.
We didn't manage to have our seafood lunch there, but if you're a fan of seafood and things like fish and chips, there are a lot of restaurants by the pier that you can choose from.


Headed to Swan Valley that evening, its a good 1 hour drive away from Fremantle so if you'd like to visit Swan Valley and Fremantle on the same day, do set off early as most places in Swan Valley closes by 5PM. #aussielife

There was only one place on my list since we reached the valley around 4PM on a sunday afternoon, Ugly Duckling Wines. NO REGRETS at all because the place was chill and beautiful.

Wine tastings are available for most wineries in Perth, but there is usually a limit of 6 tasting glasses per person. I had so so much fun this time, partly because of all the good wines I've tasted :B
Ugly duckling wines, swan valley

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Romper: Shoplovet
Denim Jacket: Shoplovet
Shoes: Taobao
Location: Ugly Duckling Wines

If you're visiting Ugly Duckling Wines, do try their Chenin Blanc! I personally loved their chilled, refreshing Chenin Blanc and regretted only bringing home one bottle. If I have to offer you some tips, that is to purchase the bottle from the winery itself because chances are, you're not gonna find wines that will be comparable. Every winery make their wines differently so don't regret like I did because after Ugly Duckling, I never tried another Chenin Blanc that I enjoyed as much.

Ugly Duckling Wines
7790 W Swan Rd, West Swan WA 6055, Australia


Food options for dinner are REALLY limited in Swan Valley because everyone gets off work by 5PM. So while researching on where to go, we found a place that was highly raved on Google, Alfred's Kitchen.
I've never heard of Alfred's Kitchen before, mainly because it is situated in Guildford, a little out of the way from Perth City. But boy, the burgers and sandwiches they make are SOOOO GOOD. Just check this out.
Alfred's kitchen burger, guildford, dinner near swan valley
Prices are also very reasonable at less than $10 each. For a good meal, the extra calories were so worthwhile. Matt and I grinned all the way back home because of this little gem we chanced upon ^^
Chips w gravy the oz way!

Alfred's Kitchen opens till late as well, 2AM to be exact. So so envious of those living in Guildford for having such good supper food OMG.

Alfred's Kitchen
James St & Meadow St, Guildford WA 6055, Australia

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