7D6N in Perth, WA | Itinerary Part 1

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Hello everyone! 
I hope the festivities have been good and kept you well-fed. If you followed me on Snapchat and Instagram, you'll know that my tummy was definitely kept super duper happy >< 
I'm kickstarting my first part of my travelogue to Perth, WA that I went on early december.

It was the best time to visit Perth, IMO. Albeit receiving lots of "ARE YOU CRAZY? ITS CRAZY HOT IN PERTH DURING THAT TIME!" 
"I like crazy. " I'll tell them. HAHA. Nah, I kid. Me being the usual blur pok I am, I'll admit that I didn't really care about finding out much about Perth's weather before making the bookings.

But spontaneous trips are always the best. And I love travelling with people that think the same way.
Gotta say I dread having people on the trip that can't make up their minds to decide on things. Thank God my boyfriend and bestfriend are not like that.
With that, Sarah and I decided on Perth and booked it. We literally talked about going on a trip and booked it 10 mins later. 
I love that girl!

Perth's weather was perfect. 
Slightly scorching yes, but nothing like the eeky humid we have here in Singapore.
Besides, at night when nightfall comes, temperatures fall to as low as 14 Deg C. So I would advise a thin cardigan on hand if you're gonna be spending the night out.
Other than that, days hover around 22 Deg to 25 Deg. Sun's bright, winds blow. It was perfect guys. I wont be too sure about the weather now, but early - mid dec was good.

We arrived at the perth airport, collected our car from the car rental guy and drove to our Airbnb that was 20 mins away from the airport.

We rented a very small 4-seater Nissan Micra for 7 days for approx $700 , not cheap but that's around the market price in Perth.
It would definitely be more worth it to travel in big groups because you can then share the costs. This cost includes car insurance and the first 3/4 petrol tank that it first came in. Other pitstops to the petrol station have to be paid out of our own pockets.
So for the 7 days, I would say the entire cost of renting a car came up to about $800 SGD for 2.

We rented an Airbnb 1-room apartment about 15 mins drive away from Perth city for about SGD80 per night. It was decent and comfortable I guess! I'm sure you guys can find other accommodations around that price in the area that are equally as good as well!
We spent 4 nights in Perth, so that amounted up to about SGD320 altogether for perth alone. We spent another 2 more nights at Margaret River, that will be covered in subsequent posts to come.

We did some grocery the night before we started our day the next day to stock up on things like Water and toiletries. 
The only reason why i'm including this is because I wanna show you guys how OCD their store packers are. HAHAHA WHAT.

This is insane. All bananas are stacked up nicely according to their shapes and sizes. Broccollis lined up as if they are bouquets of flowers. They really take their jobs seriously and the place was sparkling clean!
I've got a good friend in Perth, Sara, so travelling around was a breeze with her with us for all 4 days in Perth. So here we go, Day 1!
Posing outside the red brick walls at our Airbnb.
Natural sunlight is abundant in Perth due to the lack of high-rise buildings and  tall trees that are too-close-to-one-another.

Throughout this post I'll be sharing pictures of me in this gorgeous top from wildpeonies, which you guys can cart out with 'Mong10%' for discounts.
Picked up Sarie and off we went to our first stop for brunch, Sayers Sister located in Northbridge
Leek & Parmesan Croquettes, Poached eggs, spinach and rocket (AUD19)
Let me tell you, brunch/food/breakfast in Perth are one of the best i've tasted. They beat the ones we have here hands down, easily.
Prices are not cheap, like all other Aussie restaurants and supermarkets, but you can be assured quality and the freshness of their ingredients used - it's worth every penny.

We ordered some Black Pudding , a dish that is pretty popular amongst the australians.
Black pudding is basically Pig's blood, made into sausage like things as you can see in the picture below.
I know it sounds intimidating, and looks funny. But if you're open about trying Black Pudding, you can possibly find it in most Aussie cafes. It tastes like sausages, salty and chunky. Nothing too gross if you don't psycho yourself hahah!

The next few posts you'll find lots of food recommendations as well and to be honest none are bad or below average so take it that all of these are my recommendations!

Sayers Sister
236 Lake Street, Perth WA 6000, Australia

After lunch, we drove to Whip for some soft serve ice-cream
Then, King's Park
King's park is a gorgeous park to chill and have a picnic if the weather is good. 
Otherwise, there are lot's of beautiful sceneries and sights that you wouldn't want to miss. Take the boardwalk trail and you'll be greeted with beautiful trees and they make really good picture spots.
King's Park
Perth, WA 6005

The famous Crawley Edge Boat Shed was next, and if you havent seen the fashion post I posted earlier, click here.
It's a GORGEOUS spot for photos and I personally think it is a must-go if you're visiting Perth. To me, this is the "iconic Perth Blue boat house" you have to go!
But please, apply lots of sunscreen because there's absolutely no shelter there!

Before we knew it, the sun started to set and Sara recommended we visit the Graffiti walls located in Perth CBD. I can't remember the name of this street exactly, but it was right beside the only chanel boutique, which makes it easier to locate
I hope!
As usual, we did our camwhore thingy. Hahahaha. But it was really so beautiful!
For dinner, if you're up for some pretty kickass Korean BBQ, you can visit Palsaik Namoo , a pretty well-received korean restaurant in Perth City that serves pretty legitimate korean food.
We ordered the Set Meal (B) for 4 pax. The portions are huge and the cut of meat is pretty decent as well. for only AUD$19 per pax, this was the first meal that I had in Perth that I didn't feel the pinch for.
Set Meal B consisted of an Entree , Seafood Pancake 
4 kinds of meat: Tenderloin, Ribs, Marinated Sliced Cube Roll and Marinated Spicy Sliced Pork
Soup: Large Kimchi Jeongol, with a very generous serving of ingredients inside. Mushrooms, tteobokki, tofu, chicken etc
Extras: 3 Side dishes of your choice, selected vegetable platter and beef sauce
As you can see, our table was filled up to the edge and I thought this meal was super worth it because we couldn't finish it and it was only $19 each for all these !

Palsaik Namoo
580 Hay Street, WA, Perth

With that, we concluded day 1. Despite visiting quite a few places, the trip was very chill and we didn't rush at all. Squeezing in a few more stops for the day would be doable, but not advisable because Perth is such a nice and relaxing place. 
The best takeaway from this trip was definitely to learn how to relax and take life slow.

On Me:
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More coming soon!

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  1. Hi! Your camera takes such clear and pretty shots. May I know the model and approx price? Thanks for your time!

    - Vanessa

    1. Hello dear! Thank you! I use a Canon 750D and its a pretty entry-level camera. Most of it was on the amazing sunlight in perth and also VSCO!

  2. hi may i know which airbnb did you stay in perth city during your stay? thanks.

  3. Hi Mongchin! Thanks for sharing your experience! Perth is such a wonderful place to visit. You've really captured so much of it. it's also a great place to relax and enjoy time with your family. And the foods are just to die for!

  4. Hi Mong.... Why i cant find ur full perth itinerary?? Where is your next days trip? Sorry

  5. Hi Mong, thank you so much for sparing your time to do this, it is really important and help me a lot in terms of planning my own trip. I do not have any idea the type of outfit to prepare for the destination planned, but after reading your blog and looking at the photo now I have an idea on my outfit, makeup and hair do. I hope my comment will be a motivation for you to continue with the things you are doing now. Stay sweet with Matt. #mattlyinlovewithmong