Perth Travelogue : Fremantle Market & Cottesloe Beach

Friday, February 19, 2016

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I'm sorry these posts are taking so long! But the amount of photos we took were INSANE. You know you don't think much about just snapping and snapping away because you'll think that having more shots = higher chances of getting a good photo?

Well when you've taken like 30 shots of the same PAOs (aka the ones below), they all start to look the same and you end up spending so much time narrowing them from 30 to 5, and then 5 to 4, 3, 2, then 1. By then so much time had been wasted already. ARGH.

Can you imagine doing that for like 3000 photos??? It's insane. Lesson learnt hahaha

Anyway for those that have emailed me personally to ask my for my full 7 days 6 nights itinerary in Perth, I hope you guys found it useful!

Today's post is on the 3rd part of our trip, Fremantle Market and the Cottesloe Beach
The Fremantle Market is a very famous "market" in Perth where you can get really nice food, fresh produce, meats, fruits and vegetables etc, all in one local bazaar that feels really homely and nice.
Have I mentioned how much I love the aussie folks? they are all so friendly and really really nice! I didn't meet a single mean soul when I was there even though people often told me that some of them might be pretty racist.. hmmm.
Anyway, the Fremantle Market operates only on Friday and the weekends, so if you wanna catch this, be sure to schedule it accordingly.
The iconic red brick walls that lead up to the market.
 In there you'll find lots of things to eat, like this really cool fusion "Kung Ba Paos", so we call them in Singapore. At Fremantle, these had so many people queing up for them!
You can choose between a ton of flavors and all of them were made super well. Fried chicken was amazing, and the soft shell crab variant was pretty bomb too.
Coffee is a must when you visit Perth because it's so CHEAP and GOOD.
As you can see I went cray with it. Haha
Apart from just shopping and eating, which was really fun enough, we spotted this little corner called the "baby animal farm" where tourists or visitors could go up to hold the animals and just pay any amount you want to the "moving zoo"
I saw the snake and couldnt resist myself hehe. It was sooo cute and really tame even though my friends were freaking out at the side watching me playing with it.
Check out my new necklace!
There was also a sleepy koala there that didn't care about anything that was happening around him, haha.
Outside of the market, I would recommend heading to the port area for some really good seafood. Their fish n chips are supposedly really good and famous but we were all so full from just eating and binging along the way there we couldn't accommodate anymore food.
Such is life. Haha
But anyway, if you happen to walk by this train track, do snap a photo at this spot for a really good view of the surroundings and the ferris wheel at the back!
I'd recommend spending about 3 hours (or more if you're a camwhore like me) at fremantle market in the day and then returning again the next day if you didn't manage to try most of the food there. If your schedule permits, of course. 
I kinda regretted not going back to fill my tummy's worth of fish n chips. Hmm.

We drove to Cottesloe Beach afterwards and the winds were insane. Like i mentioned earlier I visited perth around december last year and it was stilll transitioning into summer.
The temperatur was around 18 to 24 degrees with winds at the seaside, it was perfect!

Check out the wind and my hair in the video below.
Recommended time allocation: 2 to 4 hours
Depending on whether you're gonna go for a dip or not.
It would be an amazing spot to catch the sunset, or have a romantic picnic with your other half. 
Just be sure to clean up after yourselves because the beach is so clear and beautiful!

For dinner that night, we decided to go for something non-western because we were getting a little tired of having western food for the past 4 days.
I was craving for sushi that day and Sarie recommended we give Mr Munchies Sushi a try. I've seen this place featured on many instagram accounts before so I was really excited to try it!

To be honest, it wasnt thatttt great but it was not too bad either.
Servings were huge, and it's the same concept as Maki-san, where you choose your own ingredients to make your own Maki, or salad.
But hey, a good flatlay and sushi photo can make up for everything eh?
Mr Munchies Sushi
4/669 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Australia

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Stay tuned for part 4 coming up where I fill you guys in on Margaret River!


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