Perth Travelogue | part 2

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Welcome to the second part of my Perth travelogue! I know it might not be the most realistic idea to split the posts per day. I mean I spent 7 days in Perth and Margaret River, will you guys actually be interested to read all 7 parts? hahaha.
Then again I took so many nice photos, kinda don't want it to go to waste hmm.

Brunch at Tuck Shop Cafe
We started off with brunch as usual, and on the 2nd day, we visited Tuck Shop Cafe for our daily dose of good food + coffee.
This was probably the place and day I had the best brunch of my life - The Bruschetta was to-die-for!
I did a separate review for Tuck Shop Cafe here on my blog, if you're interested to see the in-depth review, check it out!

Here's the spread the 3 of us ordered. 
Bruschetta with Grilled bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, avocado and basil salad - $18
The tuck shop cafe, perth, cafes, cafe hopping, bruschetta
This was the dish that literally wow-ed me. It's just plain ol' bruschetta, how well can a cafe do with the same old tomatoes, avocado.. bacon? 
I'm not gonna go into detail because I already did so in my review for them here, so check it out!
Chorizo with paprika potatoes, peppers, spanish onions and crispy pork belly, fried egg- $18.50
Baked Beans with Smoked ham hock, parmesan toast, onion rings and poached egg - $19.50
The tuck shop cafe, perth, cafes, cafe hopping, brunch
This is a must try guys. Go do it, you wont regret it.

Throughout day 2, I wore this off-shoulder top from Wildpeonies, which you can purchase at 10% off with a discount code of "mong10%" on

178 Newcastle St
 Perth WA 6000, Australia
+61 892271659

Strawberry Picking at Bullsbrook Strawberry Farm 
Bullsbrook Strawberry Farm is one of the more popular strawberry farms in Perth as we only took around 20 mins to get to from North Bridge. 

To be honest, I've always heard about the fruits they have in Aussie and since it was something I've never done before, we decided to give it a go and dedicated around 2 hours (including the journey there and back to the city) to check it out.

For AUD10 and AUD2 for each subsequent person , you get a paper tray that was HUGE (as pictured above) to fill as much strawberries as you want.
It was impossible to fill it up because we kept eating the berries we collected before we could put them into the box. LOL gluttons. 
bullsbrook, strawberry, farm, perth, australia
bullsbrook, strawberry, farm, perth, australia
The strawberries were pretty small the time I visited (early dec) , and we heard that it wasn't the season for it yet. But I looked the place up on instagram and saw so many visitors with trays and trays of HUGE strawberries. They were literally 2 to 3 times the size of ours... but it's okay because we wouldn't be able to finish all the fresh strawberries within the few days anyway.
strawberry, farm, perth
bullsbrook strawberry, farm, perth, berry, picking
Even though it wasn't the peak season for the berries, they were still the BEST and the SWEETEST I've ever tasted. I know i'm making a lot of crazy claims in my Perth travelogues but seriously, I've never tasted any other strawberries sweeter than the ones we had.
If i had to describe to you guys how they tasted like... I'd say they were so sweet that it tasted almost surreal. Like strawberry candy, but yet not as artificial tasting. It was light, juicy, and really really nice.
bullsbrook strawberry, farm, perth
I'll definitely recommend LOTS of sunblock because the sun is super unforgiving especially in wide areas like the Bullsbrook Starwberry Farm where there were basically no sheltered areas. Carry a brolly if you need. I got 2 shades darker (or maybe even 3, gosh) and although it was kinda worth it for the strawberries, it's not worth the amount of time and money I'm investing into achieving my original skin tone again LOL.

P.S My top is from Wildpeonies and if you're interested to get it, cart out with Mong10% !  

Bullsbrook Strawberry Farm
263 Old West Road, Bullsbrook
Opens on Weekends and everyday from 26th Sep - 10th Oct
9 AM to 4:30 PM

Caversham Wildlife Park (Perth's Zoo, Kinda)
After picking strawberries, we drove over to Caversham Wildlife Park to look at the cute little animals that were exclusively only found in the region. 

The park was pretty empty even on a weekend which I appreciated because I could snap photos without having to queue or anything. 
One downside though, the admission tickets were pretty pricey at AUD27 per entry . Students from Australia are entitled to student discounts at only AUD12 Per entry, but sadly only valid Australian student cards were accepted. No discount for the aunty-mong-from-singapore , boo.
Koala Bear that looked so cute and was just busy eating the whole time.
My dad actually thought I took a photo with a soft toy because he didn't believe we could go so close to a real-life Koala Bear?!
Koala ignoring us as usual. Hahaha ah well, still a nice photo ><
wildlife, caversham, perth, park, kangaroo
wildlife, caversham, perth, park, kangaroo
The highlight of the Wildlife Park was definitely the Kangaroo park area where you get to go up close to 30 free roaming kangaroos and feed them!
It was my first time getting so close to a kangaroo and it was quite scary at first because some of them were quite huge. But all of them were super lovable and tamed and we camwhored the whole night away till my camera ran out of battery.
wildlife, caversham, perth, park, kangaroo
Look at how big these giants are compared to Sarah. They are the same size! 
And FYI, sarah is slightly taller than I am. Hahaha

Caversham Wildlife Park is also an attraction I would recommend if you're an animals lover or if you're travelling with kids.
Not only do they have Kangaroos, Quokkas and koalas, they have a wide range of other animals like birds, the different kinds of fishes and big cats even.

Caversham Wildlife Park
B/99 Lord Street, Whiteman
WA 6068, Australia

Dinner at Ciao Italia
Ciao Italia is one of Perth's most highly raved about restaurant, if not THE MOST highly raved restaurant. Every single friend I asked for recommendations recommended Ciao Italia to me. And when I posted on my social media pages that I was gonna be visiting perth soon, alot of you guys also commented to ask me to try Ciao Italia.

What is this place that is so good??? I mean. the queues are 1 hour long on weekends.. Prices are not cheap either, why?
Well... I wouldn't say they have the best italian pasta I've ever eaten (because the best i've had was in italy, duh) but they really come close. And yes, perth is a lot closer than Italy so I think this is the closest to home to the best italian (pasta) food i've tasted.

We ordered the Marinara Pasta ($33.50), and the portions are HUGE. Mind you, each serving can possibly serve 2 people. Or 3 asian girls in our case. hahah!
ciao italia, perth, millpoint,

Photo credits: RobinWong
Because I visited the restaurant at night time, the lighting in the restaurant was so bad that I gave up snapping pictures. I thought grabbing a pic on google would do the dish more justice, so here you go.

Spaghetti was al dente, sauce was tangy, fresh and really really tasty. I didn't mind the carbs and I could 

For dessert, we ordered a Tiramisu ($6.50) that was also highly recommended to me by my friend, sara. 
ciao italia perth tiramisu, perth, australia, italian
I'm a little embarrassed to say this but it was indeed one of the best tiramisu's i've had. In fact one of the first few ones I've tasted in a restaurant before because I wouldn't normally gravitate to that.
But it wasn't too overwhelming, nor too sweet. As much as it looks in the photo. 
The coffee taste was strong enough to give it a good punch of flavour, but definitely not too bitter or too much to turn people off.
Definitely a must try :)

Ciao Italia
273 Mill Point Rd
South Perth, WA 6151

I know my perth posts have been taking a little while due to the busy CNY period where people would be more concerned about the clothes to wear HAHA.
If any of you guys are going to perth and need the itinerary asap, feel free to drop me an email and I'd love to share!


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