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Friday, December 02, 2016

Shopping online can sometimes be quite daunting and filled with uncertainties. What if, the product arrives different from its photos? What if my dress doesn't fit me well?

Despite being a pretty seasoned online-shopper myself, these fears still get to me sometimes, and till date, I am still receiving ill-fitted clothes in my mail. When that happens, another headache surfaces, do I spend more money to bring it to a tailor to get it altered? Or do I give it to someone else instead?

Either way, I would be pouring money down the drain..

At Le-contour, they take pride in offering the most sound and to the best of their ability, the most accurate advices when it comes to the fit of their pieces. Le-contour is an australia-based site that houses 7 different brands under one roof, providing your everyday wardrobe staples to you in the finest quality.

I chose 3 pieces for myself and while liaising, I had to provide them with my body measurements before they sent me the items I chose. That really goes to show how much they take pride in making sure that their customers receive the best fitted pieces!

Not only that, there's even a section where you can shop according to your body shapes! So if you have broader shoulders or if you've got a full chest, opt for dresses that can help to balance your top portion. 
Everything has been thought of for you!

I chose 3 different pieces from Le-contour  - A dress suitable for the workplace, a sophisticated dress for the weekends, as well as a comfy knit sweater for the end of the year season.
This is a double-ribbed piece that is slightly stretchable to hug at all the right places and all the right curves. The white detailing at the side also helps to draw the outlines of your curves visually, making it a simple, professional yet sexy piece for the workplace.

For such pieces, fit plays a pivotal role because if it is too loose, it will look really awful and saggy. Worse still, such designs would be the most unflattering if the fit is bad! And if it's too tight, well you know what happens... Every bulge all the way from last night's supper will be seen by the world. Oops!

The second piece is a cozy knit sweater that is perfect for the incredibly gloomy weather these days. As we approach the end of the month, even sunny Singapore experiences a dip in her weather. The best decision would be to bring along, or even wear a comfy sweater to go about your day!

I paired it with a pair of simple white jeans and the marble print of my top is totally enough to steal the limelight of this entire look. Effortless, clean and comfy - me likey!

Lastly, an outfit for the weekends, off duty. 
This simple black knit dress may look like the usual plain ol' boring one, but if you look closely, you'll see the sheer sleeves panel details that makes this dress extraordinary. 

Made of knit material with sheer panels running from shoulders to the end of the wrist, this knit black dress from Le-contour is sophisticated, and elegant.

Happy shopping! 


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