Perth 2016 - Busselton, Dunsborough Whale Watching, Margaret River

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Following up with my Perth trip in November last year (I can't believe its 2017 already, HNY guys!) , here's the second part to my travelogue where I'll cover the more interesting and different parts of my itinerary.

From the wide series of posts I've done on Perth over the past 2 years, you guys should already know that I've visited perth before and in fact, my prev trip was so recent at just a year ago. If you're interested to find out what were the things I did, you can check out my posts in this link here.

I didn't want my second time to Perth to be exactly the same, so I did my research and found even more places to visit. This time, we took more stops on the drive to Margaret River and spent 2 days in Busselton and Dunsborough. 

The drive from Perth to Dunsborough was 2h50 mins and it is a fairly easy drive, I absolutely love the roads of WA because they are so well maintained, smooth and drivers are all so courteous and nice. We Singaporeans need to learn! hahaha

Upon checking into our Airbnb, we were greeted by this gorgeous yard (which had lots of insects on it) but you know... they say you gotta #doitforthegram so I did.

My top was from Shoplovet and it can be found here.  

We planned for a chill night ahead so I booked a Sunset Whale Watching Tour before we jetted off for Perth. I've never seen whales before and while this activity isnt cheap (it costs around $100 per pax) , I knew it would be such a unique and different experience. I also wanted to share that moment and milestone (of seeing a wild whale before my eyes) with matt too, so we splurged and didn't regret it!

We drove down to the whale watching pick up point which was just 15 mins drive away from our apartment and were greeted with such crystal clear waters.
A boatman came to pick us up from this point and we got on a charter boat and went out into sea. 
And not long after, we spotted our first humpback whale from afar!
I regretted not bringing my zoom lens along with me for the tour, but the whales were all super friendly and we saw a total of 13 / 15 of them.
We didn't witness any "whale shows" . No backflips, tail whips etc, just them happily swimming and coming up to the surface to breathe occasionally.

We whale-watched into the sunset and drove back to our apartment at night. 
The skies that night were magnificent. Check out the clouds!
Busselton and Dunsborough are 2 really close towns that are just one road apart. So in the morning, we headed to Busselton Jetty to check it out! 
An entrance fee was needed to enter the busselton jetty, and because we weren't planning to stay there for too long, we didn't pay to enter. But if you guys brought your own rods and fishing supplies, you can actually pay to enter the jetty to fish!
White fine sand, with a gorgeous backdrop
Wearing another piece from Lovet, the Everyday Basic Pocket Shirt which was SOOO comfy and so perfect as a bikini cover up.
This piece is now sold out on site, but they have a few similar ones like this and this
We headed back to Dunsborough for lunch because there were more food options there. Also, we were looking for a place to rent fishing rods and to our surprise, rod rental shops were nowhere to be found. 
The idea of hiring fishing equipment is so foreign and almost ridiculous to them LOL.
"why not you buy one for yourself?" 

I guess fishing is such a common activity for them in the summer that every family owns their own fishing rods. 

But finally, google led me to this place - Access Fishing and Matt was SO THRILLED after failing so many times lolllll. We rushed there immediately after lunch and met the nicest lady who taught us everything from the best fishing spots around the area, to how to tie the hooks and hook the bait. 

I would highly recommend fishing as an activity when you visit the area because you can get a catch so much more easily than in Singapore LOL. Also, the fishes are huge!!! It's so much more fun there.

If you do pay Access Fishing a visit, say hello to Justin and Justin's wife for me and tell them you're a reader of mine, they will be so thrilled!
Our first fishing spot 
Parka: Lovet

We spent 2 hours there and managed to catch around 6 fishes. 4 small herrings and 1 large herring and 1 large whiting. We brought it home happily and that became our supper for the day. The fishes were so fresh there wasn't much seasoning needed - simple salt and pepper with some olive oil will do!

The next day, we drove to Margaret River, which was a mere 40 mins away from Dunsborough. When you visit Margaret River, you NEEDDDD to go to Margaret River Bakery at least once.
Of course if you like it so much, you can go there everyday for breakfast like I did. HAHA.

Do try the Honeycomb and Banana pancakes, it's the bomb (Y)

As usual, if you're heading to Perth and need my itinerary urgently, do drop me an email at I would be glad to send you!


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