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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

If you haven't been successfully converted to becoming a user of facial mists in this crazy hot climate of ours, it is TIME you do because they are such life-savers that will take you by surprise.
I used to be super skeptical about such products because I'd think... "it's just water.. how is it good for your skin?" 

Well, even if it was just thermal springs water in a spray can form, it'd still be really shiok when you mist it on, especially on a really hot and sweltering day.
Besides that, it also helps to cool down your skin's temperature and provide additional moisture on the go, even over make up!

But did you know that a lot of these thermal spring waters out there actually don't have any beauty benefits to them?

By that, I'm saying that these bottled facial mists are mostly normal, or spring water in a spray bottle form. There are no beauty ingredients in there that can actually help to improve skin conditions.. much less provide our skin from the sun, which is VERY crucial especially in this part of the world we live in.

How amazing would it be, to have an amalgamation of both a Facial Mist + SPF all in one bottle ?

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water SPF 20, Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Hydra Bounce

Bio-essence has recently pushed out 2 new star products for the end of the year - the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water SPF 20 and the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Hydra Bounce 

I've been an avid user of the original Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water for the longest time, to be exact, about 3 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed having it next to my bed before bedtime, and also a travel-sized bottle with me whenever I go for outdoor shoots. 

But alas, an improved version with added sun protection! 
The Miracle Bio Water SPF20 is one of the first facial mists in the market that is infused with sun protection benefits. Now I can touch up SPF on the go without feeling eeky because I don't have to re-apply thick, oily sunscreen when I'm out anymore.

Just a spritz every hour or so to ensure that I'm protected, especially when outdoors. 

Dermatologists recommend using sunscreens that are within SPF15 to SPF30 as higher SPFs don't necessarily mean higher protection. Furthermore, the higher the SPF, the more likely the product would feel heavier and more oily. 

So to my fellow sensitive skin brothers and sisters, using a lower SPF product that you don't mind re-applying consistently is definitely MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than using a high SPF product that is difficult and uncomfortable to re-apply throughout the day.

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water SPF 20, Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Hydra Bounce , singapore, bioessence
They are easy to carry around (even on flights!) , fine, evenly dispersed mist that doesn't dispense too much product at one area, and also the fact that the mist is fragrance free and doesn't feel sticky, nor heavy at all.
But if you're not looking for products that contain SPF, the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Hydra Bounce is also more than just another facial mist. 

It delivers intense hydration to the skin but at the same time, is not as highly fragranced and possibly, contains less artificial ingredients inside when compared to the usual korean/japanese beauty mists.
Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water SPF 20, Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Hydra Bounce , singapore, bioessence

All in all, I'm not holding back when it comes to recommending good products! I trust that you guys know that I've always tried my best to be honest with my reviews, whether or not the products have been sent to me by the brand or not.

If you're unsure of what to get for a unisex christmas gift, i'd imagine these facial mists to be really good because even guys can use it (without feeling too feminine) as well!

The festivities should've all begun, so I'm here sending some christmas cheers to you!
 Happy holidays !

This post is brought to you by Bio-essence. All opinions and reviews are mine.

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