Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 has been a year filled with ups. You know how people always start off their New Year's Resolutions with "the year had been filled with ups and downs.." but to be honest, I tried to rack my brains for the "downs" in my year and honestly couldn't put my finger to any.
I guess this is how we know, that we've grown and matured - be it in the way we cherish the people and relationships around us, or in the way we take the things life throws at us, be it the good, or the bad.

2016 has been a year full of firsts. 

In april 2016, I graduated from Singapore Management University with a bachelor's degree in Accountancy. That marked the first time I stepped out of being a student, to adulthood. 

In the same month, I made the decision to be my own boss, for the first time. That's another huge milestone for me, as someone who had always been weak and lost for the longest of time - I always shunned the thought of my future career choices and the possibilities in life throughout uni. I hated to think and stress about my seemingly bleak future because my grades weren't that fantastic. I avoided conversations with friends and course mates about career paths, about internships, about which big MNC, which prestigious bank I was applying for... how many full time job opportunities I was offered.

I hated all of that, because I felt like I was not good enough for the world, like I was a disappointment to my parents, and a joke amongst all my high-flying friends at school.

But God had a plan for me. Something I was doing on the sideline throughout school suddenly became a viable career option for me, something I never once considered glamorous nor a career my friends and family would be proud of. But somehow, it all worked out. My little blog and social media pages has now become my life, my career and my passion. 

I can't thank you guys enough for all the support you guys have given to me, for wanting to keep up with me and for always telling me that "it's okay, you're doing great" . I read every single one of your comments be it on this space, instagram, or youtube and I wish I had more because connecting to you guys make me really whole and happy. Those who always left me with comments/questions will know that I'm always happy to reply! Somehow, it gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have helped in some way or another, or I influenced you guys in some way.

I'm happy.

I went on many trips in 2016, met the most wonderful of clients, some even turned good friends that I'm so thankful for. I've also met many bloggers and like-minded "colleagues" (do i call them that?) and while I don't usually open myself up to many, I'm glad I found a few good friends in the circle.

In November 2016, I also became a boss for the first time. I hired my first full-time creative intern and while there were many hiccups along the way, tears, sweat and anger cum disappointment, I learnt. And I must say that if anything, the best way to learn is to go through the experience, fail and learn from your mistakes.
There are so so much that can't be learn in the classrooms, and managing people, relationships, theirs and your own expectations is just a small part of it. I've got a long way to go and I'm looking forward to see where 2017 brings me to.

Now let's look back on the year!

Since everyone's doing the best 9 posts on instagram based on likes, here's mine

February 2016 - Bangkok/ Cha-Am / Hua Hin, Thailand

June 2016 - Davao, The Philippines

June 2016 - Melbourne, Australia

July 2016 - Medan, Indonesia

July 2016 - Seoul, South Korea
July 2016 - Japan

August 2016 - London, United Kingdom
August 2016 - Bath and Brighton, UK

October 2016 - Taipei, Taiwan

November 2016 - Perth, Australia

I wonder if I missed anything out... hahaha hopefully not!
But wow, I didn't start 2016 expecting that many trips ahead of me.. 12 cities/countries in a year and I even got to spend 1 month in London which was awesome !

Hope you guys are having a great New Year's Eve, I'll try my best to quickly pen down my New Years Resolutions for 2017 so please check back again guys.



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