London Part 4: Brighton, Beach Boxes and Bath in the UK

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

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Brighton, bath, what can I say? 
I know you guys are probably tired of me repeating these words over and over, but looking and editing my travel photos always make me miss travelling. Despite the physical fatigue from travelling, nothing else seem to be able to curb my thirst to travel the world. With that, I booked my next trip in less than a month's time, guess where? :P

We explored two places over the weekend the other time, first being Brighton. Sarah visited Brighton before and told us that it was a must-go, even though she probably said that because she's a huge fan of Zoella who lives in that town LOL. 

I wore this choker top from Carrislabelle, and boy the choker trend doesn't seem to be dying yet ain't it!
This one is made of stretchy cotton, is super lightweight, comfy and not to mention, flattering as hell.
Choker tops like this help separate your neckline with your chest area, exposing your oh-so-sexy collarbones. A woman's collarbones are meant to be shown, so don't hide it!

Shop Choker Off Shoulder Top (Grey) Here

The Brighton beach was amazing as usual. 
I chose this Buttons Basic Dress for the beach because I didn't want to fuss over styling my outfit. Guys, if I had to pick my favorite outfit for the ENTIRE london trip, it would be this dress. 
It was so easy to match with, comfy, flattering and really suitable for summer weather. Besides, grey is such a neutral colour that goes with almost everything. Yes, even colorful houses like the brighton beach boxes, even though I personally preferred the Melbourne ones better!

Shop Buttons Basic Dress Here.
Cotton Candy Skies, what a great sight. 
Apart from the brighton beach and shops, Zoella mentioned that Boho Ice Cream was her favorite place to get her ice cream fix so us being the curious Singaporeans that we are, actually went to queue up for 45 mins for it LOL.

Verdict? Don't bother queueing if the queue is too long because it was pretty average. They've got interesting flavours like the Lime & Pistachio, Sour Cherry and more. Only try it if there's not a long queue! haha.

On sunday, we booked a coach to Bath, a medieval town located 2.5 hours away from Central London by bus. Coaches are easy to book and there are aplenty, with one coach departing from Victoria Coach Station every 30 mins. 
Bath is a must-visit! I've said in this and this blog posts why I really really enjoy bath and why it still remains as one of my favorite places in the world ;)

I've been to Bath 4 times, and Matt twice, so we decided to hunt for good coffee since we read reviews that Picnic Coffee served good ones.
We ordered ourselves coffee, cake and some tea, sat by the windows and contemplated about life. I'm really glad to have those 2 in my life :') 
I wore this high quality High Neck Knit Dress in a really gorgeous shade of Nude. I figured that i could only pull off certain shades of nude and this really fit my olive tan skin to a tee. Raise your hands up if you're as brown as I am LOL.

Featuring a high neck, incredible fit and quality, what is there not to love about this dress?

Shop High Neck Knit Dress Here
We sang our hearts out on pavements, caught up with each other while the rest played Pokemon Go. It was a good good day :') I'm truly blessed. x

All outfits featured in this post can be found in their links above, or on Carrislabelle

This post concludes my last update on London 2016, it was such a blast to be working with my favorite brands and modelling their pieces all over the world. London still has the spot as my Favorite City in the world - Behind Singapore of course!

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