Sunday, August 31, 2014

The beautiful city of Bath, Captured in little pixels.

I would recommend Bath to anyone who's got 1-2 days to spare when you're up in the UK. It's only about 3 hour coach ride from London and return coach tickets are vey affordable, at only £11.40 per pax.

It's my 3rd time in this beautiful town and I just can't get enough of it. 
Every building, evey corner is just so different from the rest of the UK and the people here are generally much nicer. 

I wouldn't recommend staying here for more than 2 days though. 1 day is enough for me, 2 days a little stretching it because it's just a small town that doesn't have much.
Everywhere's accessible my foot, and have pretty cheap taxis too! 

I would recommend going to:
1) The Roman Baths
2) The Circus
3) Bath Abbey
4) Food at Turtle Bay Restaurant (Mediterranean) they even have 1-for-1 drinks during their happy hour before 7pm

I enjoy the laid back pace of life here in Bath and everything closes very early, at around 6pm even on Saturdays. 

For those who are interested, I stayed at YHA Bath, that was situated 20mins walk away from the city centre.
Rooms were cheap and good at only GBP 22 each person a night, however the 20 mins walk was a little too unbearable esp since we were with heavy luggages.
Oh not to forget, YHA Bath was located on top of Bathwick HILL. Yes freaking HILL.
I never felt more tired moving luggages before, i'm serious.

So for that, I wouldn't recommend YHA Bath. Not because of the quality of it, but the accessibility and location. Stay away if you're carrying heavy luggages!

Till we meet again, now off to York!

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