London Part 3 - Big Ben, Southbank, Wicked The Musical

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Where did all the time fly to? In the blink of an eye, okay a few blinks that is, my time in the UK is now down to my last few days. 
Now let’s talk about the things I did over the past few days, I finally decided to cover the touristy bits on this trip after being here for 2 weeks! Since I’ve been to London so so many times, I was convinced that I’m not gonna succumb to going to the usual tourist spots (that I ALWAYS go to) , and explore new areas instead. But looks like I couldn’t feel like I’ve been to London without checking off those few places huh ;)

Besides, they are the most picturesque sights of London City so I just had to model some of the clothes I brought against the Big Ben, London Eye and more.
We were lucky that we managed to get a few quick shots that were relatively clear before the Big Ben. You guys should’ve been there to see  how it all went down.

Bestfriend: “OKAY NOW GO GO NOW”
Me: “Runs in and pose, change pose, change pose in 2 seconds”

Or it would be something like that
Bestfriend: “There’s a lot of people in the shot. You just hold your pose first I’ll snap when I can”
Me: Stands there in my half-walking-pose for what seemed like an eternity, being all embarassed because passer-bys looked at me like WHUT??!

LOL. But here they are, enjoy!x
I was wearing a full ensemble from Shoplovet – A thin, long sleeved white top is essential for the summer. I love that it is thin and really soft, that allowed me to tie the front up for a more casual look.
This is also my first pair of distressed jeans in dark denim color!
Lunch was the amazing Flat Iron as usual, for a good serving of steak for just $10GBP, you can't go wrong!

A few days later we decided to walk along the other side of the river and I couldn’t resist the Big Ben again, LOL. In Europe, people walk a lot because the weather is forgiving and the sights are beautiful. Especially in London, the touristy spots are usually located really near each other so if you are planning to visit London, do pack comfy walking shoes!

A lot of you asked me about my pair, they are from PRIMARK and I got them for only $6GBP, cheap cheap.  It also went so well with my High Cut A-Class dress
There’s just something so classy about high neck dresses, and this one from Shoplovet is a bodycon version that is flattering and suitable for many many occasions.
Throw on a bold statement necklace for a night’s out, or a simple one with sneakers for a casual day in school.
Coffee coffee all the time, everywhere. I blame all the flat whites I had for the weight I gained here. Time to work out and eat clean when I get back, I must. Hahaha although it has never seemed to work every time I say it.

Also caught WICKED the musical for the second time that night! This cast is much better than the one I caught 2 years ago, in my opinion. This was me, shivering in the cold with my bacon sandwich at 8AM waiting in line for the front row seats that day.
If you've got time, I would recommend waking up early to go to the theatre to queue for front row, discounted seats. We sat so close to the stage that the musical felt so surreal and personal.
You guys have to catch Wicked guys! Second time and I'm still in love.
Lastly, THIS blush dress. I knew I wanted it when I first saw it. Ribbed, midi length and shoelace details at the top, what’s there not to love?
We met Jon for a tour around southbank as we combed National Theatre, Tate modern and eventually took a walk back to borough and here are the sights in between.
The view above the Tate modern observatory deck. Oh London, you so pretty.


Feel free to drop me an email or a comment if you would like to ask anything about London or for recommendations!

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