London 2016: Day 1 to 3 - Flat Iron Steak , Covent Garden, Monmouth Coffee

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hello guys!
I'm sure you all should know that I'm in London by now, and after the whole episode about the Instagram hacking and such, i'm even more determined to make sure that I become more diligent at sharing the photos I've taken across a few different platforms in case one gets erased. What a scary thought that would be, and that was exactly what I was most worried about when my account got hacked - that they would delete all the hard work and memories, but thank God, they didn't.

Enough of the negative things, let's lift our spirits up by recapping on the past few days!
We checked out the streets and cafes nearby and I'm really so amazed by how blooms thrive here.
Is it the weather? or the people taking care of it!
We encountered something really heartwarming while chancing upon this pub hidden behind the alleyways at borough. Obviously I was drawn to it because of how vintage and pretty it looked, so Julia and I decided to stop for a bit to shoot some photos. One of the residents stopped by on his bike and spent a good 5 mins chatting with us, asking where we were from, and how we've been liking London so far.. It was through him that we found out that Gladstone (the pub) was about to shut down because a residential company had bought over the land the bar was sitting on and raised the rent that had them to cease business. He told us to "save the bar" and to spread the word, what a heartwarming sight to see how the individual locals put in so much effort to protect something they all love and believe in :>

So for my outfit, I wore the Not So Basic Tube Top, paired with The Versatile Knot Skirt 
Both come in a wide selection of colors and what I love about this outfit is how versatile these 2 separate pieces are. Take off the collar from the top and it instantly changes the look completely. And did you know that the knot skirt can also be worn as a tube top??

Bag: Charles and Keith
Shoes: Wildpeonies

So far, the best coffee I've had in London. I love my coffee strong and slightly dense, which I find only Monmouth has given me the consistency and taste I like so far. Other english cafes usually serve their coffee with lots of milk and water, making it a lot more diluted.
If you're in for good coffee, try monmouth! There are a few branches across London, but you'll probably have to join the line of  queue filled with tourists, of which 30% of them will be Singaporeans, LOL
It's covent garden time!
It was a saturday when we decided to head to covent garden to look look see see (haha), so it was pretty crowded! Covent Garden is good for shopping, and really to soak in the London energy because there are lots of buskers lining the streets, street magicians etc.
And if you're not up for shopping, you can EAT over there! Lots and lots of good restaurants are there.

We went to FLAT IRON of course, I've heard too many reviews about it to resist. Who can resist 10 pounds steak man?! Okay so we went there quite early in the afternoon and realized that we were another 30 mins to go before the restaurant opened. 
Usually I'll be so grumpz if this happened in singapore because our weather is so ridiculously bad and humid and I'd hate myself so badly for not checking the opening hours beforehand. 
But in london, boy... the weather is so perfect I could sit there all day! And each shop has a bench placed outside for others to chill there, so no complaints.
I'm wearing 

This twisted knot tube top is the most flattering piece I brought on this trip i think, I wore it out for 4 times already! Paired it with the Almost There BF Jeans which is slightly cropped and ends slightly above my ankle. This crop effect gives an illusion of longer legs and it makes you look taller because more skin is shown! I fit size S perfectly. 

Now FLAT IRON, Im salivating already.
I ordered the usual flat iron steak (GBP $10) and matt ordered the daily specials - The Denver (GBP$15) . His was a better cut of steak so it was tastier, but mine was so soft and tender too. I wouldn't mind having it everyday. 
And look at the cutest knife to eat with! I'm sure many other diners were also very intrigued by the mini butcher knife, they had signs all over the menu to tell customers not to bring it home LOL
you can purchase one from them at GBP$10 !

We spent the early part of Day 3 walking around Covent Garden (again) hahahaha before heading to Bicester Village in the afternoon. We headed back for some cosmetics shopping - They have KIKO and Charlotte Tilbury there! And here's the outfit I wore to keep me nice and snuggly.

I love how romantic and feminine this combination is! Hardly saw anyone in midi skirts over here in London so this outfit felt quite special, like it helped me stand out from the crowd or something LOL!
Decided to pair the skirt differently this time, the slit at the front instead of the back for a more casual look.. and it helps with walking long distances too! 

Hope you guys are all well and happy. 
I'll check back soon when I can with more updates!
First 3 days outfits are all from Topazette, so if you're interested, check them out and sign up for their mailing list to be alerted on future new arrivals and sales.


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