Melbourne 7D6N Itinerary - Day 1 & 2

Friday, October 06, 2017

Hola everyone! Have you guys missed me? hahaha. I'm sorry my Melbourne updates took awhile to come because I took over 1,000 photos LOL and needed some time to gather my thoughts, edit them and find the time to sit down to pen down my thoughts.
I thought I would be able to do it on the go while on the trip but it was impossible because there were tons of photos to edit concurrently... I guess sometimes I really need to re-assess my humanly abilities and remind myself i'm no superwoman :/

Regardless, I hope you're excited for my itinerary!
This is the first part to my 7D6N itinerary to Melbourne City, Lorne, Port Campbell and Yarra Valley.

Day 1 - Melbourne City
We touched down early in the morning & headed to a highly raved breakfast/brunch place at Grub Food Van located at Fitzroy. It was a bright and sunny morning & the place was so packed with lots of locals enjoying their brunch. 
Fur friends are also welcomed there! 
Damage: A$30 each

I love the chai latte, and thick bacon and eggs. It was pretty delish & good!
This was also my first outfit of the day that I took the plane in. I love how simple and comfy it is!
Jeans: Shoplovet

After checking in to our gorgeous Airbnb located at Fitzroy, we rested for a bit and decided to head to the Eureka Skydeck at night. 
Eureka Skydeck 88 is a skydeck that offers a panaromic view of Melbourne city 88 levels above ground. It was super beautiful during the sunset (5pm) and I definitely high recommend you guys to go online to book your tickets before hand because you might be able to get good deals online!
We got our tickets in Singapore via Klook & opted for the skydeck + the edge experience!
However I would say that the additional The Edge experience wasn't really worth the money and I didnt like that they forced us to leave our personal cameras and phones outside. If we wanted photos of the experience we would have to buy it from them ... so... yeah :(

 Nevertheless the skydeck was amazing and i'd recommend at least 1h there to just chill & take some nice photos, especially of the sunset!

After that, we took a walk along Southbank, where you will be able to see lots of commercial buildings and the river that flows right through the city. 

It's super pretty and really really perfect for those who enjoy to just people watch. That entire stretch is also lined with bars and restaurants so if you're bored you can just grab a drink and enjoy the evening breeze ~

Our apartment was situated in Fitzroy so there were many picturesque places nearby (you bet I would book a pretty place with lots of nice photo spots hahaha)
One of them was the Melbourne Museum which we didn't enter, but had a really nice garden area with lots of almost bare trees.
I love how this dress blended so well into the fall background! Plus it has a high-low waterfall hemline that makes it elegant and girly. 
The material is also thick and good, so i'd say this is a staple piece for ma corporate ladies!

Day 2 - Melbourne City

Didn't want to check out of my gorgeous Airbnb and I won't lie, I saw the couch and it was THE ONLY factor that made me book it for the first 3 nights in Melbourne city.
The price wasnt the cheapest and I would say that the place has very bad heating systems (it was super cold in the morning & night) and all we had was one tiny heater that simply wasn't enough. For that reason, I wouldn't recommend the place hahah.
Dress: Addison Duo Ruffle Dress from Pixiedust Collections
Earrings: Taobao

One of the most instagrammable places in melbourne would be the Melbourne State Library
Yes, their national library is actually one of the most instagrammed spots.. how cool is that?
Entry is free for all and in there you'll be greeted with a view of perfectly stacked and lined up desks, windows and book shelves.

Auction Rooms Cafe , 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia
Auction Rooms is a spacious, hipster cafe located in North Melbourne.
Very pretty with lots of light for good photos, and they have the best Chai Latte that we tried the entire trip.
Ordered the Buttermilk Griddlecakes ($18) and the Breakfast Board ($20.50)
I would HIGLY recommend the Buttermilk Griddlecakes, super soft, fluffy, and the ingredients complimented each other so well.
Fresh strawberries, honey comb, cream on the side with chunks of rich brownies. MMHMM
The breakfast board however, was very disappointing. The portion was so so tiny, if i can finish one full thing on my own, it means an average man would be so hungry with this LOL.
Concept was great, presentation too. But I just thought it wasn't that fantastic taste-wise and with the price, I wished I tried something else on the menu. 

Queen Victoria Market
After lunch we headed to the Queen Victoria Market to pick up some last minute snacks for the road trip to Mornington the next day, and also to pick up a cuppa good Laneway Market Coffee
This is also, if not THE MOST instagram-ed coffee cup lol. Well, good coffee that looks good, why not?

Continuing the second part of the travelogue in another post! 
If you're confused about my outfits and why some dates seem to jump here and there, that is because I have a habit of keeping a few changes in the car so that I can dress according to the place I was visiting. #excessive I know.

For those that would be interested in having my itinerary, you can download it here.
It's not the prettiest, but i hope it helps!


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