MELBOURNE 7D6N ITINERARY - Brighton Bathing Boxes, St Kilda, Lorne

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Continuing days 3, 4 and 5 of my trip to Melbourne from my previous blog post.
If you haven't read that post yet, click here!

Also, you can now download my full itinerary in this link!
this is the same itinerary I created and went by the whole trip, so I apologize if the visuals aren't that great. I just needed a functional one so I did it briefly in excel.
Nevertheless I hope it benefits someone!

After brunch at Auction rooms (you can read my review in my prev post) , we proceeded to take a drive down to the iconic Brighton Bathing Beach Boxes. Yes, they have one in Melbourne too! And although IDK why it has the same name as the ones in Brighton beach, if you search "brighton bathing boxes melbourne" on Google Maps it will bring you exactly to these beautiful colorful bathing boxes.
Be sure to take lots of photos because they're so beautiful!
I also like that it's not as crowded as other spots, and i'd recommend going over to catch the sunset as it's super beautiful.
I'm wearing a dress from The Stage Walk , the Candelia Tetris Dress is weighty and double-lined, and it's super feminine with it reaching near the ankles.
If this terracotta color isn't your cup of tea, they have it in Navy too!

Earrings: Taobao
St Kilda 
If you're making your way to the bathing boxes, you might as well swing by St Kilda to catch this beautiful glimpse of heaven at sunset.
I didn't take much photos of us then because it was FREEZING cold and the scenery > selfies.

If you're lucky, you can catch hold of some penguins that live there as well!
DAY 3 - Mornington Peninsula
On the third day, Matt and I decided to head out to Mornington Peninsula, a town located an hour drive away from Melbourne City.
I heard a lot about fishing in Mornington, and as Matt is an avid fan of fishing, I thought I would include that in our plans. Sadly we didn't catch anything that day but we had lots of fun for sure!

If you're heading to Mornington, do stop by this burger restaurant, Thanks Albert Burger Company as they make sick burgers.
They were impossible to finish!
My outfit on the third day was also a piece from The Stage Walk, I wanted something that was super comfortable (because i was going to fish) and yet pretty enough for dinner/photographs after.

So this jumpsuit was really suitable! Madelyn Peplum Jumpsuit in Navy
I love how it fits me so well and the peplum detail gives the body a more hourglass illusion, making your waist smaller and legs longer. Who wouldn't want that? ahhaha
That was it for day 3! We literally spent around 5 hours "trying" to fish but to no avail HAHA. TOO NOOB I GUESS.
We then headed back to Melbourne to prepare for the start of our Great Ocean Road trip the day after!

Day 4 - Lorne
After 3 hours of being on the road, we reached Lorne, a town that I remembered vividly to be sincere, slow and chill. We had lots of fun the other time with my girlfriends in this town because there was simply nothing to do. 
And this cafe - The Bottle Of Milk serves one of the best breakfast burgers i've tried. If you happen to go on a GOR Road trip, don't forget to stop by Lorne to try this!
52 Mountjoy pde Lorne, Victoria, Australia. 0352892005

To be honest, we didn't need to stay for a night in Lorne as there wasnt much to see, but we wanted to take the trip slow and just enjoy quality time together and that's why we decided to.
Apart from solely visiting a cafe (LOL) , we went back to Teddy's Lookout and this is the famous scene of Lorne.

If you're heading there in fall/winter, do note that the temperature at the Teddy's Lookout can be a few degrees lower than when at Lorne town, so don't forget to pack more clothes in the car!

I hardly go for anything else but my usual blacks, whites, and greys.. but i'm so glad that The Stage Walk made me step out of my comfort zone this trip!

This beautiful dress is in a gorgeous dusty lilac color , an easy color to go for on days you want to look sweet and softer. This dress also comes in black!
Lorne Beach
So long, Lorne!!!

Stay tuned to the 3rd part of the itinerary - Port Campbell & Melbourne City again

Thank you for reading!


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  1. Hi Mong may i know what car you rented and you rented from which company in Mel?I'm going on April and i'm super exicted!