Thursday, September 28, 2017

I've got really dry and scaly limbs... and that is the result of negligence when it comes to the skin on my body.
I'm not proud to say, but I can get quite lazy when it comes to skincare that isn't meant for the face. But as a beauty junkie, and someone that is in contact with beauty every single day of her life, I know how detrimental it is to neglect the skin on our body!

So after years of wondering why so many body lotions in the market didn't make the "cut" , I've narrowed the reasons that usually make people stay away from applying body lotion, which results in dry, dull, flaky and undesirable skin 
1. Body Lotions are usually sticky
I think this was the biggest reason why I stayed away from body lotions because in our hot and humid weather where we perspire super easily, the last thing we want is for our body lotion to make up feel even more uncomfortable.

2. Body Lotions are usually heavy on the skin
I personally love it when products feel weightless on my skin. When I apply heavy and greasy products on my skin, I tend to feel uneasy and would have the urge to wipe them away asap. hahaha. Tell me i'm not alone!

3. They smell weird / too strong 
Scent is one thing that puts me off, if a product is too heavily scented or has too much of a chemical smell to it, I'd want to put it as far away from me as possible, much less SMELL LIKE IT.
So with these points in mind, I think i've safely found my favorite body lotions yet! 
The new NIVEA Oil-In Lotions not only tick all the checkboxes above, they are also very very effective at delivering moisture to the skin.

I've got a special link where you can redeem free samples below so SCROLL DOWN!

NIVEA has just launched their 1st oil-infused body lotion that is ultra-lightweight, and promises to deliver deep moisture with the oil-in technology for 24 hours.
Nourishing oils, Jojoba oil, and argan oil have all been carefully selected and blended into the new NIVEA signature caring lotions.
Comes in 2 variants, Cherry Blossom + Jojoba Oil , and Roe + Argan Oil.

I can't make up my mind which of the 2 I like better, but I can tell you that both are as effective & have more or less the same lightweight and non sticky nor greasy texture.
I'm sure we're all very familiar with the oils used in these lotions - Jojba Oil & Argan Oil have both been boasted to be one of the best and most commonly used oils for hydration, and as a treatment to dry skin. I'm so happy that NIVEA has finally created something with them as I've been using products containing these oils for many many years!

With just one use, my skin is instantly softer, smoother and more hydrated. 
I really love how effective it is at delivering moisture to my skin, and for those with really dry, itchy skin like I do, I highly recommend them to you as well!

They are super light in texture (as you can see from the swatches above), super fast absorbing and does not leave any sticky residue nor heavy feeling after.

If you're interested to try them out for yourselves.. redeem a FREE SAMPLE here!

Thank you as always, NIVEA, for being by my side and providing me with so many good products over the years! I love that you guys have kept up with the times & improved your formulas by leaps and bounds to cater to my every need x.


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