Mong Goes to Taipei, Part 3 : Jiufen 九份 & Shifen 十分老街

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Read my taipei travels part 1 and part 2.

On our last full day in Taiwan, we headed to Jiufen  九份  & Shifen 十分 because... they are in every single itinerary LOL. But I mean in all seriousness, if you haven't been to 九份  & Shifen 十分 before, you should visit them at least once!

There are a few ways you can get there, you can either rent a cab, which is the more costly, but less confusing and faster way, or you can take a train from Taipei Main Station to Ruifang, which was what we did because #brokeAFlyf.

The train ride lasted 50 mins and it was fairly comfortable with air-conditioning. The trains may get very crowded at some stops and you'll sometimes get wailing babies & annoying and loud chinese nationals that have zero sense of personal space... but for NT$79 you can't ask for too much hahaha.

When at ruifang, you need to try this beef noodles (!!!) 福哥牛肉麵 Fu Ge beef noodles, located a few steps away from the Ruifang train station. Their 牛肉麵 is really delicious with light but full-flavored beef broth that had been simmered for hours. 

Then, take a cab up to 九份老街  from Ruifang, it shouldn't take you too long & won't cost you much!

 Jiufen 九份

Wearing: Ruffle Off Shoulder Dress from Carrislabelle
 Jiufen Old Streets 九份老街 has lots and lots of food! And if I have to recommend any, it would be THIS. The Peanut Ice Cream Wrap that is somehow, iconic to Jiufen & Shifen only. I didn't see it in Taipei ? Hahaha
Bag: Charles and Keith
Shoes: Taobao
Watch: Michael Kors Access Smartwatch

Then, we took a train to Shifen 十分 , just a mere 15mins ride and here we are!
We basically did the usual touristy thing at Shifen and that was to 放天燈 with our wishes written on it.
 I wonder if these wishes will actually come true because thousands of tourists go there everyday to make wishes. Hahaha
Didn't check out the Shifen Waterfall because it was quite a way out of the railway station, but i've seen pictures of it and it's really pretty! If you've got time, you guys can consider the waterfall. 

So that was it for Jiufen 九份  & Shifen 十分老街 ! I'm a very chill traveller and all i do is eat so idk if you can take my itinerary for real LOL. 

Have a great evening, my friends <3 p="">


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