Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I wonder how many of you are still interested in my travel diaries hahaha especially when it has been way overdue. But I hope you guys are still sticking around!

Visited Taipei for the first time sometime early this month - this fact got so many of my friends going "omg you serious?? You've never been to taiwan before???" 

Yes. I haven't! But that is because I've always found the airtickets to taiwan a little more pricey and would always settle for somewhere cheaper like BKK instead. But I knew it was time for me to go because STREET FOOD because BUBBLE TEA because FRIED CHICKEN !!!
And of course, because it was my bestfriend, Sarah's birthday!
First day at Ximending, which was surprisingly really picturesque in the day. All the shops only come alive at night, so if you're looking for a mini-shibuya spot, XMD it is!
We spent this trip chilling (chill trips are my favorite trips to embark on :), so most of the time we were either eating, or having coffee at starbucks. Check out this really gorgeous 3 storey starbucks right in the middle of XMD.

Reminds me of an english library, eh?
Saw lots of students studying in there too and missed school. I used to be at starbucks all the time studying and hiding from the staff because they'd chase me away the moment they see me whip out my foolscap pad and my colorful pens >< hahaha
Matcha espresso still remains my fave starbucks drink till date :P
ximending, night market, taipei
Wearing full ensemble from Carrislabelle!
We then visited the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall and I saw my CSE lessons come to life. It's amazing how they didn't use to make sense at all to me in the past when I was studying for the subject, but now it feels so much more interesting?
Who else took CSE in school? hahahaha oh yes, CSE stands for "China Studies in English" and it is an A Levels subject if you're wondering hahahaha. 
chiang kai shek memorial hall, taipei, taiwan, review
Shades: Brighton, UK
Shoes: Taobao
I would definitely recommend paying the memorial hall a visit not only for its wide space lined with beautiful flowers and statues of the founding fathers of Taiwan, it also provides an in-depth, interactive peek into taiwan's history and how it was founded in the past.

After that, we headed for lunch at the famous Formosa Chang 鬍鬚張魯肉飯 Braised Pork Rice
formosa chang, braised pork rice, taiwan, eats, recommendation
formosa chang, braised pork rice, taiwan, eats, recommendation
To be honest, it wasn't at all thattttt great. Portions were surprisingly really really small and it came with very little minced meat, which i thought was the highlight of the dish? haha
Soup was great and veg was so-so as well. This is a very much branded franchise so it's a pity I didn't get to go to the famous stalls the locals would frequent. Next time maybe!

Formosa Chang Braised Pork Rice
No 533, Yongji Rd, Taipei

Like i mentioned, we basically did NOTHING but eat in taipei so i'm really sorry if I can't recommend any touristy things to you guys. HAHA! but if you're looking to go for a really amazing eating trip then you might wanna consider my itinerary la hahaha
paid a really cool old shanghai themed cafe, 吉印 a visit - which is really tough to search for on google. We were pleasantly wow-ed the moment we walked in, a dark, small area that brought us back in time to the old-shanghai period. Even the background music was from those days!
Some people (like my friends) might find it a little creepy because of all the times we watched horror films in that setting, but it was a really gorgeous place to chill at.
Every guests need to get a drink each (which was really expensive at an average of SGD7 per drink), but for the experience, I would say it's worth it.


Stay tuned for part 2!


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