Why I Chose Mbrace Clear Aligners Teeth Straightening

Friday, October 21, 2016

Smiling is an expression to show pleasure, delight, and amusement. It is an involuntary facial expression that is often said to show one's happiness. Smiling is also said to be a form of communication, surpassing the boundaries of language.

My friends used to ask me, which part of a person is the most attractive to you? I would more often than not, give the same answer everytime - That person's smile. 
A smile is really impactful, even in the most unexpected times. Whenever I'm down or feeling weary, a smile from a stranger or a grin from an Uber Driver uncle followed by a "have a good day!" can actually give me that extra boost of happiness to get by the rest of the day.

One of the best decisions of my life was to get my teeth straightened with Mbrace Clear Aligners, via Glittz Smile Dental Surgery by FDC last year. 
Now that more than 10 months have passed since my first appointment with the doctor, let us do a recap on my Mbrace Clear Aligners Journey
Read my previous blog posts on Mbrace and my consultations so far, here and here

Just to refresh our memories, this is the BEFORE photo of my teeth before I started the treatment, in late October 2015. 
As you can see, even though my smile from the outside was quite okay... the upper and lower jaw was overcrowded! This resulted in teeth growing behind one another, sticking out in different directions, a forced smile and an incorrect bite which later on resulted in Bruxism (the grinding of teeth) as well.

So after 10 months, so much has changed!
Lower Jaw (before on the left, after on the right)
Upper Jaw (before on the left, after on the right)

My doctor told me that my upper jaw is almost complete and is almost perfect now! Lower jaw has about 4 more months to go and I can't wait :)
You guys... I really cannot recommend Mbrace and the clinics under FDC Group enough! If you're looking to straighten your teeth, correct over/underbite problems, or if you are looking for a solution for a relapse of previous orthodontic treatments, Mbrace is the most suitable option!

Here's why:

#1 It is clear/invisible, so it's more visually appealing
With Mbrace on, you can hardly even tell that I'm actually adjusting my teeth!
On top of that, compared to Invisalign, which is another alternative clear aligner system, Mbrace does not require you to have "buttons" glued to your teeth at all. Those "buttons" can actually be quite unsightly and visible if they are placed at prominent places, like this:
credits: Nobraces

To be very honest, that kind of defeats the purpose of it looking "invisible" because it is actually quite visible on some people, depending on the teeth conditions.

#2 They are Removable
Being removable, you can easily brush the aligners properly, take them off and put them back when you're having a meal etc. Being able to do so actually helps alot with oral hygiene because you can actually clean your teeth thoroughly without wires in the way, unlike traditional metal braces.
I'm sure we all had that one friend who always had a piece of food stuck in between her braces after recess back in school LOL.

I also get the choice to remove my aligners when I'm out for a shoot or event, and put it back on after!

#3 Affordable , fast and effective
Mbrace is actually the most price-competitive clear aligners system in the market. Call up one of the FDC clinics and enquire about the prices and you will know, that compared to the other brands, Mbrace is not that far-off the traditional metal braces price.
On top of that, Mbrace provides a faster production turn-around lead time compared to other brands, which means that once a mould of your teeth is being taken, you'll receive your aligners in just 2 weeks. Other brands can take up to 1.5months (what I heard from my friends who did theirs)

I actually went to the clinic for the first time, consulted, and got my mould taken. Got to see my teeth's virtual simulation on the second visit, and received my aligners on the third visit. Everything is really systematic, fast and effective!

#4 Virtual Simulation
On my second visit, I was shown a video on how my teeth will slowly move and shift into its final position through a virtual simulation. So with that, you can also roughly know how long your treatment is going to take and how the final outcome will look like. Yay to more predictability! 
I'm super duper happy with my smile right now, really, the best decision ever!
Don't be shy, feel free to drop me an email to ask me more about my experience, else, you can hop over to youtube to watch this simple Q&A video I did on MBRACE!
For more information, visit FDC Group's website here.

Glittz Smile Dental Surgery by FDC is located at:
24 Peck Seah Street #01-01 Nehson Building
 Singapore 079314 
Phone: +65 6224 4286 / 6224 4246
Fax: 6222 4250

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  1. Hi Hi!

    Just wondering if the price of $5,000 is still available by mentioning your name?

    Also, Mbrace does not need "attachements" at all (Invisalign needs)?

    Is it purely wearing the Mbrace Clear Aligners throughout the period and nothing else?