My Journey To a Greater Smile with MBrace Clear Aligners

Thursday, November 05, 2015

This post contains graphic images of my mouth, just saying HAHA!

All of you might not know this, but I have pretty imperfect teeth. Although they look nice and perfect on the outside, you would be able to tell from my VLOGs that I've got a little crooked-ness going on whenever I speak.
The overcrowding worsened over the recent years, after 2 of my lower wisdom teeth started to grow. You will see why later.
 But basically, I was always on the lookout for teeth straightening services in the market simply because my set of teeth have been causing me problems with my speech, giving me ulcers and on top of that, I am hoping that correcting my bite would help relieve my bruxism condition, without it being too much of a hassle.

I was introduced to Family Dental Centre (FDC) because they are well-known for having many clinics all across the country as well as its huge range of services that are not only good, but also affordable.
Can you believe that there are gonna be 12 FDC outlets in Singapore by the end of 2015? 
Looking at how FDC is expanding and popping up all over Singapore, I knew I was going to be in safe hands. 

Based on my needs, I was recommended the MBrace Clear Aligners where I get to straighten my teeth faster, easier, with more comfort and of course, still get to look pretty in the midst because the aligners are clear!

I chose Glittz Smile Dental Surgery by FDC for my first consultation because it is located very conveniently at the heart of CBD, at Tanjong Pagar.
The first consultation was really fun and a light-hearted one. All the doctors, nurses and staffs were so fun and lively, you're bound to relax when you're there. I've been afraid of stepping into dental clinics since I was a kid (i'm sure i'm not the only one haha) , but they entertained and hosted me so well I almost forgot that it was actually waiting to visit a dentist. haha!
I met Dr. Aizat, who inspected my teeth and listened to all of the problem areas I wished to fix at the end of the MBrace treatment.
We then proceeded to do an X-ray to further analyse my teeth.
As you can see, my lower jaw is pretty crowded, which resulted in it being uneven.
On top of that, I've got a molar that very conveniently decided to grow sideways (-.- LOL) and of course, my 2 wisdom teeth that are growing to the side as well.

Here are some of the images I took before the consultation so that I can explain to you guys better.
I'm sorry it's a little unglamorous and might be a little gross to some, so please bear with me!
From this angle, you can see that my lower front row is pretty uneven, with a crooked Molar jutting out on the left side of my face. (your right)
The upper jaw also hides a very well-kept secret - I've got an extremely crooked molar that decided to show up BEHIND my set of teeth.
Now imagine how much discomfort this tooth have given me?
This has affected my speech, caused ulcers on my tongue and it is also very uncomfortable to have a tooth sitting on your tongue all the time.
These are my main concerns and I hope I gave you guys a clearer picture on what we are working on.
Once again, pardon me for the pictures that are unlike the usual ones you see on my blog, haha! 
The next step was to get an imprint of my teeth for the aligners to be made.
This process was so quick, fun and got me so excited to be finally starting on it.

Now I know you guys are all wondering, why and what are MBrace Clear Aligners?

  • MBrace is an alternative to traditional metal braces when it comes to teeth straightening
  • It is able to correct dental misalignment (teeth crowding or spacing) and provide cosmetic solutions (overjet or overbite)
  • Aligners are clear and hardly noticeable
  • Does not have white attachments or brackets, unlike other teeth straightening treatments (yay to less visibility!)
  • Removable easily when eating or brushing 

So why did I choose MBrace Clear Aligners?

  • It is a generally faster process
  • People can't tell that I'm straightening my teeth, unless you stare at it SUPER up close, so I can still carry on with my photo shoot and filming
  • No cuts or ulcers that come with traditional metal braces
  • Teeth can be whitened and straightened at the same time
  • Removable easily, so I can still chew on hard food
  • Teeth can be brushed easily and more thoroughly
  • With Virtual Simulation, I'm able to visualise my teeth final position so results are more predictable
So ready for a greater smile!
Now if you're thinking of fixing your teeth or if you have other dental enquiries, be sure to visit Family Dental Centre's website for a full list on what services they offer, and more on the different outlets they have.
Oh and for all SMU students, rejoice!!!  
Stay tuned as I update this space, as well as my Instagram on my personal experience with MBrace.
Now I can't wait to get my hands on the first set of aligners and get on the road to achieving a better smile.
For more information, visit Family Dental Centre's website here.

Glittz Smile Dental Surgery by FDC is located at:
24 Peck Seah Street #01-01 Nehson Building
 Singapore 079314 
Phone: +65 6224 4286 / 6224 4246
Fax: 6222 4250


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  1. Hello! May I know how much you paid for the aligners (including consultations etc)?

    1. Hello dear, sorry for the really late reply, I just saw this! The price depends on the individual as it might take longer for some compared to others. It would be the best to give them a call to enquire more! Hope this helps xx

  2. Hello will u do an updated review?