2016 New Years Resolution

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hello guys, it's been awhile.
Every year, I set my new years resolution for the next year and I'll share them with you in this space. While preparing for this post, I went through my past New Year Resolutions and noticed how... different I was. my writing style was different, everything was different.
Read 2015's and 2014's resolutions here and here.

I was able to write so freely, speak my mind and while it was a good thing to be able to care less about the extra responsibility that comes with the number of people reading this space.. I also noticed how much more I've grown over the span of one year. Proud to say that I've more or less kept to, and improved myself in terms of all 6 out of 7 resolutions i've set for myself last year.
I'm sure you guys can guess which is the last resolution that I totally failed at. LOL

One reason why I say 2015 was such a good year for me is because I felt the immense growth I went through this year. Looking back, I was still quarrelling and fighting over little things like wanting to club and wanting my way for certain things this time, last year.

In my 2015 New Year's Resolution last year, #7 was to "find myself" . I wrote about how I felt so lost and aimless, and how life was like a never ending road leading to my somewhat bleak future. If I somehow managed to survive and scrape through life, I envisioned it to be a boring, unhappy one. Simply put, (and now looking back at the old mong) I have seen the light and now want to focus on better things that are most important to me. 
Things like grades, internships, jobs, money aren't all that important because in the end, it wouldn't matter. There are lots of people having the highest paying jobs with the most prestigious titles in the world, but would still do things differently if they could turn back time when asked. Some would gladly trade money and status for a happy family, for love. 

The grass will always be greener on the other side. 
And some things can't be traded with opportunities or money. I want to do that makes me happy, and more importantly, for the people that love me, for the ones that raised me, and for the ones that have supported me through these 3 years. I want all of them to be proud of who I am and what i've achieved through my own hard work, and it shall not be defined by how much income i'm earning, or how much food i'm bringing to the table.

But by how much I've grown as a person, how happy and contented I am right now, and in the future.

While it is inevitable for us humans to compare with our peers, I have decided for myself to be more positive this year, to compare the least possible, and just be thankful for every single thing I have in my life.

I'm so blessed, I really am. I may not have been born to rich parents, I may not be the prettiest, have the most perfect life or the most friends in this world.. But I am blessed with loved ones, friends, boyfriend, the most supportive readers.. I'm blessed with YOU. I'm blessed so bountifully with God's love for me and for all the little things in life that are so priceless. I'm blessed with a job opportunity that sprung out from a simple hobby that turned into a passion and now a dream. I'm blessed with happiness, and I'm so overwhelmed and humbled that it just warms me inside whenever I think about it.

I wish I will never change and that things will always stay the same, me being able to pour my heart and thoughts out to you guys in this space, and even chatting over brunch just to get to know each other on a personal level just like I did last week. I'd gladly do something like that all over again, just to say hello, buy you guys a nice meal and just chat about life. 

So for 2016 , I am setting just 4 resolutions for myself to fulfil.

#1 Be more positive
Look forward and be thankful every single day. Always treat everything in life with kindness and patience. At least try to haha.

#2 Get to know my readers and followers on a more personal level
That to me, involves opening more about myself and injecting more personal posts like this on my platforms so that you guys can know more about me. I've been working on a secret project for a while now and it will finally come live in 2016, so I hope that through that you guys will be able to see and know a little bit more about me. Sincerely hope you guys will show some support for that project as it will mean more content if it is well-received!

I also want to get to know you guys on a more personal level. Buy you guys a little something whenever I can just to thank you all for the love and support. That's the thing about the internet, or rather social media. It is pretty much one sided for influencers like us, and i don't think that's fair.
You guys put in so much time and effort to keep up with my life, but I on the other hand, am just focused on updating you guys on the places I'm at, the food i'm eating ... I wanna know what are your favourite foods too. I too, want to communicate with you and have you guys as my friends.

So yes! Drop me an email, say hi on the streets, comment on my posts and I will be happy to chat!

#3 Keep to my workout regime (still)

Needless to say, I haven't kept to this resolution and in fact it has gotten a lot worse! I used to work out 3 times a week. It became once every week and now it's like once in 2 weeks. Goodness.
I'm not gonna have my hopes up for this one and you might just see this in my 2017 New Years Resolution again but I'm gonna put it in here to remind myself that I need to TRY to keep to it.

#4 Improve on the content on my social media platforms

I think receiving feedback from you guys would be crucial for this to happen, and for me to learn to share about things that you guys are interested to know. Do leave me with comments, emails and messages from time to time to request for specific posts okay? 
Sometimes it is difficult for us to keep racking our brains for new and interesting content. And while I know that I still haven't filmed by "what's in my bag" and my hair curling routine yet, I've been doing my very best to improve on my videos. Give me a little bit more time to familiarise myself with all this youtube thing and I promise, it'll get better and in no time I'll be able to produce decent videos without auto-focusing problems and weird ruffling noises from the fan anymore.

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet and leave it at 4 resolutions for myself to work towards this 2016.
I hope that this time next year, I'll be starting with a "hey guys, I'm proud to say that I kinda fulfilled my resolutions!". How nice would that be.

Cheers to a greater 2016 ahead!

Bountifully blessed Mong signing off, x

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