Tuesday, December 31, 2013


In the new year, I hope i'll be able to: 

1) PULL THE SHIT UP AND OUT OF MY GRADES (& not let people look down on me anymore)
2) Have more discipline to work out
3) Eat clean
4) Be a good girlfriend, friend and bestfriend 
5) Live my life as a good christian
6) Work harder for and as a model too!
7) Be more positive about life, especially when it comes to grades & family
8) Earn lots and lots of money
9) Stop injuring myself
10) Be a happier mong

Here are my top 10 New Year Resolutions that i've set for myself in the upcoming new year.
I wonder if anyone actually fulfills all of their NY Resolutions that they set for themselves? It's so difficult and i'm actually dreading for some of my resolutions too.
Namely 2, and 3


I know I MIGHHHHTTT fail them (?) i cant even last two days without any kind of dessert, three days without fries or a week without fried food!
But i'm gonna try my very best ok! 
If you see me instagram unhealthy food, please just comment on it and remind me that i've made this resolution to be healthy...

On a sidenote, what are you guys doing on NYE/New years' day?
Matt and I cant think of anything to do since we were supposed to have a new year's party but it got called off last min :(

Am i getting too old for all that celebration and partying stuff? hahaha! All I can think about are how the streets are gonna be FILLED with sweaty people brushing their sweat off you. 
Or having to queue for HOURS for food everywhere, even the shittiest restaurants/cafes.
Let me know if you guys can suggest we do something ASAP!

Happy new year folks, and thank you for being a huge part of 2013.
May we all grow closer and may you all stay with me throughout 2014 and hopefully till we are all grey and old! 


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