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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Red, floral, gentle, soft .. what does it scream? 
While i've never had a chance to see real Cherry Blossoms on display before, taking a trip down to Japan during their top peak season to catch their iconic Cherry Blossoms is definitely one of the top of my bucket list for the next few years to come.

But for now, smelling like cherry blossom ain't such a bad idea. I shall make do. But i'm not complaining because this gorgeously packaged gift set from Bath and Body Works helped curb my wanderlust a little.

They sent me the sweetest christmas card along with a box of their best-selling Cherry Blossom Gift set that consists of everything you need for a basic pampering night-in.
Shower Gel, Body Mist and Lotion. Check!
Bath and Body Works is America's #1 fragrance brand, with over 20 unique fragrance blends that you can try it out for yourself in over 1600 stores in U.S and over 100 other stores internationally. 
We've even got our very own Bath and Body Works located at Takashimaya and Marina Bay Sands!

 I promise, you won't be disappointed. All of them smell soooo good you just want to throw everything into your shopping basket LOL.
This christmas, Bath and Body Works have decided to bring back their much-loved HOLIDAY TRADITIONS collection as well, so don't miss it if you're a fan and head on down to your nearest BBW store to have a whiff at it, hehe!

Gift sets are priced at SSGD25 and up and they are all beautifully packed to ensure you don't scurry last minute to get it to look like a presentable gift. Cheers to more fuss-free and time-friendly gifts like this!
And the best part, everyone has to shower, everyone should moisturise and everyone wants to smell nice.. right? This makes gift sets from BBW a super versatile gift because you can buy it for your mom, friend, girlfriend, best friend, boyfriend, colleagues and more!
Remember, head down to your nearest Bath and Body Works store to test out the shower gels, hand creams etc. Take big whiffs of their gorgeous fragrances and you won't regret it!

Bath and Body Works is located at:
#B1-10/11 Takashimaya
#B2-42 Marina Bay Sands

Have a wonderful christmas everyone, God Bless !


This post is brought to you by Bath and Body Works Singapore. Photography by Matthias Lim.

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