Monday, December 21, 2015

When it comes to gift giving, I am often at a loss because... guys are such simple creatures. Most guys I mean.
They only need one or two of everything. The same color, same style and they don't need much unlike us girls - we have a gazillion red lipsticks and claim that they are ALL DIFFERENT. HAHA
I'm guilty as charged.

Now here's a top 10 gift guide I created for the important guys/men in your life.
  1. Axtro Sport Striiv Fusion Lite ($99) 
  2. Under Armour UA Tech ($31-35) 
  3. Ties from The Tie Bar - (approx $30+ each) 
  4. Man Crates , Personalised Whiskey Crate (USD $99.99) 
  5. Cookie Monster Coffee Mug - $36 
  6. Arbutus Skeleton Mechanical Watch 
  7. Plantronics Backbeat G0 2 - $199 
  8. Lab Series Skincare for Men- Multi Action Face Wash 
  9. Herschel Supply Co Backpack - $69 - $169 
  10. Z Zegna Perfume, Aftershave, Bodywash & Shampoo Set  
All About Fitness
I included quite a few items under this category because I personally feel that you can't go wrong with these gifts. Even if the guy you're buying gifts for doesn't usually spend his time exercising, getting him some fitness gear will most probably encourage him to.
So yes, to me, these are the safest presents to give to a guy!

The #2 Under Armour UA Tech ($31-35) is not only an affordable gift, it is also super practical. These shirts are perfect for the gym, runs, yoga, and they even look good on without working out. With so many colors to choose from, you are all set to keep the guy and his wardrobe happy!

For those that love to run or work out alongside music, this is a gift that they will definitely appreciate because we all know how annoying it is to be fiddling and messing around with those wires especially when you're working out. You want nothing in your way. 
Go wireless with amazing music quality with the Plantronics Backbeat G0 2

The Life and Wellness
 #1 Axtro Sport Striiv Fusion Lite ($99) is a smart device that tracks your steps and sleep patterns and promotes overall wellness. Not only is it affordable, the outlook of the Striiv Fushion Lite from Axtrosport is also chic and sporty at the same time. Other features include Call Alerts, Compatibility with iOS and Android, Touch Screen Function and Swappable bands for the fashionable ones.
If you're intending to purchase a Axtrosport Striiv Fushion Lite, you can get it at only $85 with the code "Mongabong" Valid till 31 Dec 15. 

This is another interesting one I chanced upon on Etsy, #5 Cookie Monster Coffee Mug - $36 is too cute to be true! I would imagine myself to be super happy to receive a cute gift like that, especially when you're someone that enjoys having your drinks with cookies/biscuits. Yum Yum!

The Whisky Connoisseur 
These crates are really cool and are made specially for the manly men, and hence the name ManCrates, I'm guessing. I chose the Personalised Whiskey Crate to feature because Matt is a whiskey lover himself and this would make such a good present for guys like him.
A crate contains 2 personalized, heavy bottom rocks glasses (9 oz.) , 2 Tovolo ice sphere molds,  2 slate coasters,  33 drams whiskey drinking journal , Squirrel Brand spiced peppercorn peanuts, Salted pistachios, Sahale Snacks cranberry pecans and more. Everything you need to enjoy your whiskey nights to the fullest!
I'm sure they will enjoy unboxing it in the most manly way they can, even if it means using a laser-edged crowbar to reach the insides:>

The Metro Guy / The Fashionista
These guys are probably the easiest to shop for because they don't mind having more of something in different colors and designs, and also we girls have better knowledge about fashionable items than the others (yes girls? hehe. I would like to think so at least) 

Skincare for men have evolved tremendously over the past few years, with brands like The Lab Series specialising in skincare catered for men's skins. Gone were the days where stereotypes existed that using skincare products were gay. You can now look good and have good skin in style!

If your guy is a watch lover, get him a #6 Arbutus Skeleton Mechanical Watch and i'm sure it will blow his mind when he sees the intricate skeleton details. I could stare at it work for hours and hours. There are only so many accessories a guy can have, so personally I feel that watches are very important and they can make or break a men's outfit. 
Cart out with "MONGCHIN20" for 20% off your purchase till the end of Jan 2016.

Sometimes, the simplest, most practical gifts are the most well-received. How about giving him a bag for school? That way he will get reminded of you every time he heads to school/work. Hahaha! #9 Herschel Supply Co  carries a ton of fashionable and sturdy backpacks that can sure satisfy this need. Otherwise, a good ol' #10 Z Zegna Perfume, Aftershave, Bodywash & Shampoo Set can do the trick too! Afterall, everyone wants to smell good right?

Hope you guys enjoyed this series of gift guides!
Stay tuned for lots of giveaways happening on the blog as well as on my instagram because it is the season of giving!!

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