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Friday, December 18, 2015

Ever dreamt of having a million selfies taken with different backdrops in different costumes?
One moment you can have all your friends dressed up according to the star wars theme, another moment, you can have everyone dressed in cute animal onesies?

Just recently, Matt and I got introduced to iSnap, the first selfie place in Singapore that offers friends and families the quality of studio shot photos, without the photographer and hence more privacy and MORE FUN!

We were greeted by more than 500 different costumes. They have adult and kids costumes, from korean hanboks to an iron man suit. They even have headpieces and props like electronic light sabres from Star Wars
The concept of iSnap is very simple - simply choose a room and the different backdrops, pick your costumes and shoot away! 
The minimum booking period is an hour, but the best part is that within the hour, you can change into as many costumes as you like, and get to keep ALL DIGITAL COPIES of the photos.
Just remember to bring a thumb drive and you'll be able to share the copies of photos to all your friends very easily.

There are 6 rooms, 24 backdrops to choose from, so you can only imagine the endless possibilities and characters you can play in each room. Not forgetting all the fun and stomachaches just by laughing at each other in the funny costumes the moment they step out from changing hahah!

iSnap uses high quality equipment and all the photos turned out really vibrant, clear and great. 
One monitor allows you to look at yourself which allows you to position yourself before snapping, while the other monitor shows you the photo that had previously been snapped.
All studio lights, camera and remotes are included as well so you guys gotta click onto the remote to trigger the shutter and have fun snapping unlimited photos!
We checked out 5 rooms in total, and tried out some of the interesting backdrops.
The first was the Aries Room where we sat on the gorgeous grass backdrop with a hanging swing in our most natural state. 
Then.. we picked out matching dinosaur onesies and had so much fun with it!
Being given the privacy of just snapping the photos yourself makes things so much more fun and natural. I wouldn't be as candid as I was if we had a photographer taking our photos, so I guess that is the beauty of this service!

More funny costumes.. this time we chose to go with Mario 

It was time for the change of backdrop, and we chose a castle backdrop because we found really nice king&queen costumes. Haha!
The king that assassinated his queen
Just kidding, I won the sword over hehe.

Next, we checked out Leo
I love how the backdrops are so real and natural. You just gotta be spontaneous and go crazy with all the props and photos. Just spam only!

Here's one with matt giving me a bundle of balloons, he looked so cute with the Japanese schoolboy uniform and red geeky specs!
This room also has a Frozen backdrop. The kids from the younger generation would love this!
Don't judge me.. I squeezed into a kids-sized Elsa costume because I am also THAT Frozen crazy. LOL

With my prince that doesn't look too impressed
He's... protecting me from something? HAHA

We had so much fun in the other rooms as well, trying out so many costumes. Try not to judge our weirdness, we got a little too carried away that day... You guys would be too if you visit iSnap ok!

Aquarius room , where we chose to be animals again hehe

Capricorn Room that has the cute hello kitty backdrop!
To match that we went with the Hanbok, traditional korean costume. I thought the blue complimented the pink room really well.

Also in the same room, we chose another balloon, cloud backdrop and decided to go with 2 super heroes, Superman and Batman.
A bit off but… we’re too excited about the new star wars movie evidently.
Or more like I was forced to play with the light sabre because Matt becomes such a kid when he holds one. Hahah

Last but not least, we visited the Virgo Room and had the company of a huge teddy bear!

Overall, I think iSnap is a good place for a group of friends and family and they also offer their premises for corporate and private events. Such a concept will definitely keep everyone busy and entertained, no more awkward parties!

iSnap is conveniently located at:
239A Victoria Street, Singapore 188029
Above Bee Cheng Hiang on the second floor
Tel: +65 67347848

Visit their website and facebook for more promotional offers and information!


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