Wednesday, November 04, 2015

It's finally out! Many of you already know that I suffer from eczema from young and at times, I feel discouraged when I stare at myself in the mirror because of my condition. This skin disease has spread to my scalp, face, hands, neck, limbs.. 
But thankfully, these white patches are not as visible to the eye, unlike Psoriasis patients. 

For those that are unfamiliar with Psoriasis, it is a long-lasting skin condition that is characterised by abnormal patches of skin, most commonly, red in colour.
I'm not going to scare you guys with images of the condition but, one can only imagine how much weird and condemning stares these psoriasis victims get.
Even with my eczema, I feel so conscious. 

Many times my scalp starts to flake because of the eczema I have on my scalp, and I would be so conscious because I don't want people to think that those are caused by bad personal hygiene. Those are not dandruff you see, but results of the eczema that has spread all over my scalp.
Thankfully, eczema is not too obvious to the eye and especially so from a far distance. 
You won't be able to tell that I have this skin condition unless you see me in person, up close. But despite this, my self-esteem has become so low.
Now, put yourself into the shoes of these Psoriasis patients, with their bright red scaly skin patches screaming out at everyone... It's unimaginable what they have to live with and all those scary, depressing thoughts that have gone through their minds.

After speaking to a few of them, I'm so proud to see how far they have come. 
Embracing their bodies, and helping fellow patients out, as well as being an inspiration to us all, myself included.

I agreed to do this despite the long hours of filming and of course, putting myself out there to be exposed to criticisms about my singing because this is definitely something I feel so much for.
My family has a history of skin diseases and Psoriasis is one of them. My grandma had it, my cousins too. My sister, aunts, mom and I have eczema as well.. so it is a cause that is really close to my heart.
Psoriasis is not contagious and I know how having a skin condition damages one's self confidence, so together with Alif, Yina, Ben , Pei Shi, Randy and the cutest Dr Jia Jia - we decided that we should do a little something for them. 

Psoriasis is not contagious.

 Instead of looking at them with a different eye, let's be more understanding and treat them better.

This song talks about how we as a country can come together to be more compassionate towards Psoriasis patients, and also to raise awareness about this condition.
It was my first time singing in front of a huge audience and also, my first Music Video I starred in. It is my honor to be part of this beautiful cause, so let's do our part and spread the message.

Psoriasis is not contagious!

Catch the#Sing4Psoriasis video here
Pardon the singing if it's amateur, it's my first time and I was having a sore throat! 😂


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