Birthday High Tea at Clifford Pier

Sunday, November 01, 2015

I know my birthday was a good few weeks ago, but I have decided to split the birthday posts into 3 separate parts - the surprise, birthday vlog and then lastly the birthday post while I update you guys what went on the actual day.

If you've watched my VLOG , you would know that we didn't really do much on the actual day except to eat and eat :P
I mentioned to Matt a few months ago when we were at Clifford Pier one day that I wanted to try their weekend brunch since it was always full-house. The ambience was also incredible. I didn't expect him to remember what I said months ago (even I forgot that I said it myself) and made a booking for myself and my best friend Sarah.

We were seated at 3:13PM for the 3:30PM seating and waited intently for our food to come.
At $45++ per pax, it wasn't cheap
Food was free flow, consisted mainly singaporean delights like Kueh Pie Ti, Kung Ba Pao, Popiah, Bakkwa Toast, etc
But the range also included some macarons, scones, and cakes at the lower tier.
Drinks were your usual, coffee, tea (the english kind hahaha more atas) , teh tarik, bandung etc. 
This Kung Ba Pao was the best i've tasted. I went for 3 rounds!
Singapore Heritage High Tea
The Clifford Pier
Fullerton Bay Hotel
+65 6597 5266

Price: $45++
Nearest MRT: Raffles MRT & Downtown
Thank you Matt and Bay for being my pillars of support all these years.
It's really heartening to see how my bestfriend and boyfriend are able to click so well, albeit it gets kinda irritating when they both gang up to bully me >< 


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