The Prelude ; Z Wedding & Le Grand Wedding Showcase

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Prelude ; Z Wedding & Le Grand Boutique and Bridal 's Bi-annual runway show
The bridal runway show is back! And this year I was very privileged to be given 2 front row tickets (for matt & i) and it was a feast for our eyes.

We were greeted with white fresh flowers lining the hallway, the chapel and guests were all presented a gorgeous bouquet of beautiful baby's breath. I thought that was really really thoughtful of Hello Flowers SG the official flower sponsors for the event.
There's always so much fun with a hall full of beautiful brides-to-be and their partners. Oh and bloggers too! 
The people at Thank You For Coming were also super fun and spontaneous, they made matt kiss me for the shot! Hahaha! I was really shy evidently to have him kiss me in front of the camera before all that were queuing to get their shots taken.. but the shot came out really candid and I'm thankful for it.

The emcee for the day was none other than my fellow good friend-cum-blogger-cum-bride-to-be, Sher! Tell me, doesn't she just look so stunning in this dress by Z Wedding?
The show was amazing and I must say she's a lady with a ton of talent. With beauty and brains, her groom to be is definitely a blessed man ;) Heheheheh but seriously please, she did such a great job I felt so proud of her off stage as a friend!

Soon, the models started walking on the runway and all eyes were fixated on the different gowns designed by their in-house designers.
There were sooooo many gowns in so many different gorgeous designs, you can only imagine how a bride would be thoroughly spoilt for choice whenever she visited Z Wedding or Le Grand Bridal Boutique. 
I honestly haven't seen such a huge range of wedding dresses in my life and as usual, they were all breathtakingly beautiful.
More about Z Wedding and Le Grand Boutique:

Established in 2007, Le Grand Wedding aims to expand the boundaries of bridal gown designs in Singpaore by drawing inspirations from international arenas and the ongoing trends. Through the years, Le Grand Wedding has developed into a boutique house that focuses on luxury couture, bringing to the table meticulously-tailored, bespoke pieces. 
Using superior fine quality fabrics and materials, each piece is made to achieve a luxurious finish of the finest quality.

Z Wedding was established in 2003, and has now expanded into an impressive clientele of married and soon-to-be married couples. Having worked with various renowned media partners and local celebrities, Z Wedding is a brand we are all pretty familiar with at the thought of bridal gowns. 
With a wide range of bridal and evening gowns, Z Wedding stands at the cutting edge and is able to provide every lady and every bride with the dress they are looking for. Be it for your own wedding, or if you're attending someone else's wedding, or simply an evening gala dinner, you will be able to find something suitable from their incredible collection of dresses.
Of course, all these wouldn't be possible without a dedicated team of in-house designers who are constantly on the lookout of the latest trends of the season.

If you're not a fan of the usual white or cream coloured gowns, you can definitely check out the different colours curated.
Midnight blue 
Sweet Princess Pink
Clients can expect a full range of services including rental, photography by the renown Chris Ling International Photographers as well as styling, fitting and of course, professional advice from all the veterans in the industry.
Very seldom would we find places that offer everything in-house like Z Wedding and Le Grand Boutique does! That definitely saves you guys a lot of time, money and effort in liaising with many different vendors because you now have a one-stop shop that has everything you need!

I really liked a lot of pieces that day.. picking a favourite would be tough because they were all so pretty!
Just look at this unique piece with gorgeous sheer "pockets" at the side, I thought this brought a twist to the entire look because it looks a lot more dainty that way!
Thank you Z Wedding and Le Grand Boutique for the wonderful show, I had such a good time! Now you're making me nervous for my wedding in the future (I wish!)
Not so soon okay please don't start congratulating me already :/

Visit Z Wedding at:
93 Tanjong Pagar Road
 Singapore 088514

Visit Le Grand Boutique at:
79 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088500

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