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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Over one weekend, we decided to check out Curious Palette, a newly opened cafe near school opened by the same souls behind Strangers Reunion. The new cafe took over the space where Playnation used to be, along Prinsep Street. Convenience, checked.
Although I've only tried Strangers Reu once many years ago, I remembered it being bringing me a really comfy, cosy experience.
So we had pretty high hopes for this new venture! 

We were asked to wait for around 30 mins and was put on a waiting list for a table to be available. But thankfully, there was a little area outside that was pretty enough for us to camwhore while waiting (lol)
Meet my beautiful bestfriend, whom I call "bay" HAHA
And my loving boyfriend that didn't mind tagging along 2 super chatty and crazy girls and being our photographer on-demand. 
After around 25 mins, it was our turn and we got a table! The cafe was PACKED and i'm sure it's gonna be crazier over the weekends now with the power of social media LOL
Everyone wants to know where they can get their hands on the super duper photogienic - instagram-worthy-Berry-ricotta-pancakes.. NO?
#gotcha !
I thought some items on the menu were named pretty... interestingly... hmmmmm HAHA
(referring to the picture above ><)
The standard drill when we visit a cafe we've never been to before: check out what other people have on Instagram!
That was Matt's job that day because I was too busy taking photos of the place. It was gorgeous.
We only had 3 mouths that day so we couldnt order too much. But prices aren't cheap at all, just a heads up!
Iced Latte ($6.50) , Truffle Fries ($12.90)
I just wanna say that... the truffle fries was pretty decent. It came with a generous amount of parmesan cheese, and some truffle flakes over it but somehow the truffle taste wasn't thattt strong? 
Truffle mayo was served alongside it but i'm not a fan of having my truffle fix from my Mayonnaise, just losing that little oomph, but I would still recommend it as a side if you're a truffle fries lover like we are.

Matt ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich ($22.50) which definitely looked better than it tasted.
I dont really know what was this dish about. It was so sweet!
Ahhh reminiscing the pulled pork sandwich I had in Edinburgh last year, that was simply the best. Does anyone know where else you can get good pulled pork sandwich in Singapore?

Sarah and I got ourselves a Salmon Benedict ($18.90) 
I particularly liked the homemade spread made for the fluffly slices the smoked slamon pieces were sitting on. While this is a super safe dish, I thought the portion was pretty reasonable and the poached egg was made to perfection.
Oh and this dish was so colorful and there were a lot of smoked salmon slices too!
Definitely a plus considering its also one of the cheapest mains on the menu, I told you, it's pretty pricey! :(

Now time for the star - Berry Ricotta Pancakes ($18.90) 
After looking at this.. I really gotta take my hats off to the chefs that thought of assembling this beautiful garden together. It is colorful, sprinkled with beautiful blooms (yes, they are edible), a combination of nuts, and strawberries! 
I won't lie, i let out a little loser-ish, girly squeal when I saw the sprinkles and got chided for being so childish and being a "mong" again by the other 2 LOL.
If you're wondering, yes. you can have this as a main if you'd like, it's definitely big enough a portion. But if I were you, I wouldn't - considering how gelat I got after my 4th or 5th mouth that is.
I would say the pancake itself had a slight bitter taste to it, and it only tasted good with syrup, fruits and ice cream altogether in one mouthful.
Nevertheless, the ricotta pancakes were fluffy, shiok and I would love to turn into a strawberry so that i can sleep on it. 
Okay, going crazy again . HAHA

I'm sorry guys, I had 3 cups of coffee today :X 
The bill came up to over $30 per pax which was in my eyes, very pricey. Definitely a place I would only limit myself to visiting every once a month the most. 
The cafe itself was also really crowded and noisy, definitely not a good place to go if you're looking to relax and chillout.

Overall, the food is pretty good and definitely VERY instagram worthy. The cafe itself is gorgeous, and coffee is good too.
Lots of nice camwhore spots and the cafe is also very brightly lit (if youre going in the day) for good and clear food photos/flatlays.

Curious Palette is located at:
64 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188667

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