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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happiness is a gift

Christmas is one of the happiest and joyous of occasions and it's definitely one of my favourite special festivals because the entire world would be lighted up in beautiful lights, gathering around and singing Christmas songs.
Christmas is also the season of giving. I don't know about you, but I LOVE giving gifts because the idea of making someone happy with a gift you thoughtfully picked out for them is just so... heartwarming. Nothing better than the fact that you brought a little happiness into their hearts, even if it's just for a little while.
The best part? There will be LOTS of gifts exchanged and the entire mood of the rooms would be so enjoyable and exciting.

Happiness is an important value deeply embedded in Lancôme's motto and this Christmas, join Lancôme and I as we share the joy around!

Just last week, Lancôme invited me down to La Maison Lancôme @ Capitol for their Youth Activating Facial Treatment.

"Lancôme actually offers facial services?"
YES! I didn't know that prior to this campaign either, but when I tried it for myself, let me tell you guys.. it was AMAZING. 

The staffs at La Maison Lancôme were sooo nice and thoughtful - I headed down after my eyelash extension and brows enliven session and had so many requests because my brows and eyes couldn't come in contact with water at that time, but they were SO patient with me and so gentle during the session I literally fell asleep.

The room is also so conducive for customers to relax. Lancôme's facial services are prestigious, exclusive and if you decide to give it a try this season (I'd highly recommend it), you're definitely in for a treat.
The room was spacious, big enough for just 1 client at a time. No claustrophobic feeling at all, and as the soothing music started playing in the background, the lights started to dim and it soon turned into this beautiful shade of blue.
It was from this point that I totally knocked out and told myself that I needed very badly to relax and let the therapist do her thing.
And she performed magic on me haha! 
The Youth Activating Facial Treatment is very different from the other facials I've done out there. They placed a lot of emphasis on relaxation, relaxing your muscles, relaxing your mind.. rejuvenating your skin and cells from within.
There were a ton of massages and boy it was heavenly ~ I love massages, especially when they take care of not only your face and neck, but also your arms and legs as well.
The therapist used all the best selling Lancôme products on my skin that day throughout the 90mins session. And before I knew it, I was awoken gently and I was feeling so fresh, both inside and out.
I stepped out of the little dream place unwillingly, and whipped out my camera to snap this photo.
Trust me when I say I zoomed it in all the way and was so amazed by how bright and supple my skin looked! Like I said, I just did my brows and lashes, so even though it looks as if I've got make up on.. I don't!

(For all prices and goodies redeemable, read on as I share more at the end of the post)

The pampering didn't stop there..
I was made to sit down with a hot nice pot of tea while their talented sales assistant helped me with a makeover!
For the sexy redcarpet-festive-christmas-look below, she used Lancôme's new addition this season, the La Palette 29, Faubourg Saint Honoré, Limited Edition Smoky Eyes and Ombré Lips Palette on me.
6 highly pigmented eyeshadow, ranging from neutrals to shimmers and darker plum shades that are such huge hits this year.
The palette also comes with a beautiful double-ended eyeshadow + lip brush, with 3 lip shades stored nicely under a metallic silver flap.
I love how the lady gave me such a subtle smoky eye! 
As you can see, the shadows blend so seamlessly with each other.
Paired with a sexy cat eye and bright red sexy lips, this is a look I never thought I was comfortable with because I've always wanted to hide behind my "asian-cat-almond-shaped eyes" . But the lady assured me that I should be proud of what I have and accentuate it, use it to my advantage!
I'm thankful that she did, because I can definitely see myself rocking this look for Christmas now!
Apart from this La Palette 29, Faubourg Saint Honoré palette and Youth Activating Facial, Lancôme has also rolled out a ton of new festive products like the 4-pieces Early Bird Set (below)
This set contains all the best sellers of Lancôme, all in one gorgeous iconic red bag that makes it a perfect gift for Christmas!
For more Happy Holidays information, visit  Lancôme's site here.

Youth Activating Facial Treatment is only going for $120/pax (which is pretty worth it in my opinion because it's so luxurious) AND you can use the $120 to fully redeem for Lancôme's products or a Holiday Makeover at Paragon Atrium from 29 Oct to 4 Nov for $120/pax or $180 for 2 pax.
That's a super good deal, come on!!

Sign up here if you're interested to try the Youth Activating Facial Treatment / Makeover

Have a joyous early Christmas my lovely readers, xx

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