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Friday, October 16, 2015

SET #1

Kose White BB Cream
NYX Powdered Blush in Mocha
K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

SET #2

Benefit's Feelin' Dandy set that consists of:
- Posie Tint
- High Beam
- Dandelion Blush
- Dandelion Lip Gloss

SET #3
Revlon Lipstick in Wild Orchid
Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder in No.1 Light

This is to tell you guys that I am deeply humbled for all of you, yes each and everyone of you.
I want to do something for you guys and although I don't have much to offer, I hope you guys appreciate these little goodies I got. Some of them I got quite long ago, when I first hit 30,000 followers on Instagram and I thought of doing a giveaway, so they might have changed the packaging since then, like the UD pressed powder, But don't worry, all of them are brand new!

It is my birthday tomorrow and instead of receiving, I am happy to be giving and sharing all the love and support I have received over all these years.
You guys are the greatest birthday gift I can ever have and I love you all!

Unfortunately as I'm buying these gifts for you guys out of my own pocket, I'm unable to offer the best, and any more than 3 sets. But I can give a million virtual hugs and kisses though! Hahaha

 Here's how to win it if you'd like to participate in this giveaway!

#1 You need to first be a reader / follower on Instagram or Dayre
#2 This giveaway is open to all international readers as well, you guys have loved me too so it would be unfair if I only allowed my Singaporean readers to win it
#3 Answer in the comments below:
- What is your favourite post/topic/video I wrote about and why?
-  Any interesting personal encounters you've had with me that you wanna share! 
- Any feedback you have for Mongabong to improve, new things you wanna see etc

#4 Leave me your email address together with your answer below and indicate the Set # you wish to win!

I will choose 1 winner each from my blog, instagram and dayre, goodluck!

Contest ends on 19th October and I will contact you via email if you're the chosen one.

Love you all loads, Happy TGIF and God Bless!

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  1. My favourite topic is fashion. I love your fashion sense and I always get inspired by you.
    Hope to win set #2

  2. Hi MongChin!!! Yes, I'm always your first reader!! I constantly re-read your blog posts even if i have read it many times, I also re-watched your videos (Vlog) too.
    My favorite post that you wrote about is you shared some products that you have tried before or still using it. Especially Make up products. Because sometimes when choosing a makeup product, I dont know what to look out for, or which is good. If you highly recommend one product, I believe that, that product must be good and i will definitely purchase it and try it out myself. :)
    I do not have any interesting personal encounters with you. Just hope I will bump into you on street and say Hi!
    My Email is Set#3!! HEHE

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  4. Hello mong, firstly i wanna say happy birthday to you. may happy things happen to you in this year and hope you will be a famous blogger in the world. God bless you.
    My name is Vitta I'm from Indonesia. Let me tell you a little bit story, I didn't remember when exactly i followed you in instagram, but that time your post showed in my explore then i felt your photos is amazing so i decided to follow. I also followed you in Snapchat and Dayre to keep update about your daily activity. I think you always update about your daily activity in snapchat so evei often see my snapchat to see your video.
    My favourite video is Korean Inspired make up because your face is beautiful in that video, good quality of video so I can see clearly how do you do your make up which I very like it. I also always read your blog and your dayre even dayre rarely update but i think your post give me such an inspiration especially for make up. I bought my first foundation, Nars foundation bcs you highly recommended it. Now my biggest inspiration is you, and i will keep updating fro your post. but my suggestion, please make a video twice or three time a month bcs i more likely to see u speak rather than only see the photo and don't forget to use good camera so it will become clear to see.

    I hope to get set#2! Thank you very much!
    My email :

  5. Hi Mong! :)

    First and foremost, Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope You will have a good one. Keep on lighting the fire, girl! 😘

    I'm a fan of yours from the Philippines but currently based for work in Malaysia. I just would like to say that you're the best blogger im following right now. Sounds a joke right? But seriously, you are. Let me tell you a short story how I got to know you. A story of a Filipino fan to a Singaporean blogger. Well, before Im just a youtuber? I dont know if the word is right haha. Basically, the one who likes to watch youtube lol. Just recently, Im into korean stuff tho I don't have fair skin like them. You're now having a hint right? Haha yea, i crossed your youtube videos because of "Korean Inspired Make Up" and "Dewy Skin Tutorial" (and they are the one of my favorite vlog of yours) So honestly, Im not like your other followers who watched over you for 2-3yrs. Im just a newbie. Haha back to the story, then I watched all of your youtube videos (it's just too few that I wish for more because I was like addicted to your voice already 😍) Right after I watch the videos, I subscribed to your channel, even follow you in instagram. That's not all, because you're really a trend, I even On notifications on your youtube channel and instagram so I will be updated. Like i am waiting for a notification to pop up on my phone states that "mongabong just posted a photo or posted a video or etc" every single day! It's real!! πŸ˜‹ but of course, instagram and youtube wont stop me from checking your daily life, I started to read a blog, and yes you are the first blog I've read. (And your fashion/styling thingy was the best, and of course about foooods 🐷) In the Philippines, I used to know that there are a lot famous bloggers, but I think of them of just tumblr bloggers and so. After meeting you in the cyber world, I understand that bloggers is not just bloggers, you shared your life in a small space of the internet world for your supporters to see the real you. With an A++ effort. Woa, Mong! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘You really inspired me a lot! All my "first" interaction into fashion, beauty and travel was really an inspiration from you. Im starting to learn these things because of you. Keep up the good work! Keep on inspiring people. I could say you are a perfect combination of beauty and brain. I hope I can see you in person because your smile makes my everyday, for real! Oh and by the way, you and your boyfriend also are the best😍 stay in love.

    So this comment section is too long already, haha i was like "later mong will be bored already?!😭" so enough of this I just want to say Im always be your number one fan and will always be your friend πŸ˜‹

    PS: this is the first ever giveaway contest I have joined. I use this opportunity not really for the prize (it's just a bonus πŸ˜‹ lol ) no, seriously it's because I want to share with you how you keep me grow as a better woman. How you inspired me to go out from my small and soft shell. We have the same age that's why Im really onto you. Ü looking forward for more of Mong's lifestyle.

    Kahit kailan di kita malilimutan. Promise!
    Translation: I will never forget you, I promise!

    Set: Set 2 or Set 3

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  7. HI! I've been following your blog (for 2 years now), instagram, dayre and snapchat! I've always looked forward to your post especially on Dayre! Your styling is amazing and your make up skills have improved tremendously, based on the pictures you posted in about your past.
    What I enjoyed most about your posts are make up related, your make up tutorials and also when you shared with us about what you've been through and how you overcame your obstacles!
    You are one of the rare bloggers who actually have drugstore make up in most of your video tutorials or monthly favourites. And I loved your everyday make up and spring/summer make up videos. Most of the products I have, were recommended by you.

    The only personal encounter I had with you was when I commented on your dayre for a good korean bbq place! hahahah! Your reply was so prompt! And I hope you will update dayre as regularly as last time (no pressure!)

    My email:
    I hope to get set #2 or #1! Thank you

  8. Like numer two :)
    Maria V.

  9. Happy Birthday Mong! It's been a joy following your blog posts on fashion and makeup. I really love how you look so natural in all your photos and thumbs up to your monthly favourites video!!

    Thanks for sharing so much on this space and here's wishing you a blessed birthday

    Love, Audrey - (#3)

  10. Hi MongChin, first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My favorite post that you wrote about is the 3ce stylenanda review post , and it's also the first beauty post that i read from your blog.Looking forward for more Beauty Post!

    My email address :, #1 set as i always wanted to try the aeygo sal eyebag cute makeup look for a really long time !!

  11. Hi!
    I've only started following your instagram and reading your blog earlier this year. Seeing your photos appear on my feed or noticing that your blog has had an update always brings a smile to my face! I love the photos of food that you take (being a food lover and ardent follower of your Snapchat account, I am also secretly very envious of you being so slim despite all the yummy food that you eat every day) and your reviews are always honest without coming across as judge-y or mean, which i really like! Your clothes and the blogshops that you advertise and model for are also always fashionable and pretty, and your travelling posts are always exciting and fun. You seem like a very genuine and humble person who is growing up like the rest of us, despite your fame and all :) My favourite are the photos of and the posts about Matt! You two seem like a very sweet and down to earth couple :)
    My favourite post has to be the one where you wrote about 8 things that make you happy, as i felt really warm and touched when i read it. The fact that you are so grateful for the everyday things like being able to eat yummy food and being a citizen of your country is so heartwarming! More posts about your feelings please! (Also more posts about food and beauty and fashion and travelling too, i ain't picky)
    Here's wishing you a blessed (belated) birthday, all the best! :)
    My email- (set #1 and #2 both look very nice!)

  12. Hi Mong!

    I am a reader from Brunei, currently studying in Singapore.

    You are the one who inspired me to learn makeup to make myself look beautiful through all your makeup videos especially your korean makeup tutorial!
    Really love reading all your blogpost after my class as it releases my stress, soon became my habit ..

    Thankyou for being my ootds guide and my inspiration.
    Please do more beauty posts and videos (looking forward to it)
    and also a what's in my bag video!
    Lastly, Happy Birthday (your birthday post is so sweet!)

    my email:
    (set 3)

  13. Hi! MongChin! I have been following your blog for a while now. I left a question on your forumspring back then, about your workout routine and didn't expect much for a reply haha. But much to my surprise, not only you has respond to my question on forumspring but also made a blogpost about it. That made my day as silly as it sounds haha. It is nice of you to reach out to the audience in these small ways. Keep blogging and have a lovely birthday. Happy Birthday :)
    Email:, Set 1 would be lovely <3

  14. Hi MongChin! My favorite post would be "PHOTO APPS I USE FREQUENTLY : STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL ON HOW TO ACHIEVE THE "OVERLAY" + SIDE MIRROR REFLECTION EFFECTS!" I am a hardcore instagrammer and always puzzled how do bloggers achieved those crisp clear photos. It's nice that you have shared the secret on doing it. keep up the work! Looking forward to your future post. Once again, happy belated bithday! May you have a blessed one :) // set 3

  15. Hi Mongchin! Just started following your blog and other social media a few months ago and find your posts immensely interesting and easy to relate to; it comes across as earnest and addresses issues that many of us have too =) my favourite post of yours would be the 'Scalp treatment day + Q&A', I think it is very useful because even though hair and scalp issues impacts our appearance as much as our complexion and dressing, it is not given as hot a topic as the others. Rarely do you see such truthfulness online, being frank about one's own issues. The Q&A is a very good effort to connect with your readers =)

    Happy birthday!

    Will love to win Set #2

  16. Hi Mong! I pretty much love all your make up video cause I don't really fancy about make up. Initially, I just watched your video out of curiosity. But after watching your video, it inspires me not to be LAZY and every girl must learn how to doll themselves up. I'm trying to pick up make up now and I'm sure every individual ladies wants to portray the best of themselves. I WISH TO WIN SET #1!!

    Btw, thumbs up for this giveaway!


  17. Hi Mong! Thank you for the giveaway!! I’m really glad that you have reached 50k followers, and I have been your follower for a long time because you’re really so inspiring especially to girls!! Amongst all your social media platforms, I love your snapchat the most!! You are always so candid and real, and it’s like a live update /blog about your life haha. Love how you always start your morning snap featuring your bread in the morning, heavy bags that you carry to school, gym, studying and forever hungry dinner time haha.

    And back to the question, my favourite post on your blog is “Workout Routine (II)”, which is one of post in the exercise/fitness/workout series. I personally like this post a lot because it is very realistic, and specific, like you specifically named the exact workout along with the number of times etc. I liked how you especially mentioned which part of the body/abs you’re exactly working out. Means if I don’t feel the ache in that area, I know that I am doing it wrongly and that makes me find out where exactly have I gone wrong. Hence, I will fine tune the work out to ensure that I am feeling the ache at the right place!  The video that you posted was very good, and I have been following it up till now and added a few other different workouts because some workouts has no effect on me, just like you haha. I also liked how you always mention that you enjoy working out, because that really motivates me so much! I personally like working out, but I am so super lazy… and sometimes I don’t feel joy in doing it because I feel that my sole motivation is just to lose weight, and I feel so bogged down by that monotonous journey. But after reading your blog, I realised I can actually watch my favourite running man show when I exercise (why didn’t I think of that earlier?) and since then, I really enjoyed myself hahahaha because I’ll be laughing out loud in the gym any other time, and that really distracts me from the pain of working out! Hahahhaa. Oh lastly, I love how you are really frank that you love junk food, because I love junk food too omg. But I try to eat the healthier food you recommended such as salmon!! Thank you for sharing about your healthy diet and workout routine, even though this post was really long ago in 2014, I hope you continue to post more about your workout routines and diets so that I can be inspired by you once again! Oh, please snap more when you workout, because it motivates me when I get really lazy! So when I see your daily snaps, I’ll be like “omg shucks I should be working out too…” hahaha.

    Thank you Mong, all the best and continue to stay beautiful inside out! My email address is and I hope to win set 1, thank you! (:

  18. HI MONG!

    Happy belated birthday! :) Thank you so much for the giveaway! It's really awesome and heartening that you care about us readers. <3 Also, congrats on hitting 50k!

    It's really hard for me to say which post I love the most cause all your pictures are super gorgeous! I love reading about your cafe hopping visits, your fashion lookbook posts, makeup tutorials and workout routines. I think it'll be really cool if you can probably share with us some of your favourite recipes too? ;) And maybe some tips on how to tackle acne problems? (Your skin is so flawless. O.O)

    I guess if I really had to choose, I would say the workout routine post is my fav. It's super helpful for me, and your instructions are really clear. :) I can legitly feel my abs under my layer of tummy fats now (It used to be just squishy and flabby). HAHA. Time to gym more and get fit! (And I'm really envious at how you manage to try out so much delish food on your snapchat and still maintain your amazing figure! ^.^)

    I'm really glad to have stumbled upon your blog about 2 years back. The way you write your posts sounds so conversational and it feels so natural and comfortable. It's as if us readers are really interacting with you. :) Also, I'm super inspired by how you manage to juggle your studies, your work, your social life and still find time to update your blog/snap/insta/dayre regularly and stay fit. Whenever I try to procrastinate while studying (and start checking out your social media accounts), I would regain my motivation to mug on again. XD

    Once again, thank you Mong! Hope you'll stay prettz, healthy and as cheery as always! My email address is and I think Set #1 is pretty cool. :)

    I haven't met you personally (but you've replied to my comments on your blog before). I really hope to see you around on the streets one day! ^^