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Monday, July 27, 2015

For those that missed my Dayre post the other day, here it is!
I love doing these kinda spontaneous Q&As for you guys so if there are any more questions you would like me to answer, simply leave a comment below (anonymous or not it's okay) or drop me an email and I'll reply them on my dayre/blog for you guys :>
Checking in from DRx medispa today! Its sooooo early and I'm still feeling tired from the accumulated sleep deprivation the whole month 😞

Perhaps due to stress and the lack of rest, my eczema condition on my scalp has started to worsen again 😑 but thank God I have DRx to take care of my scalp condition for me !
😊😊 shiokness

Anyway since I've got some time to kill and I always love answering your questions... I'm Doing a live q&a !
If you've got any questions for me, leave it down in the comments below !!

Feel free to leave more than one if you have more than 1 question hahaha
Using steam to soften the flaky scalp bits and open up the pores
Do you have eczema elsewhere other than your scalp? Does it get red and itchy?
Yes I do! I have eczema on my face, neck, elbows, back of my knees, eyelids etc and they do get red and itchy on certain days ESP when I don't get enough rest or clean thoroughly. It's super annoying !
Do DRx help your eczema a lot?
Honestly eczema is a condition that can't be healed. It spreads like wildfire, comes and goes like the wind. The only thing I can do is try NY best to contain it and prevent it from spreading. The scalp treatment I do in DRx deeply cleanses my scalp and removes all that flakes that might potentially worsen my scalp condition should it cause clogging of pores. Also, the best way to treat eczema is to moisturize !! So the scalp treatment here helps a lot w the moisturizing 😊
What do you wish to do after graduating?
I grad next year April and honestly this is a question I have been asking myself for years.

I guess as of now I still don't have the answer yet? I'll just continue to pray about it and hopefully opportunities will pop up soon , haha!
What course are you studying?
Im doing accountancy in SMU !
How do you maintain your schedule , how do you juggle between social, family, friends, studies ?
I guess that is why I'm constantly so tired out haha! I try my best to have the best of all worlds but sadly, in reality it is impossible.

I guess that's why I'm not particularly strong at anything ? My grades aren't that spectacular, I don't get to see my friends and family as often as id like to etc. It all boils down to prioritizing. Even when it comes to meeting friends, I tend to prioritize meeting the friends that I regard as closest to me.
When it comes to accepting blog assignments, i can't possibly take all the advertisements . so to me, quality is more important than quantity.

Hahaha and more importantly , if I wanna juggle all of these then I'll have to compromise on my sleep, my alone time, my work out schedules, my meals etc
What are your favorite restaurants?
My favorite restaurant is Ice Edge at Simon Road - it has been my fave for more than 4 years now and I love their buffalo wings !!

Other than that, I'm a huge fan of Japanese cuisine so I enjoy having my meals at standing sushi bar, koh grill and sushi bar and even Nihon Mura !
How do you motivate yourself to exercise ?
Hahaha I guess this time my motivation was the swimwear shoot that is coming up this afteroon!

I don't want to look at the pictures and feel disappointed that my body isn't ideal so no choice lor. HAHA!
OK LA that's just one of the reasons, I think I'm probably one of the laziest person out there already when it comes to working out? For one I can't resist all the junk food, really give it to those who stay committed all the way down to refusing that scoop of ice cream !
I merely work out whenever I feel my tummy being flabby and all 😂😂😂 hahaha! And to help myself stay motivated and to make sure I don't make excuses for myself, I like to do high intensity but short workouts - like the ones that span 10-20 mins . that way working out doesn't take up too much of my time and I can't give excuses to not work out just because "I'm busy"
How many times have you been stopped on the streets by guys who want to befriend you and get your number? How do you reply?
HAHAHA honestly I don't get that a lot these days!! Either I'm too old and older guys don't usually do such things or I'm just less attractive than before HAHA. Used to get it more when I was younger .. All ill do is smile, laugh and say I'm very flattered but I don't give my numbers out so easily. If I'm attached , then I'll just say "sorry I'm attached and I'm sure my bf wouldn't like it ." in a "no hard feelings okay?" Way hahaha
Where did you get your top from?
Its from The Closet Lover !! 😀
Greetings from microscope head! 😅
This machine apparently helps with hair regeneration so yayyyy
The DRx Medispa is located at:
302 Orchard Road
Tong Building
Singapore 238862
Doesn't eczema cause your double eyelids to disappear / have multiple eyelids ?
Yes! Hahaha I faced the multiple eyelids problem and so for some time I was using eyelid tape to further define the line I want! I still have multiple eyelids if you look closely but I now have a line that is more defined now so it's not so obvious that I have a few eyelids :)
May I know what kind of exercise you do?
Hahaha my exercise routine varies on my mood actually. For abs, I have been following the 10 min home abs workout video I shared on my blog before!

Simply google "mongabong work out" or something im sure you can find it!!
How much is the scalp treatment? Do first timers have any discount?
Tbh im not too sure about the price myself. But it is certainly not cheap. Then again if you have a problem with your scalp, it is better to treat it than wait till you start losing hair before you get help.

Perhaps it would be better if yall call DRx to enquire and quote my name to see what are the discounts you can get!
How did you and your bf meet and what do you like most about him?
Hehe this is quite an over-answered question. I even did a "MNM story" blog post describing in detail how we both met hehehe!

If you're interested you can google it and read it. But basically, matt and I met during sports camp in our freshman year and we got closer afterwards because of our sch's pageant and all. Haha!

What do I like about him... I guess everything? He's endearing, (sometimes) patient, loving and nice to me. But ofc like every other couples, we have our ups and downs too!
What lotion are you using for your rash on your body/behind your legs?
I'm guessing this question is talking about the rash = eczema . Haha I used to use Dermovate for it but over the recent years the docs have decided to reduce it to a less steroid content cream called Dermasome :)

So yes I'm using Dermasome now!
How many times do you do scalp treatment / facial?
Over the recent months, I've been too busy to go back! For scalp, it is advised that I come back once every month, and for facial, usually I'll start seeing my pores blocked around 1.5 - 2 months after my previous appointment:)

Thanks dear for your compliment!!
How do you treat your eczema on your face?
I visit DRx for my skin and Dr Tsu prescribes me with a cream suitable for my eczema spot :)
How tall are you? And how much do you weigh?
I'm 1.63m and I weigh around 44kg now. Working out keeps me in shape and also prevents me from being too "stick thin" and light. Haha!
Are you more of a morning or night person?
Naturally, im a morning person. I used to have to sleep by 10 pm, else I would fall asleep wherever I am LOL. My natural body clock would wake me up at 8am every single day (even without alarm) haha

But over the last few years due to all these things im juggling, I've been forced to stay up late and wake up early ! That way my days are longer and I can achieve more within the day :) haha but yeahhhh, naturally a morning person. Now im just a sleepless person haha

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