Biore's First UV Spray

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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I'm sure the importance of using sunscreen has been drilled into our heads time and time again - but yet, I only started using sunscreen about 1-2 years ago because I couldn't find a sunscreen I liked all those years!

I've always detested using sunscreen on myself because I felt that most of them were too sticky, too oily, and way too messy. 
This, I know - many of you definitely relate to as well!

Using sunscreen on my face underneath my make up was a huge NO-NO for me back then because if I did, my make up will start breaking up in no time. 
Foundation becomes streaky, concealer starts to crease.. *Takes out 2 oil blotting sheets to blot* .. Re-apply foundation, Re-apply powder... Foundation becomes cakey...

But.. What if your sunscreen is now super lightweight, non greasy, non sticky, and is soooo fine that you can easily re-apply it over your make up? 
Introducing The Biore UV Perfect spray SPF 50+, PA++++ , Biore's first spray-on type sunscreen!

This tiny little bottle is only the size of my palm, so it is perfect to be carried around for touch-ups and also travel friendly!

The Biore UV Perfect Spray contains super high sun protection , SPF50+ , PA ++++ (yes, 4 +s!!) so you don't have to worry about protection being too low. 
Developed with a convenient aerosol spray, this sunscreen offers fuss-free application to the body, face and even hair!
Personally I liked that the product comes out really finely from the nozzle, this makes the application more controllable, and also, re-applying it over make up a ton more convenient!
Simply spray it on
Spread it out
For the face, I like to spray it on my palm
Then apply it on!
I love it that it has invisibly light texture even after multiple applications!
The Biore UV Perfect Spray also leaves me with the "Sara Sara" finish that is super soft and comfortable!
For those that don't know, the "Sara Sara" finish is actually a japanese term for "powdery smooth" - The product leaves a layer of fine powder on the skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth, refreshed and non-sticky/oily all day!

If you're worried about shine, fret not because it also contains sebum-absorbing powder for effective shine control, which is why I found that I can even use it as a make up base before applying make up.

More importantly, it is WATERPROOF - YES! So using it on a sweaty day of sports under the sun, or even before a dip in the pool.
The Biore UV Perfect spray SPF 50+, PA++++ is retailing at only $9.90 at all pharmacies, hyper and super markets, beauty stores, departmental stores and selected minimarts.

Thank you KAO for sending this to me! I've been using it over the past 2 weeks and I'm loving it!


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  1. Be careful not to apply too much / often to your face, since it contains high alcohol amounts to be that lightweight :(