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Friday, July 24, 2015

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We all know how our skin directly affects one’s confidence. If you’ve been following me on my blog for awhile, you will know that I was never born with good skin. I envy those who never had a single pimple grown on their faces before. Anyone else have friends who have skin that are not acne prone? *raises hands*
But sadly, such perfect skin don’t come by so easily…
Like many others, I suffered from acne and lots of blemishes during my teenage years while going through puberty. Even till today, some acne and pimples do show up whenever I don’t take proper care of my skin.
I suffered with this skin for a good 2-3 years of my life. Ah.. How I wish someone would recommend me the right products and teach me how to take care of my skin properly back then!

As you guys can imagine, living with a face full of acne like this wasn’t the easiest. From young, I paid a lot of attention to my looks (hahaha yes, in other words I’m vain LOL) , and neglecting my skin was one of the biggest regrets I had back then. 
My acne got so uncontrollable that I had to keep bangs in a bid to hide the unsightliness.

On days, I would look at myself in the mirror and tears would start rolling down because I couldn’t comprehend what was going on with my skin. I had pretty good skin when I was little…” So why now, acne, why? “ I would often ask myself.

As a result, my skin got worse when I started using all the wrong products, trying to salvage whatever’s left of my skin. 
People told me to scrub my face, and I did. Purchased the most heavy-duty facial scrubs in the market and scrubbed it everyday. Boy, looking back at the young me made me realize how important it is to have proper knowledge on how to treat your own skin!
I wish someone had introduced me to Eucerin’s DermoPURIFIER range back then!
Basically, Acne is caused by 4 main factors:
-        Cornification at the opening of the sebaceous-gland follicle
-        Excess sebum production
-        Proliferation of acne bacteria
-        Which results in inflammation and the forming of Acne
With these 4 factors in mind, Eucerin has formulated the DermoPURIFIER range that aims to target these 4 causes effectively with 7 products that are gentle on the skin, yet power-packed with acne fighting ingredients.
Eucerin sent me these products for me to test out and I’m so pleasantly surprised myself at how effective they are! I haven’t broken out since I started using these products a week ago.
Cleansing & Toning

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cleansing Gel 
(200ml $23.90)
The soap-free cleanser, adapted to the physiological pH level 5.5 of the skin removes excess sebaceous-gland lipids and reduces growth of bacteria. 
I love how this cleanser is soap free. From the swatches you can see how watery the texture is..
Even after spreading it out on the back of my hand, it did not foam!
(Soap free, liquid, gentle on the skin)

Cleansing my face with this everyday leaves me with soft, supple skin that is not too dehydrated. Exceptionally in love with how gentle this is, while keeping my skin feeling clean.

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Facial Tonic (200ml $23.90)
The refreshing tonic clarifies the skin intensively and removes remaining impurities from the skin. 
Use it after cleansing, soak your cotton pad in it and gently swab it across your face.
This prevents clogged pores and I like how it is not overly-drying unlike many other toners out there!
No tight feeling on my sensitive skin as well (Y)

Care and Correcting

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate (30ml $29.90)
The refreshing serum is the enhancing care acne-prone skin. It absorbs quickly, gently dissolves cornified skin with lactic acid, improves the flow of sebum, regulates the skin’s functions, refines and clarifies the appearance of the skin. 
This small little glass bottle contains such powerful ingredients, I could see results immediately after using it. My moisturiser went on smoother, foundation too.. And my skin is moisturised to the right level. Not too rich, neither is it too dry.
This has got to be my favorite product of the range!
Blended out, look how easily absorbed it is!?

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Makeup and Acne Remover
Ideal for a fast paced life; This fresh, ultra light cleansing fluid act as a cleanser, toner and make up remover all in one step. 
Removing your make up thoroughly is very important to achieving clear skin as it is one of the key factors that lead to the formation of acne!

Apply a little bit on a cotton pad, wipe your skin down with the moistened pad, and that´s it! It removes make-up, even my budge-proof waterproof eyeliner like a breeze.
 On top of that, it tones, moisturises and allows the skin to breathe better.

Apart from these 4 products I've tried, there are more to the DermoPURIFIER range that cater to the needs of different acne-prone skin types, so you don't have to worry about not being able to find a set of products suitable for you!

I will also be sharing about my experience with Eucerin products and about my skin journey during a Eucerin forum that will be held on the 16th August 2015, from 2-5PM at Raffles Convention Centre!
Details as follow:
Eucerin Public Forum 2015
16 August 2015, Sunday 1.30-5pm
Raffles Convention Centre
Stamford Ballroom Level 4
80 Brash Basah Road
Singapore 189560
There will also be talks by skincare experts and sale of Eucerin products at the forum itself at up to 50% discount!
PLUS, GOODIE BAGS worth $100!

If you’re interested in coming down to learn more about Eucerin, how to take care of your skin or simply just to meet me, you can get your tickets at just $15 per pax on Guardian’s Website  

Passion Card holders are entitled to a 20% off, at just $12!

I will also be giving away 5 pairs of tickets to 5 lucky winners!
If you’re interested in participating in this giveaway, simply leave a comment below with your name and email and we will pick 5 winners from there.

I hope to see you guys there! For more information, visit Eucerin at their website and Facebook page.



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  2. Hi babe, I really hope I can win this tickets as im really really depressed and lack of confidence. 😔😔😔

    Deniece Lim

  3. Hi babe, I really hope I can win this tickets as im really really depressed and lack of confidence. 😔😔😔

    Deniece Lim

  4. Tessa Lim

  5. Claire Goh
    I hope to win a pair of tickets so that I can learn how to better manage and handle my combination skin from skin experts and from you!! :) Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  6. Caressa Cheu
    Due to stress, pimples often show up like regular customers. HAHA hopefully i get to try this product and recommend it to my friends.

  7. Joyce Tan
    I hope that I would be able to win a pair of tickets so that I can learn how to better care for my super problematic skin (Large pores, dry skin, oily t-zone, eczema, constant blackhead issues, flaky skin)
    And that I would also be able to bring my boyfriend along who suffers from constant pimple issues and also bad pimple scars from his puberty years.
    Thank you, Mong Chin and Eucerin for hosting this give away! :)

  8. Huiqi
    Always envious of people with flawless skin, even though concealer is my best friend, i wished i'm able to go out bareface too.

  9. Candice Koh

    Thank you for holding this giveaway babe :))

  10. Hi Mong! Thanks for the giveaway! :) I've always struggled with skin conditions like uneven skin tone, large pores, freckles, occasional acne and all. And I guess those are un-treatable unless your skin base is fixed and healed. So I would like to win this giveaway and bring along my friend who suffers similar condition as me, so that we can be on our road to skin recovery and gain back our confidence even when we are bare-faced!

    Thanks again! Cheers! <3

    Carol Ang

  11. Hui Ling