"Never depend on single income, make investment to create a second source" - Warren Buffet

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Many of us think that the concept of investing is foreign and even toughTo be honest, even though there are people around me constantly mentioning about financial terms such as investments, stocks, trading, forex etc, I’ve never thought about using all these information and really getting down to open an account to start investing.

All along, I thought investing was not a stroll in the park. All that paperwork, monitoring, coupled with the fact that I am not too confident with my investing knowledge made me shun this idea even more.

But one day, it dawned upon me that in fact, we ARE investing in things every single day. We invest our time, effort and sometimes even money on the things that matter to us. 
Say for example, I put aside time every week to spend time with my family. 
Be it dinner, lunch, or simply accompanying the folks during their daily TV sessions at the living room. That is me investing time and effort into building closer family bonds, likewise for my parents.
That is just one simple example of how the idea of investing is actually not foreign at all in our daily lives!
As I grew older, I’ve realised the importance of having alternative source of income, and this quote by Warren Buffet inspired me deeply.
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Since then, I have been interested in learning more about investing and how I can achieve financial freedom in the future. 

It was then that I got introduced to PhillipCapital, an Asian Financial House with a Global Reach.
I shared with PhillipCapital this little aspiration of mine, and to my surprise, they actually replied back to me and said that they would very gladly offer me basic investment courses with them for free! 
Not only that, they actually went the extra mile to speak to Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) and that landed me a 10 weeks summer internship with SGX so that I can fully understand how the entire market works. 

Yes… The first time I got the news I couldn’t believe that PhillipCapital was doing that for me, SGX is a dream come true and I’m enjoying it here every single day.

Apart from this wonderful internship opportunity that widened my horizon to this incredible industry, I also attended the personalized coaching session organised by PhillipCapital with my friends. 

Oh yes! Did I mention that after sharing my aspirations with them, there was also a surprise in my e-inbox on some Money Market Fund Credits which I can either keep to let them grow with a rate of return higher than the interest rates at banks or use the credits to offset my trade commissions!

However, do note that investing in Money Market Fund is not an apple-to-apple comparison to placing funds on deposit with a bank or deposit-taking company as it is categorised as a type of Unit Trust. Even though Money Market Fund is widely recognised as a low-risk financial product, unlike deposits, your principle investment is not guaranteed.
So if you’re a beginner like me and you’re clueless about where to start, don’t worry because PhillipCapital has lots of trained professional speakerwho offer lots of courses catered to beginners like me all the way to the advanced levels. 

My best friends Sarah and Ernest attended the Forex 101 course with me and I gotta say, the course was really insightful and I really appreciate the intimate 3-to-1 session with the instructor, Simon.

Simon also demonstrated how trades were executed and we were all very amazed by the mechanism and how everything worked. It’s actually simpler than I thought .

There are 12 Phillip Investor Centres around Singapore so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find one that is convenient for you!
For everything, I am forever grateful to PhillipCapital for going all the way to realise my aspirations. Now YOU CAN too!

Simply submit your aspirations here  and who knows, you might just be the NEXT lucky one!
You guys might have seen this video on Youtube before, hehe! So here’s the story about why I decided to start investing in myself. Enjoy!

I hope you guys give investing a try, it is really not that tough at all!
Talk to PhillipCapital at 65311555 or drop them an email at talktophillip@phillip.com.sg to find out more about their comprehensive suite of financial products and services.

Good luck!


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