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Monday, June 22, 2015

If you've been following me on this space since last year, then you will know that JustYourStyle is the brand that supplies quite a bit to my shoes collection!

This is my second time working with them, and having returning clients I love working with again is such a joy.

Click here to read more on the first time o worked with them !

This store needs no more introduction, let's dive into the 3 pairs of shoes I picked from their latest collections shall we? 
This first pair is pretty unique. When I first saw it on their site, I thought it would be something similar to the "glass heels" I always wear
You guys should know which pair im talking about!

But to my surprise, it it actually different! Not only does the pointed toe give you a more elegant look, it somehow makes your legs look more toned and longer as well.
The dual tone details allow this pair to look kinda different from all angles.
Look at it from the front, you'll see white.
From the side, you'll see both nude and white
From the back, you'll see nude only.
 Comfort score is also pretty high, judging from how uncomfortable it actually looks! 

The second pair was one that I would NEVER have gotten if it wasn't for the people at JYS encouraging me and believing that I would pull it off.

My first thought was,. Come on it's purple?! Haha. 
But!! After putting it on, pairing it with the right outfit, I thought it complimented and even brought the look to the next level!
I think you guys agree with me right?:)

For my friends that don't usually wear heels, I remembered you don't worry! 
These oxfords are soft and comfy, they didn't give me cuts at the back so it's a good thing!
Perfect for dressed down days and the weekends.
AHH, weekends please come again?!!

Thank you Justyourstyle for all the love time and time again! 
If you like these pairs you see, remember to quote "Mongchin" for 5% off!

INSTAGRAM: @jys_justyourstyle 


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