Ever wondered what goes on behind the airport every single day?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of Singapore’s successful aviation industry?  

How does our luggage arrive safely and promptly at our destination? How are our in-flight meals prepared? Who services the plane, ensuring that we are kept safe when we fly? 

I've always been intrigued by Singapore aviation - not only because we have the best airport in the world, but also because Changi Airport is where I spent most of my time mugging at during my O and A levels >< 

Not only that, I've long dreamt of being a Singapore Airlines girl. So yes!
I was invited to visit the Heart of Aviation Gallery by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) last week. The Heart of Aviation Gallery is one of CAAS’ special events this year to promote careers in the aviation industry to students like you and me.

Conveniently located right outside the LV store at ION orchard, the Heart of Aviation Gallery is difficult to miss!

There are 4 different zones in the Gallery - Now Boarding, Ready for Take Off, In Flight, Air Cargo.
Zone 1: Now Boarding

Super cute, these galleries are built to show all the iconic elements of our aviation sector. This is the Changi Control Tower!

What I loved about the Gallery are the photo worthy spots at EVERY zone.


This was me playing at the photo spot at the first zone, pretending to be an Air Traffic Controller haha! 

I think being an Air Traffic Controller is an exciting and important job, as you ensure aircraft and passengers fly safely in Singapore’s Flight Information Region.
Zone 1, Now Boarding introduces Singapore as the Heart of Aviation, showing that Singapore has achieved a lot in the different aviation sectors. Many of us have heard of our world famous airport, Changi Airport, and our world famous national airline, Singapore Airlines, but did you know that Singapore also has a successful air cargo sector, and a successful aerospace sector that offers comprehensive Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services for planes?
I got to discover the achievements of Singapore's aviation sector through the years through a really interesting timeline. Did you know that the very first flight in Singapore took place more than a hundred years ago, in 1911? And that the Singapore Airlines girl uniform was designed in 1968 by French designer Pierre Balmain?
Move the plane along the timeline and some milestones will light up!
The zone then showed me a sneak peek into Singapore aviation’s exciting future through some videos. I'm so excited for Changi Airport's Jewel to be ready and the upcoming Terminal 5 in the 2020s. I heard it's gonna be soooo huge, bigger than Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 combined???!
Zone 2: Ready for Take Off

The entrance of the second zone shows an area filled with colourful blooms and butterflies, representing the Butterfly Garden at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3. Yes, how cool is it that our airport has a garden where you can see more than a thousand butterflies???

 Zone 2, Ready for Take Off shows what happens behind the scenes after a passenger checks in for his or her flight.

Wow, I never knew so many people were involved!

The ground handlers at Changi Airport are in charge of passenger check in, giving us our boarding passes, tagging our check in luggage to the correct destinations etc. The Passenger Services Agents from the ground handling companies are the first people we meet at the airport and when we check in at the counters for our flight. 

So much more to the aviation industry than I knew!
There are these special kiosks at the gallery called the Secret Aviator Profile kiosks that helped me learn more about the different careers in the aviation industry.

All I had to do was scan a special pass, answer a few questions on the screen, and the system will reveal your Secret Aviator Profile. As expected, I got the role of a Passenger Services Agent!! 
I was then given a cute collar pin to represent my “career”!
Zone 3: In flight 

In this zone, I got to learn about the aerospace sector and the award-winning in-flight services by Singapore Airlines and even play around with some interactive games!

 I spent a good few minutes at this screen becoming an "in-flight catering chef" cooking for my airplane passengers. Hahah! 
It was super fun and cool to find out what goes behind the preparation of our in-flight meals. Not only is the cooking process important, but the selection of the menu to be served on a plane is important too! This is because our taste buds become less sensitive when we fly at high altitudes, so we can’t taste food as well as when we are on the ground.
Do you know that there are actually people who taste food in a flight simulator? The simulator replicates the conditions of an aircraft flying at high altitudes, so that if it tastes good in the simulator, it will taste good when we fly. No wonder airplane food tastes so yummy to me :')
I also got to read about some job experiences shared by current people working in the aviation industry, airline, aerospace, airport and air cargo sectors. It's really motivating and heartening to know that these people are so passionate about their jobs and about serving us passengers to ensure we have the best air travel experience possible.  

Zone 4: Air Cargo

Have you guys ever wondered how your fresh sashimi, fresh strawberries, fast fashion like clothes and shoes and even the pandas came to Singapore?!

Not only does our aviation industry bring passengers to their holiday and business destinations, many important items in our daily lives also come in through air cargo! All our clothes from fast fashion brands such as Zara and Topshop come in to Singapore by air so that they arrive quickly, so we can get the latest designs and fashion!
It was truly an eye opening experience walking through these 4 zones at the Heart of Aviation Gallery along Orchard Road.
Singapore’s aviation industry is so exciting, and every single role in the aviation industry is so important. 
There are many exciting and diverse careers in the aviation sector to discover! So, if you love to travel, or if you're interested in working in the aviation industry, head down to the Heart of Aviation Gallery at ION Orchard or Bedok Mall to get a super informative and enriching experience! 
Not to mention, it's super fun too!

The Heart of Aviation Gallery outside ION Orchard will be there until 5 July 2015, so visit before it’s gone! There will also be a mini Heart of Aviation Gallery inside Bedok Mall at Level 1 until 30 June 2015

Do let me know if you guys enjoyed it, and remember to snap more photos with the photo zones! The facilitators at the Gallery will help snap photos of you, and you can win a cute Heart of Aviation airplane model, so yay to more photos, the more the merrier!

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  1. Oh wow that sounds so interesting, I would love to see it. Singapore Airlines is my favourite airline and Changi is one of my favourite airports (free leg massagers omg) so what a great place to learn about this industry.

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