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Monday, June 22, 2015

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I'm sure most of you guys have heard about the EXILIM TR cameras that have totally changed how we take selfies these days. I gotta admit, prior to this day, I never understood why people would pay so much for cameras like these.
But after trying the new Casio EXILIM TR60 myself, I admit, I'm sold! Can you believe I actually purchased one for myself after trying it out for 2 weeks ? ><
So here.. I'm gonna tell you why it is worth your money.

The most important function of the new Casio EXILIM TR60 is obviously, it's performance for taking the perfect selfie.
Many of you should know how I always complain about being so bad at taking selfies.. 
I never figured out how other bloggers looked so much better in their selfies while I looked so terrible in mine.
I always thought I looked weird??? And I don't know why either. So I always resort to doing funny faces because I think I do them better HAHA! #actchiofail
More often than not, I'll have to take up to 60 - 70 selfies before I finally take a satisfactory shot.
But now that I've got the new Casio EXILIM TR60, I look muchhhh better in my selfies! 
For one, the quality is AMAZING
I did not retouch this photo at all, just look at how wide angle it is, and how vibrant and beautiful the colours show up?
It's so wide angle that I had to crop Matt out in my photos because he kept appearing in it while taking photos of me taking selfies of myself ><

Selfie Innovation
Also, I loved that the new TR60 has a new improved Makeup Mode Plus , with a technology that allows you to adjust your skin tone and preferred skin smoothness on 6 and 12 varying levels respectively.
So you can now set it before you even snap! This allows me to make sure that I am satisfied with my skin tone and smoothness before I decide to snap.
You can also set the camera to produce 3 different shots with the different skin tones. It's always good to have more shots to choose from than just 1, isn't it? Casio is really smart to think of that la!
You can see, my skin tone went from slightly pinkish to slightly warmer toned, and all I had to do was snap once!

The new Casio EXILIM TR60 is the ultimate selfie camera with the new intuitive "selfie pad" located at the side of the camera that allows you to conveniently toggle between different filters, modes easily with one hand.
See the 2 dots at the side? I like how subtle and minimalistic it looks!
Just gotta double tap at that area and a side bar of filters and modes appears
Change it to the square mode for Instagram friendly photos easily. Just gotta double tap!
Here are some of the photos I took with the filters
Please pardon the tired face, I just survived a whole week of work!

One top of just the amazing selfie functions, this camera takes really good photos in general.
Just look at all these photos I took at the BYS event (my prev blog post), they were all taken using this tiny little camera! Can you believe the quality it produces?!
Available in 4 beautiful sweet colours, the TR60 is only the size of my palm, and weighs only 167grams
A super handy and compact digital camera that is perfect to be carried around, I can see myself using this so so often because the biggest headache I face with my current cameras is that it's so tedious to have to lug them around!
Bluetooth Smart Technology
Transferring photos from the Casio EXILIM TR60 is a breeze with the built-in wifi transfer system.
All you have to do is download the EXILIM connect application on your smartphone, and transfer it over!
The EXILIM connect application also allows you to link the TR60 your phone/tablet in a way such that every single shot that is captured on the TR60 gets automatically synced to your smart devices. 
So so convenient! Now you know why most bloggers have such beautiful photos on their Instagram, hehe!

Not only that, the swivel screen and design of the Casio EXILIM series allows us to capture our everyday moments easily. Use it as a selfie camera, a digital camera, prop it up on the table like a camera on a tripod, or even a camcorder!

This camera allows you to have a steady grip like a digital camcorder to film videos, and at the same time, it can be kept and folded back flat so that it wouldn't take up too much space in your bag.
All in one products are always good and that is also the biggest reason why I'm totally SOLD.
And when I'm out with my friends, we have so so much fun with this camera!
This camera is able to prop itself up on its own so theres no need to stack a million books to prop your camera on it anymore :)
And yay to fitting all of us in one screen easily!

Overall Verdict
I AM IN LOVE with the Casio EXILIM TR60 (and that is why I purchased it after reviewing it haha) simply because:

- Light, compact and small
- Beautiful design with a wide range of colors to choose from
- Very handy and easy to use 
- Simple and Practical functions (Ie new and improved make up technology)
- Multi uses : As a camcorder, selfie cam, normal cam
- Vibrant and good quality photographs

However with everything, there are some pros and cons. It took me quite some time to think of the cons for this particular favourite of mine because I just love it so much.
If I had to point out a con, it would be that the price is slightly steep for a small and compact digital camera. 
Retailing at $1,299 , some might find this price to be a little steep.

But at least for me, I know i'm definitely going to be getting a ton of use out of it.
The amount of effort saved from carrying a huge DSLR or semi-pro (which imo, provides the same quality as the Casio EXILIM TR60) is worth every cent.
Besides, this camera saves me a lot of time with minimal editing needed because of the top-notch make up functions and beautiful in-built filters..
Time is money too, you know! Haha
On top of that, if you think of it as getting a digital camera, selfie camera, photo editing apps, camcorder.. all in one, then the price for this is probably not too much to ask for as well!

I would definitely recommend the TR60 if you're looking for a simple, easy to use, high-performance selfie camera!
For more information on the Casio EXILIM TR60, visit Casio's site here
Retailing at $1,299, the Casio EXILIM TR60 is available at all Casio authorised dealers such as Courts, Best Denki and more!


Redeem a S$100 G-Factory voucher with every purchase of the EX-TR60 from 1st to 31st July!Only applicable for purchases done at EXILIM authorized retailers
 Collection of vouchers must also be done latest by 7th of August 2015.

To redeem:
- Flash this post and present your proof of purchase at Mojito Redemption Centre, Funan Digitalife Mall
- Flash your IC upon collection of the vouchers
- T&Cs apply


To use the Exilim Connect functions, click here

I hope you guys found this review useful!


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