MongabongTravels : Hong Kong 2015 Day 1

Friday, June 26, 2015

Holla! I'm finally getting down to clear some of my backlogged travelogues and yes, you guys should know that I went to the land of dimsum recently! 
It was a part work, part leisure, part send off trip because Matt and friends were heading to HK for work there as well.

There really wasn't much planned for this trip due to my busy schedule. (I was interning!)
I thought I would just let myself wing-it for the first time on a trip, but thinking back, I should have spent more time planning the itinerary. Hahaha.

Day 1 was pretty short, since our flights got delayed and we only managed to settle in to our Airbnb apartment in the late afternoon.
Got changed, and rushed downstairs to the nearest noodle stall to grab a super late lunch.
My outfit that day was both from The Closet Lover ! 
I love TCL's clothes for its effortless-ness and of course, fit and quality. They have sizes all the way from XS to XL 

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For lunch, i ordered some JaJiangMian which later came as a surprised because I didn't know the HK JJM was tomato based?
It was not too bad but oh well, the little deviation from my expectations got me there a little.
Us at the cafe!
Since the entire HK trip was very chill, we had nowhere to go and nothing planned.
So we decided to wander around the area by foot. Our apartment was located at Tsim Tsa Tsui and I would highly recommend staying in that area because it is so central!
We could walk to central, jordan and all the shopping districts so easily. Plus you can find everything you need just along the stretch of Tsim Tsa Tsui!!
Popped by for some mango dessert at a famous dessert chain called "許留山Hui Lau Shan
Oh yes, food in HONGKONG is NOT CHEAP AT ALL. In fact I was really shocked because I only changed SGD$300 for 4 days there
 and I thought it was gonna be enough!
Even though I barely did any shopping, a normal meal would cost SGD$8 and up and desserts are around the same price too.
Oh? Mango Dessert? Where?
This was HKD49 ~ SGD8.90
And it wasn't that great haha

More wandering ~~
Loving my outfit! The entire ensemble was so effortless and the pants really made my legs look so so long.
Also, I tried 杨梅 again after so so many years! It is a fruit that looks like Raspberries. The last time I had it was in China like many many years ago.
I remember one year we even went to a 杨梅farm to pick bags and bags of it home!
More OOTDs at HK's crossings.
The roads and streets of Hongkong are all so filled with character. It wasn't as clean as singapore but it certainly felt different being there. Like every single place was filled with streams of people, pace of life was quite hectic and yet there's us just strolling and walking around aimlessly.
Will never be able to do that in Singapore ><
For dinner, we heeded a friend's recommendations and visited Wong Chi Kei (黄枝记) located at Central Hong Kong.
Apparently the Shrimp roe noodles was fantastic according to many but when I ordered it.., it was SO DRY!!
Not kidding when I said dry, it was like so difficult to move along my throat after I swallowed it down >< hahaha!
The wantons were good tho!

Our friends ordered the Crab congee and to be honest, I'm not a congee person because it remind me of times when I'm sick (i only have congee when I'm sick so cant blame me haha).
But apparently it was really good! Wong Chi Kee is famous for their congee so if you're a congee lover like my friend, you can give this place a shot :)
Last but not least... Mui Fan
It was pretty good! I would say the best Mui Fan i've had so far because I've only tasted my own and my mom's mui fan so I can't judge. haha
With that.. We ended our first night of fun on the streets of HK.
But the night didn't stop as we went back to our apartment and played some bridge, had some macs and chit-chatted into the night.
It was then I really appreciated our Mac Delivery in Singapore so much more! In HK apart from the language barrier, we had to call in 5 times before someone picked up our call. Then, we waited for another 10 mins on the line while the operator was busy with something else. AND another 45 mins before the deliveryman arrived at our doorstep...

It is basically a Big Mac with 4 patties. LOLOL!
Singapore's Macs should totally bring that menu in ;) hahaha

With that, Day 1 has come to a close. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for the rest of the days in the later posts :)

Thank you The Closet Lover for the lovely outfit once again!
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(Excluding items on Backorder, on Sale, ripped tees and tpb items)


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