Sunday, June 28, 2015

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If you’re wondering why I’ve been trying out so many facial sprays lately, it is because my skin has been feeling REALLY dry the past few months. The weather, as we all know is also super unforgiving. That is why I’ve been drawn toward these products a lot more recently.

And don’t worry! Even though there are many facial sprays and water out there in the market, you can be rest assured that they are not exactly the same.
When Uriage asked if I was interested to take up this assignment, I was really happy because I’ve always associated Uriage to be more of a pharmaceutical product, instead of a beauty one, because I usually see their products along the aisle in pharmacies!

After researching more about the brand, I found out that the Uriage Thermal Water actually originates from the French Alps, near Grenoble – Where I spent a good 5 months at for exchange! 
I remembered having the fresh alps water from the tap everyday. It was really sweet (literally) and refreshing.

My landlord also told us that their tap water (in Grenoble) is filled with lots of beneficial minerals that are very good for the skin as well. 

Reading more, I found out that the Uriage Thermal Water is actually packaged directly at the source, preserving its naturally rich mineral salts and trace elements. 

Further, the isotonic nature of the Thermal Water is also said to be used at the Uriage Thermal Centers in treating cases like eczema and psoriasis, which I personally am suffering from.

These things are pretty close to my heart, firstly it originates from Grenoble, and it definitely brought back many memories. Besides, I drank/showered/washed my face with the French alps water everyday so I can vouch for it! 

Secondly, I have been suffering from eczema from birth, and we all know that it is a very troublesome condition to battle with, so I will do any try any products that can help me!
My first try at the Uriage Thermal Water, I was very surprised to find out that it tasted mildly salty!
Yes don’t judge me, I actually tasted it HAHA

SO this is why it is different! Other facial sprays don’t have any specific tastes to them, but the Uriage Thermal Water did.

Our bodily fluids are naturally isotonic, and since the Uriage Thermal Water is also isotonic, it does not alter our cells activity. The high concentration of mineral properties also helps us achieve healthier, more hydrated and offers protection to our skin.
Also, the product absorbs into our skin so there's no need to pat it in unlike the other sprays!
This also comes in a travel-sized canister that is perfect to throw in your bag or carry it around when you travel! Use it to hydrate your skin, smooth or calm angry skin, lower temperature and even fix make up!

TADAH, fits perfectly into my make up bag!
On top of the Thermal Water, Uriage also sent me the Bariesun SPF 50+ Fragrance Free Cream and the Tinted Claire Cream to try.

The Bariesun SPF50+ Cream offers VERY HIGH sun protection! I don’t usually go for very high SPF sunscreens because there aren’t that many in the market. Besides, I’ve always associated high SPFs to be oily and sticky! Because of my very sensitive – cum- combination skin type, sunscreens tend to break me out if they are too rich for me. Some of them even sting like crazy!

But thankfully, because Bariesun is formulated specially for sensitive skin like mine, I felt comfortable with it on my skin. It is not overly oily nor did it sting/break me out. Happy to finally have a super high SPF product in my stash now!

Moreover, this product is water-resistant so I don’t have to worry about perspiring or even swimming with it! 

The new Photo-protective complex is a technological advance that combines 3 anti-UVA and UVB filters, acting in complete synergies to provide powerful sun protection.
It is pretty creamy and smooth, and leaves a slightly dewy finish on my skin.
The Claire Tinted Cream comes in a range of 2 colors, it provides a little bit of coverage. 
A 2-in-1 product that saves time and effort! As you can see, the Tinted Cream provided a slight bit of coverage and even-ed out my skin tone. 

All I did was touched up with some concealer and dusted loose powder all over to keep my face looking matte and for my make up to last longer!
All of Uriage’s products go through stringent and are formulated according to a strict charter that adheres to pharmaceutical standards. These products are all hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free and has minimum preservatives to suit the most sensitive of skins!
With that, I’m out of the house feeling at peace knowing that my skin is well-protected and well-hydrated.

There's also been a change in the packaging for both the Uriage Bariesun SPF50+ Claire Cream and the 300ML Uriage Thermal Water so yay to better, nicer packaging!

Uriage's products can be found at 21st Century Beauty Spa, BHG, Guardian, John Little, Metro, OG, Robinsons and Watsons.

They are now currently having a promotion till the end of July:

Uriage Thermal Water Twin Pack 300ML for only $29.90!
Other Uriage products are on 20% discount till the end of July.
(Promo not valid for Uriage Thermal Water Twin pack)

This is the best time to buy now!!!
For more information, visit Uriage's Facebook page and Website .


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