Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Review

Monday, May 25, 2015

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With the humid weather in Singapore, I have always been on the lookout for products that can help freshen me up on-the-go. You guys know how I am always complaining about the weather, Singapore's weather is so so hot especially during the recent months!

My bag essentials will always include my umbrella, wet tissues or a tiny cardboard to fan myself - Anything to cool me down!
My umbrella is still a must-have in my bag because it protects my skin from the harmful sun rays and it prevents me from getting any tanner than I already am. Wet tissues are used to freshen up and wipe myself down on my body and limbs especially if I'm out in the sun for outdoor shoots. The perspiration is eeeky! ><
However, wet tissues can only be used to wipe myself on my body and hands, not my face because I would be wiping my make up off and I wouldn't want that.
So for the longest time, I've been looking for a product that can freshen me up on the go, cool me down and yet still retain my make up!

I was introduced to the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water and after using it everyday for a few weeks now, it has become a staple in my bags because of how handy and refreshing it is. 

A few weeks back, i attended the new Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water event launch held at Blisshouse, The Central 
It's always good to be back~ I used to shoot here all the time! 
I also attended the event with these beautiful ladies :)
During the event, I learnt that the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water actually has the LOWEST salt content as compared to the other brands in the market!
See, NaCl content : 2.432 mg/l (hehe put some of my chemistry knowledge into good use)

So.. why is having low salt content good ?
Well, we all know that salt has been used traditionally to preserve things. We have preserved "salted fish", salted veg etc.. and they are all rubbed with salt during the process. People do this to keep the fish and veg as dry as they can, so that they can last longer and be preserved. 
Salt is actually used as a drying agent from a long long time ago!
 Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water has the LOWEST salt content in it = maximum hydration!
I got to test it out on myself during the event and here are the results taken using a moisture stick and a thermometer to measure the before and after of my skin's hydration level and temperature after giving the Miracle Bio Water a go.

Doing the hydration test ..
Before: 32.8%

Next, thermometer to see the temperature of my face
Before: 31.3 Degrees Celsius

Giving my face a good spritz of the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water
After: 48.9% , a good 10% more hydrated WHUT?!

After: 30.7 Degrees Celsius

The results showed and I felt how my skin instantly became more hydrated and the spray also left my face feeling so much more cooled down. I couldn’t believe it! I mean, it felt cooling and all but I didn’t expect it to actually be able to penetrate into my skin and provide hydration!!

Not only that, the new Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water now has a more refined spray, it also offers 20 Excellent Efficacies for your Face, Hair and Body!

Among the many, here are some of the effects I felt immediately after using the Miracle Bio Water on myself :
- Cooling, soothing and calming
- Hydrating
- pH Balanced, hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
- Controls oil
- Refines pores
- Brightens, firms , soothes, relieves , cools skin
- Prolong make up wear

Yes, prolong make up wear because with a more hydrated skin, less oil will be produced and hence make up will be less likely to slide around!
It also left a slightly dewy finish on my skin after I sprayed it over make up and I liked how healthy and radiant it left me looking :)

So if you’re looking for a fuss-free and affordable spray, I would recommend this!

I personally also have very sensitive skin which I’m sure you guys should know by now, so having products that are hypoallergenic also gives me a peace of mind knowing that it wouldn't cause me to break out. This can even be used on babies to help sooth things like their nappy rashes, so I can only imagine how GENTLE this product is.
Tried and tested on my own skin too (Y)

During the event, we even got to design and decorate our own bottle and I had so much fun doing it. Head over to Bio-essence's Facebook page to see my bottle's entry, and vote for me please!
Not only does the Miracle Bio Water come in the usual 300ml size ($28.90), it also comes in a cute little 100ml bottle ($12.90) that is perfect to be carried around easily!
Bring it with you to travel, use it before and after make up, after hitting the gym, a day at the beach or even with you to the office because we all know how drying the aircon can be. 
Basically anytime, anywhere!
Just look at how small and handy it is! 
Yay to being able to freshen up without having to ruin my make up anymore ~ 
Simply spray it all over your face, either wait for it to be absorbed or pat it dry gently
To complete the regime, Bio-essence also have an entire range of products under the Miracle Bio Water range 
If you asked me to pick just 2 favourite products from this range, I would say the Miracle Bio Water and the Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen SPF50PA++ because this sunscreen it is SUPER lightweight, non-greasy and it really just feels like water on your skin! Non-sticky as well.  I will say that being a person that uses sunscreen everyday, this is one of the best (my personal preference) I've tried!
The Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water is available in Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice and Departmental Stores such as CK, OG, John Little etc)
-Available in a few sizes as mentioned : 100ml ($12.90), 300ml ($28.90), 100ml Twin Pack ($16.90)

Buy a 300ml Twin pack for only $29.90 !
The usual price is $28.90 for a 300ml bottle, so essentially you're saving $27.90 :O

If you're interested in sampling the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water for yourself, you can redeem FREE TRAVEL SIZED OR 30ML SAMPLES.
For more information, visit Bio-essence's Facebook Page !


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