Bangkok Travels: Day 3, 4 & 5!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm back with another post on my recent BKK trip. Wait, I can't believe it's been a month ago already? Time is passing too too fast!
If you're interested to read Day 1 & 2 of my trip, you can read it here.
The 3rd day was greeted with LOTS of coconut. Coconut pancake, coconut crepes, coconut ice cream, coconut juice etc. Thailand is famous for their coconuts and they can be found just about anywhere. Walk a few steps and you will definitely find a push-cart drinks seller selling thai coconut.
It used to be much cheaper 2 years ago.. I think it was 20THB for a young coconut?
Nowadays the cheapest I managed to find was 30THB or something. So here's a gauge of how much you should fork out for a thai coconut at the roadside push carts..
Don't pay more than 40THB for one
I got this along the Pratunam market in the morning and if you're lucky, you will find this old lady selling coconut ice cream. This is the large one and I paid 35THB for it. Pretty generous I must say!
Topped with condensed milk and peanut shavings, you get real coconut meat and a huge serving of ice cream if you get the large sized one.
The smaller sized (25THB) doesn't come in the real coconut husk and the serving is smaller too.

Unfortunately, I would still recommend the coconut ice cream at Chatuchak market! Smaller, and more expensive and more commercialised, yes, but tastes better in my opinion!
A pity we weren't staying over the weekend so we had to make do with the Pratunam one! 

Matt is a fan of coconuts (?) LOL I dont know how else to put it without it sounding weird.. but anyway he loves to drink fresh coconut juice and he would buy it without fail whenever we walk past pasar malams. So he was super happy because coconuts were so easily available in BKK.
I told him I wanted a sip and I had more than just one sip and he gave me this face. HAHA!
Okay la he was just kidding, he's not so petty one
For breakfast we finally tried the SabX2 Wanton Mee at Pratunam and was SO SO disappointed. If you read my first post you'd know that matt and I actually went to the wrong stall on our second day and we actually went back to Pratunam on our 3rd day just to find it.
Hahaha as you can tell, I was really so disappointed la :(
Went there with no expectations because we heard many mixed reviews from our friends and still came out disappointed. It was oily, bland and DAMN TINY
For 100THB (SGD$4) , this bowl is super expensive! 
The most ridiculous thing was, the whole place is filled with Singaporeans. I think literally 100% of the customers in there were Singaporeans.... so over-hyped! 

So that concluded our morning and we were off to Platinum Fashion mall to shop, and I didn't end up buying a single thing because the things were so expensive!
Rather spend the money on food hahaha and also because I didn't change much cash (thinking it was as cheap as it was 2 years ago pfft)
Went for lunch the the Platinum Mall Food court and I love the food there because they are super affordable and good at the same time. I've been a fan of their Basil Chicken Rice and Tom Yum Koong for years and this only costs 55THB or less (if i remember correctly) haha!
For the whole of Day 3, I was running about in this super cute and pretty Tartan Romper by Ashincans!
I love rompers because it is kinda dressy but yet you can run around in them without having to worry about "zao geng-ing" since there are shorts inside. 
If you're interested in Ashincans's pieces, you can quote "mong10" for 10% off!

After we filled our tummies, we headed for a Thai Massage. After reading lots of reviews online, we decided on Healthland that was located at Asoke. 
I've had many massages before, especially Thai massage because like all Singaporeans, I frequent Thailand pretty often. Last year was the only year I didn't go to Thailand because I was in London & Paris for the first half and on exchange in France in the second half.
Come to think of it, I spent more time in Europe in 2014 than in Singapore!

Back to the point, Healthland is one of the most popular and established brands in Bangkok, with many of its branches located at the CBD areas. 
Source: Butterpet
Not to mention, the Healthland I went to is a standalone bungalow and it is HUGE. The entire building belongs to Healthland and you can just imagine how many customers and masseuses it houses.   
I didn't take many pictures there because I was way too exhausted from the whole morning already. Haha so pardon me as I grab photos from Google to give you guys a better picture.
We paid 500THB for the 2Hrs Traditional Thai Massage and were brought into the rooms. Everything was the same at every Thailand massage parlours, so nothing special.

But the massage? It was SO BAD. goodness me. 
I know it is because I got a lousy masseuse and that it doesn't mean that the rest of the masseuse in Healthland are as bad.. but I guess it is fair for me to say that I will not be going back again.
She practically did nothing! I am someone with super tight muscles, I hurt everywhere when I massage myself.. how is it that when she massages me, I didn't feel any ache at all?  It was more ticklish than anything.. lol!
Prior to visiting, I already read that the attitudes of the workers sucked at Healthland, and we experienced it firsthand when they sulked at us after we handed them a 100THB tip for 2 of them to share...

I don't usually tip people but i don't mind tipping extra if you're nice and if you're actually good.
BUT if you're not good, why should I tip you? Haha and 100THB is 20% on top of the price I paid.. i'm not obligated what!
I wouldn't recommend Healthland Asoke to anyone, but then again if you're lucky you might get a good masseuse maybe?

For dinner that day we decided to head to ISAO after many of my friends recommended me to try that place! It is located around the Sukhumvhit area and is around 10 mins walking distance from the BTS station.
Food there is not the cheapest, but it is definitely CHEAP for the quality of it.
I ordered the Chirashi Don (380THB) for myself and it came with thick and juicy slices of fresh sashimi. The slices were so thick and fresh that I was totally sold and am now a convert for sashimi that I wouldn't usually touch, like yellow tail, tuna etc.
For only 380THB (SGD15.80) , this is a STEAL. I would pay $50 in Singapore and still think it is a super good deal. haha!

Matt ordered the Oyako Pork Don and it was slightly different from the ones we have in Singapore.
Comes with a side of sauce in a separate bowl, you can drench your Don in it depending on how much flavour and how moist you like your rice to be.
This was really yummy too!
On top of that, everyone recommended their creative makis.
This was the Caterpillar (330THB)- Fresh water eel and cucumber wrapped with thinly sliced avocado 
This. Was. PERFECTION too! 
Ahhh I don't even know how to describe it. It was just nice and really good. Many people also ordered the Dragon roll, which was shrimp instead of avocado too.
The portions were normal sized and is enough to feed one person as a main!

Last, we ordered the Sushi Sandwich (300THB) because it was so intriguing. 
Spicy tuna and Salmon sushi stuffed between layers of sushi rice, with tempura batter, ebiko and scallions.
These were literally shaped like sandwiches and it was crispy yet soft and the sauces used really brought out the tastes really well. 
Our total bill came up to about 1,400 THB and it was the most expensive meal we had - but the most satisfying one.
It was big enough for 4 people to share and we even tabao-ed some leftovers and had it for breakfast the next day.
I would highly recommend ISAO to anyone visiting BKK. I personally already recommended this place to my friends and they have all tried it and gave their stamps of approval too :>

ISAO is located at:
5 Sukhumvit 31 Klongtoey-nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun (11am - 2:30PM) and (5:30 - 10 PM)
Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong Station

We spent most of day 4 meeting the rest of the bloggers, meeting klapsons Bangkok's GM and were brought around the apartments and vicinity for a tour.

Some goodies specially prepared by the staffs at klapsons!
This was the dress I wore to the dinner that night with the klapsons people, super pretty I had to take a toilet selfie HAHA~
My day ended quite early that night because we had to pack up for our flight the next day.

Day 5
We woke up pretty early and decided to set off for breakfast at On Lok Yun - a local favorite and very traditional Thai "cha chan teng" . They serve really traditional food like Cha Yen, Eggs, bacon, hams, sausages, french toasts, custard bread etc. 
This was the yummy french toast that was covered with egg.
Egg to bread ratio - 3:1
It was super funny because dining with so many bloggers (Dora, Desiree, Myself and Fiona with Matt and Fiona's Bf) meant that taking food photos was our top priority.
It took us really long before we snapped enough to find at least one photo that was usable.
Some of us were climbing on stools, standing and running to different angles, and the boys were all complaining about how the food was getting cold. LOL.
Nevertheless we had an awesome awesome time at this place. If you're interested to go, show the taxi driver this address that our hotel staff kindly penned down for us.
This place is not found on google maps!! So the easiest is to get the cab to stop at Charoen Krung Soi 3 and cross the road opposite yourself :)
On Lok Yun is located at:
Opposite Charoen Krung Soi 3

After On Lok Yun, Matt and I took a cab to Thong Lor to visit the Purr Cat Cafe before we caught our flight back to Singapore.
If you're a fan of kitties, then this is the place for you! I'm aware that there are other cat cafes around in Bangkok apart from Purr, and I also heard that the rest are less crowded and have cheaper admission fees as well. But what I like about the Purr Cat Cafe is that the place is decorated super prettily and is also brightly lit - perfect for taking photos!
All you have to do is buy a set of drinks and dessert and you can gain admission into the cafe where all the cats will be roaming around.
Toys will be given so you can play with them. But them being so immune to visitors trying to get their attention with the same toys, are not very responsive.
One thing about Purr Cat Cafe is that visitors are also not allowed to carry the cats. 

Just touch and pet only.. So some of you might find that half the fun is missing because you can't actually carry them. Hahaha coupled with the fact that the cafe is very crowded, everyone is vying for the cats' attention. Half the time you're following the cats around and they don't respond to you.

But of course, location is perfect at Thong Lor area!
Greyhound cafe and other cafes are all nearby, just a few streets away so it's very convenient to just pop by after lunch to escape the heat.

Purr Cat Cafe is located at:
63 Soi Sukhumvit 53, Sukhumvit Rd. Khlongtunnua, 10110, Thailand
Nearest BTS: Thong Lor (10 mins walk)

With that, we headed back to our apartment to pack up and left for the airport. 
Bangkok was indeed one of the best trip of my life, even though I almost bought absolutely nothing. It was the first time I actually took time off to relax, chill and eat and eat and eat. Actually there's so much more to see in BKK than just shop till you drop!

Hope these posts have been informational!


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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for the informative tips for BKK! Can I also check with you for your Triangl bikini which is the series that you bought? I tried to look online but it doesn't seem available anymore. Thanks!! :)

  2. I adore coconut and was considering Bangkok as an upcoming trip, your food pictures have made my mind up! Also didn't know there was a cat café...or several. I've been to so many now that I might skip it though. My favourite part is scooping up the cats and holding them! Even if they don't like it lol

    { }

  3. Hi Mong Chin! Can I just ask what camera did you use on this trip?

  4. Hi Mong Chin! Can I just ask what camera did you use on this trip?