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Friday, May 22, 2015

I know that one of the most highly requested post is for myself to share my workout tips and routine, but i've never really gotten down to it because I was always too tired from working out, and of course.. I didn't think I was good enough to share any tips since I am no expert. 
A ton of girls out there have got better bods than I do!
But since I got in touch with Syl from Vivre Active Wear, she encouraged me to share more about my tips and even provided me with some really awesome workout wear to motivate me, heh.

So, here goes!
Please pardon my amateur tips because like I mentioned, I'm no expert.
These are just tips that have worked well for me, to each his own yea? :)

Tip #1: Stretch
I can't stress enough on having a good warm up before you start any workout. Though my workouts are mostly 10 mins intensive cardio workouts at home, stretching is very important to "wake" your muscles up before any strenuous exercise.
Stretching, which includes warming up and warming down after a work out not only helps with increasing muscle performances as warmed up muscles contracts more forcefully & also relaxes more quickly. This enhances speed and strength. It also helps with increasing blood temperature which makes oxygen more readily available for your working muscles, increasing endurance.
There are many more benefits to warming up and cooling down!

TIP#2: Proper Sports Wear
A good pair of trainers will not only increase your work out performance, but more importantly, it should cushion your legs and joints well!
Being a badminton player myself, I know the importance of protecting my joints because many racket sport players fall victim to joint injuries due to the nature of the sport we play. Ever since sustaining my knee injury when I was younger, I have paid more attention to the kind of sports wear I choose.
Not only that, your workout outfits are very important too! You want to be able to stretch, kick, lunge, run, jump etc in clothes that are comfortable and durable.
Since my work outs revolve around mostly stretching, I make sure to buy only workout clothes that are durable enough to withstand all that twist and turns.

I've been wearing Vivre Active Wear 's performance gear for more than a month now and I'm not looking back anymore!
Vivre Active Wear's  attire are made of such AMAZING quality I can't even rave enough about them. Here I am wearing Get Up and Go Sports Bra in Pink paired with Swift Training Shorts in Pink-Grey
They are stretchy, sturdy and more importantly, fashionable.  
Tell me where to find such flattering back designs on a sports bra? 
Besides, they come padded too so I don't have to worry about it being too revealing !

TIP#3: Hydrate yourself
That goes without saying.. I know

TIP#4: Discipline
Many of you guys often ask me how is it that I am "so disciplined" with working out. Truth to be told, I'm probably the laziest person out there when it comes to working out. I'm just like any normal person, facing the same inertia that I believe many face as well.
But one trick that helped me a lot was to consistently JOT DOWN when are the days I plan to work out. And of course, try to stick to them la haha!

Because I am so heavily-reliant on my calendar to tell me my daily schedules (the time, location, duration etc) and I'm the kind of person that has my schedule worked out every single day according to timing, I make sure to block out around 30 mins every 2-3 times a week at night for "working out".
It reminds me every single time I check my calendar (which is a few times everyday) and it leaves me with no excuse because I technically blocked out that time to work out.

No more "ahh.. I gotta do this, i'll work out tomorrow" because my work schedules would have already been accounted for before hand. Haha! Just one tiny tip!

TIP#5: For the busy people (like myself)
So if you still find it difficult to pull yourself out of your crazy busy work schedule, try to stick to 10 mins intensive cardio workouts. These exercises are what i do all the time! And trust me, they are not any easier than those hour-long ones simply because rest time is shorter, intensity is higher etc.
If you want to keep fit but have very little time to spare, try these workouts and the best thing is, they can be done at the comfort of your own home!
Here are some of my favourite videos and workouts to follow:

Yes. So no more excuses and saying you've got no time guys!
I usually work out before bed time because it helps me sleep better as well!
TIP#6: Keep Working With The End Goal In Mind
What motivates me is both having a healthier and a more sculpted body. Yes, I am not here to say that I work out solely for the purpose of keeping fit - I, like most girls (I hope) want to attain my ideal body.
So what I do is I constantly tell myself that I will get a body close to Mirander Kerr's , I want a body like Candice Swanepoel's etc if I just press on till I complete the work out. Hahaha!
I know it sounds ridiculous because I probably will never ever get a body like theirs, but you will be surprised how powerful those thoughts can be when you're working out, try it!
This is my first pair of knee length work out pants and I can't tell you guys how COMFORTABLE it is! And the best thing is, it is made of quality slip-proof fabric that holds its shape well, wicks moisture and dries quickly. 

All Vivre Active Wear designs are locally designed, uniquely manufactured and they are comfy, chic and fun!
The built-in bra support like i've mentioned, provides sufficient support and is made of really premium quality as well. Washed them for over 6 or 7 times and they are still holding their shapes very well!

Shop online at or you can visit their physical store at Far East Plaza (#03-111B) from 12 Noon to 8PM daily.

I hope you guys like the little workout post! A big thank you to Vivre Active Wear for all these sports outfit. I'm super motivated to keep working out already!


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  3. Hi! When working out before sleep, will you have to wash your hair then wait for it to dry before sleeping?
    Thank you!

  4. warming up and cooling down. or is there such a thing as warming down?

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