{Review} The Sleeping Rhino at Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel Singapore

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Matt and I were invited down to The Sleeping Rhino at Klapsons Singapore and I was delighted to go down because 1) I could meet up with some familiar, friendly people that I met during our stay in Klapsons BKK and 2) I have heard about the café but had no idea it was situated within Klapsons Singapore!

Right in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, The Sleeping Rhino feels like a great place to catch up with old friends or colleagues, or even for a lunch/dinner date, given its cosy interior. We got seated in these ultra-comfy booths that can seat about 2-4 people.
Since the time was about 11am, we were served the brunch menu. The brunch menu was quite extensive (versus your typical café), and it included most of the typical brunch dishes like Salmon Benedict, Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame.
Feeling (overly-)ambitious, we decided to order a Crab Cake Benedict, a Croque Madame, and an Omelette with added sides, Grilled Bacon and Hashbrowns. Yum Yum! :P Here’s how they looked.
As most of you should know, Matt and I are food lovers and we frequent many cafés in Singapore. I must say, the food here is pretty good! In terms of both quantity and quality.
I’ve never had a Crab Cake Benedict before, so this was a pleasant surprise. The crab cake is made out of real crab! Like you can taste and munch on the shredded bits of crab meat in the cake. Cool stuff :D

The Croque Madame was huge! But very well done in my opinion. I especially liked the quality of the bread used in the sandwich. The egg on top, melted cheese and ham within, along with the bread made a superb combination of flavours.

They are pretty generous with their portions so we had difficulty finishing it all up. These dishes are perfect for sharing if you have a bunch of friends who like brunch J.
When we were there, I also spotted some special dining promotions that will definitely come in handy! 

Overall, it was a very satisfying meal! Definitely surpassed my expectations and I thought the quality of the food was superior over most cafes in Singapore.
I'll definitely be back for dinner if there's a chance!

The Sleeping Rhino is located at:

15 Hoe Chiang Rd
klapsons, The Boutique Hotel
Singapore 089316

With Love,

Mong & Matt

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