Family dinner at Mellben Seafood

Sunday, April 26, 2015

It was my sister's birthday the other day, and we headed to Mellben Seafood to celebrate!
If you guy remember, I posted a review on the blog before about my experience at Mellben around a year ago and to be honest, we had quite a "ehh-so-so" experience. But since my sister wanted to try, we went ahead anyway!

Here are some of the dishes we ordered. I don't think I have the names of all the dishes because they are all from the top of my head, but i'm just gonna try okay? Haha

翡翠豆腐 - Homemade Beancurd w Assorted Mushroom
Rate: 4/5
Beancurd was soft, smooth and silky. But nothing too amazing.

油浸顺壳 - Deep Fried Soon Hock w Soya Sauce
Rate: 4/5
I personally liked this a lot! Very crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I love anything deep fried and this is no exception hehe, because if it's deep fried it means you can eat every single part of the fish - even the fins!

黑啤酒排骨- Guiness Stout Pork Ribs
Rate: 2/5
I didn't bother trying this because I was wayyy too full but everyone said it was so bad so yeah.. 2. Hahaha!

Here's my god parents with my parents, and now you know where I got my habit of feeding my camera first before my tummy from :P Nah, I kid. I think I was the bad influence LOL! 
蒜蓉青龙菜 - Sautéed Dragon Chive Veg w Minced Garlic
Rate: 5/5
I have honestly never heard of Dragon chive vegetables before.. Neither did anyone in my family. but we ordered it because the waiter recommended it and it was one of the first few dishes that got wiped out first!

咸蛋迷你鸡腿 - Salted Egg Yolk Lollipop Drumstick
Rate: 3/5
This was somehow lacking in flavour. It was just.. salty and powdery. I like my salted egg dishes to be slightly sweet and full of the salted egg flavour but this sadly had none :(
There were 8 of us at the table and before ordering this, dad asked the waiter to double confirm the number of drumsticks in a medium sized platter. The waiter assured us that there would be 8 for 8 of us so we went ahead with the order. But when it came, there were only 7 and you know how its quite awkward when everyone just looks at each other to see who's gonna be the first to back out? LOL
But anyway it was quite a mess because dad called another waiter over and he said that the usual medium size consists of only 7 drumsticks, so it escalated to the manager of the place and he managed to give us another one. LOL! All that trouble!

牛油螃蟹 -  Creamy Butter Crab
Rate: 3/5
This dish was a little odd to me.. it tasted like crab in custard sauce? yes.. those custard sauces you get in sweet pastries. Even though the crabs that day were fresh, I still preferred other ways of cooking like Chilli, Black Pepper, or even salted egg!
砂煲螃蟹米粉汤 - Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup
Need I still rate it? A 10/5 If i may. Haha it is that good! 
The soup was full of crab flavour, crabs were juicy, succulent and yet so so turgid and fresh. Noodles were cooked to perfection. The only downside would be the amount of cholesterol in this one dish alone, haha! Please do not over-indulge in this, although i know it's very difficult to refrain yourself from drinking up every drop of the wonderful soup base.

Extra soup is available at $5 and extra vermicelli at $3

The bill came up to close to $400 for 8 pax that night.
I wished Mellben's standard will be as consistent as this every time we visit!

Mellben Seafood 
211 Toa Payoh Lor 8, #01-11/15 
Singapore 310211

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